Saturday, March 27, 2010

up & down

this past week was a up & down kind of week for me. i think i was down more than up, but last night i was sky high. work has just been nuts as of late. that is a good thing for all, but it does wear on you.

i did not sleep well Thursday night and was wore out on Friday. i was glad to see the day come to a end and sit down and have a drink with Master to end my day. Master knew i was in need of His special touch this night.

He bought out the new cane and said let's see how your ass likes this slave. so i get up on my knees to roll over into position for Him and that puts my tits right at mouth level for Him where He is sitting.

He always likes to suck and bite on my nipples because He knows what that does to my cunt. it turns it on like a light switch. He started sucking and licking on my nipple as His hand found it's way down my naked body to my very wet pussy. He rubbed on my clit as His tounge licked on my nipples.

He then started finger fucking me deep inside my cunt as He bit down hard on my nipple. this sent me into space. i shook and shivered as i came and came some more. OH how that man knows what to do with my naked body.

after all this pleasure it was time for my pain. i rolled on over and held my ass up high for Him and His cane. He told me to relax like i was getting a massage. He hates it when i tense up my ass cheeks as i wait for the cane. i did as i was told and relaxed waiting for that first swat to land knowing it would sting and hurt.

it landed and the pain of the sting went straight to my brain. it gave me chills on the back of my neck. after 10 nice hard ones my ass was well marked and burning like fire. i rolled back over into His waiting arms as we kissed hard and deep as He held me tight.

sorry no pictures of my ass because the camera was not thought of in this moment. as i laided in His arms i felt on top of the world and very happy. there is just something about Him and His pain that does that to me.

i was on a sub high all night long. i even went and got the new butterfly clamps and put them on my nipples myself just because i needed to feel more pain. i even pulled on the chain myself to make them bite harder into my nipples. i fingered myself as i did this and came once more.

Master said i am a real pain slut and whore to being doing this on my very own and without being told to. i said yes Master i am your pain slut and whore because you trained me that way and i LOVE it!

i guess i am just wired to be a pain slut. how great is that?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

njoy plug

in my naked ass and YES i love it! my spanking is to cum later.

just a another thing for Master's leash to attach too.

thank you all

i want to thank all 121 people that voted in my punishment poll. i am very happy to report that after one week of polling i will receive a hard spanking. i am very happy that is what my readers voted for the most. below are the poll results Master saw this morning.

a hard spanking 37%
walk length of mall in very short skirt w/ big purple collar on 29%
have to run naked in public park 25%
no beer time for slave 9%
Total Votes: 121

your vote will also be counted on my naked ass. yes that's right i will take a swat for each one of your votes all 121. it was one way Master had to keep me from voting for what i wanted. He told me from the start not to vote or i would be sorry later. now i know what He meant.

Master did some toy shopping this past week. He bought a very beautiful njoy medium plug and acrylic cane for my ass along with butterfly clamps for my nips. He is thinking He will use them all at the same time at my punishment. i told Him i didn't think i could take a hard spanking if He used the new cane. He said well lets just see what you can take with it to start off with then we will use the paddle for the balance.

i am so not looking forward to this spanking now. with a plug in my ass, clamps biting my nipples and a acrylic cane stinging my ass cheeks i am not sure i will njoy this.

the poll has been closed & removed by Master.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


with my punishment and answer my new poll at the right. i beg you all to vote for the correct punishment for me.

Master called me when i was out shopping and ask if i was wearing my chains for Him? i was asked twice and said yes both times to Him.

He then walked up to me in the store and saw that i was not wearing my chains. how stupid of me one to lie to Him and two not wear my chains as required when i am out.

i am just a dumb cunt and i know it.

p.s. one reason i said yes Master is because i am trained not to say the word NO to Him. i did that once when i had one to many and was out of control. i was beat hard a week later for saying no and acting like a drunk fool in front of others with Him. the word NO is not allowed in my vocabulary.

Friday, March 12, 2010

a day at the office

was spent with the word slave wrote accross my tits in black marker. i was so very proud this past Tuesday doing this for my Master. every time someone walked up and talked to me i would think to myself what would they say or think if they knew slave was wrote accross my tits.

it reminded me all day long of who and what i was. i was a slave, His slave. every time i saw Master His eyes would look at my tits and He would smile at me. i felt very proud and very close to Him on this day.

after work we stopped at our favorite restaurant to have some drinks. i was to show Master my well marked tits as we sat there drinking. with my purple collar around my neck and my blouse wide open at the top with 4 buttons unbuttoned i am sure the waiter saw my marked slave tits at one point during the evening.

Master could not wait to suck on my rock hard nipples and He did so right outside in the parking lot. He loved my marked tits and said next time the right one will say owned and the left will say slave for that is what i am.