Saturday, November 15, 2008

cool again

yes we finally had a cold front blow into town if can call 50-60 cold. well i know cold is more like 0- 30 degrees, but when you live in 80-95 weather most of the time 50 is a nice change.

the big change for me is when the weather cools down i wear less when i go out. i am sure you think i have that backwards, but i don't. you see when it is hot out i wear a shirt & shorts that's two items. when the weather is cold i just wear my coat.

yes that's all i am allowed to wear to do my shopping in. it feels great to walk around naked under my coat and feel the smooth silk like lining rub against my naked body. it also a thrill and a rush to know that i am naked in a crowd of one knows that i am unless i bend over or open my coat for them. Master has had me do both just to make my pussy wet.

and on the spanking front i received a nice hard 100 the other day with the leather paddle just because i needed it. yes i was was feeling a little down and out that morning. Master said you need a little pick me up slave so you will be spanked hard tonight. i said yes Master in a very sad tone. He then added more to my count.

i was naked and in position for Him when He arrived. He really laid them on my upturned ass. when He got to #70 He stopped and ask me if He should stop or go on? i said no Master give me all 100. He told me to beg for 30 more slave and put that ass out there like you really do want them.

so i did, i begged Him for more and stuck my naked ass high in the air for Him. i thanked Him after each one and begged Him for another one. yes i begged for all 30 and enjoyed each and every one more. there is just something about being made to beg and showing (ass held high) that you really do want more. i felt so submissive and close to Him, it was great.

and yes the next day i was a happy camper again.