Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Master and i hope everyone has a Happy & safe 2007!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

shave date

Master has moved my shave date out to May 15 th. i should be in full bush by then He said. Not sure what a full bush looks like as it has been very long time since i had one. i always trimmed it up some for as long as i can remember.

however there is no triming or shaving at all allowed near the bush now. i did not like it in the begining but it is growing on me, ha ha. i am made to stare at it in the mirror while i am on my knees worshipping my Master. i do anywhere from 10 to 30 mins at a time when told to go look at my hairy cunt.

Master enjoys having me on my knees for Him. that is where slaves belong. He also likes me to enjoy my nakedness by staring at it in a mirror while kneeling for Him. i must also tell Him what parts i liked the best after i stare at it each time. i must agree i enjoy my naked body more now then i ever have with Master's help.

i must go kneel now and enjoy wetness as i finger my hairy cunt for Him this time.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

wind, rain & cool

made for a perfect day last Sunday to wear my new coat for Master. a black knee length coat with black thigh highs and black knee high boots is all i was wearing this day. the coat only has two buttons and a belt that you tie around the waist.

Master would only let me tie the belt at the waist no buttons allowed. so it was off to the grocery store for some things 1st. as i shopped i would need things from bottom shelfs, i would bend at my knees as the coat would fall away at the bottom. there were a few times i was very exposed for all to see if they looked my way. i was nervous and excited at the same time.

we then stopped for gas for my car so i was the one to have to pump. as the wind blew it would blow open the botton flap. a man across from me was enjoying the show very much as he pumped his gas. my top was now more open also and you could see i had no blouse on.

i told Master i was going to go in and pee while we were there He told no hold it for now. we left there and stopped by a park with no one there Master told me i could pee here as He photo's the event. He also needed to get some other pics also like the one above. so it was out of the car standing with coat wide open, legs spread wide and letting it go. it was such a relief to let it go.

Mistress had given me a small gift for xmas and wanted a picture of it. well above is my gift from Her a nutcracker for my mark of the Master ring. the pic also shows week 2 of my hair growth. Master took it at the park before the pee shots. Thank you Mistress for the nice gift i will be wearing it for the holidays. i am sorry that i am not shaved for you Mistress but i will be when we meet.

Master said there are two nutcrackers in that picture :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

annissa (Life as His) MIA

ok just how long does it take to move to Texas? is she coming to Texas via horse and wagon? they must have made a wrong turn on the trail here.

we miss the stories of her and the clan and hope all is well with annisa. would love to know if anyone knows why her blog (Life as His) is still MIA?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

good news bad news

well the good news is Master is back the bad news is my pussy will not be waxed or shaved until Jan. 1, 2007. Master has seen what a weeks growth looks like and He likes what He sees. i hate it and think i look dirty with it.

He took a lot of photos of it and He also enjoyed some pussy pie. i did like that as it has been a long week without Him. now he wants to see me in full bush as he has never seen me with hair there. when we started playing together He told me he liked shaved pussy. well i went home that day and shaved mine smooth so He would have a bare pussy if He ever got to see it. well he seen it two weeks later in a hotel room when he slid my panties down my legs for the 1st time.

wow how things have changed for me. now i never wear panties unless told to and i am growing back the hair i once always had. before Master i would only trim it never shave it bald. Master said change is a good thing and this will be something different for us both. the good news is He does perfer a bald pussy so i am hoping He will let me go bald before 01/01/07.

oh yea and Master wanted me to share my embarrassment with you by posting my picture of my hairy tagged pussy. yes i do wear the tag doing the day i only remove it to sleep. it hangs from the Mark of the Master.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

very cold

Master called me yesterday on my way home from work and ask what i had planed for the night being He is out of town. i said nothing just relaxing and staying warm as it was going down in the 30's here. i am not a big fan of the cold and Master knows it. i really hate it cold, give me the heat.

well Master always has me do things on my own when he is away. like i have kneeled naked for 30 mins in front of the mirror with my slave hood and collar on and told to stare at the hair on my pussy this week. oh yea and with my butt plug in also. Thursday night i was to stand naked in front of it with my legs spread wide and hands on top of head and look at my whole body and think of new ways to pleasure Master with it.

well last night there was no mirror time but i was told to go outside naked with only my collar and filp flops on. at 9:30 pm i was to go outside and stand with my legs apart & hands on my head for 10 mins then text Master and ask for permission to come inside. well being i am a well trained slave (i think) i did as i was told. damm was it COLD! i thought i would freeze to death before my 10 mins was up. i shook like a leaf in a hurricane. i was so cold that a hour later in a heated bed i was still froze.

Master texted me after i was allowed to come back in and ask me why i did it. He said i could just have refused and taken the punishment instead. well as any good slave knows you never refuse a Master's order no matter how much you hate it, and i really hated this one.

Master has made me do things i never thought i would or could but i did them for Him and most times i was very happy i did. i have had more fun in the 2-1/2 years with Him then i have had my whole life.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

hair there

Master is away this week and will return to see hair on my pussy. i hate it and can not even stand to look at it. ever since i met Master and found out He enjoyed a smooth pussy mine has been smooth as a cue ball.

i never shaved my pussy smooth until i met him & He has never even seen mine with a hair on it. i shaved it smooth the day i heard him say it. He left for a week of hunting and will return on Sunday. before He left i was told not to shave my pussy until He returned and gave me permission. He wants me to have it waxed off but He must see it 1st. well i have called around and it is $60-$80 to have it waxed. i can shave it for nothing.

i am not sure what will happen. He said it has to be waxed not shaved the 1st time. when i texted Him the cost He said it looks like i will be wearing a full bush... NOT in my lifetime! i hate the little bit of hair i have now. no way will i wear a full bush, that is just gross.

i will have it done with duct tape before i let it get that long. a very good friend will do it for me with the tape. i love Master very much and all that He makes me do for Him but i hate hair there and hope He will too when He sees it.

i can't wait to have my bald smooth pussy back. i am sure Mistress hates hair there also, maybe She can help me with Master.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

a coat hanger?

no it is more than just a bent coat hanger. Master calls it a whore's whip and let tell you it has a nasty bite to it.

Master tells me that he read years ago that if a whore stole money from her pimp the pimp would beat her pussy with a bent coat hanger for punishment. well i can tell you i would never steal a dime from my pimp if i knew i had that coming. i got 34 on my ass for my football pay off this week and that thing has a sting like nothing i have ever felt before. there is no way i would want someone mad at me using it on my tender pussy.

when Master started out with it i did not think i would make it to 4 much less 34 but i did. it put a few bumps on my ass but do not leave no marks to see the next day. i always enjoy seeing Master's love marks the next day after a good whipping. my ass was on fire that night and i was sure i would have nice marks the next day to look at, but nothing was there.

i hated the damm thing that night but the next day i told Master i want it again with the whore's whip. He said good but next time i will be bound and gagged so he can give me some markings to see the next day. that means it will be harder and more of them. me and my big mouth will i ever learn? hope that day never cums but i am sure it will.

Master has also got me wanting a slave sister like mmftoy has. He tells how nice it would be if i could talk my female co-worker into being a slave with me for Him and my Mistress to play with. hell i can't even ask her if she shaves her pussy bald. how would i ask her to be a slave with Master, Mistress & me? oh well it gets me very wet just talking about it. i know us three girls would have a fun time if it ever did happen.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

new tag

on Master's knee as wait on mine at His feet.

time flys

when your having fun. it seems like it was just yesterday i updated my blog and it has been 10 days ago. Wow it must be the time change or i am getting old and can not remember when i was here last.

well not much new to report, maybe that is why i have not been updating. just the same ole stuff getting my ass whipped after each Cowboy game win or lose, i get it. Master was out of town this past weekend so i was alone to play with myself and i did do some of that as i enjoy my pussy now.

i guess the only new thing to report is i was tagged with dog tags that has my name, rank, & my slrn (slave registration number) and date i was collared, that i must wear now. my old slave kk heart tag has been moved down to my hood ring where it hangs on a small chain. i am well marked if i should get lost by some small chance. i can see it now in the ER she has two tags saying she is slave kk, one on her neck and one on her pussy, it must be her.

i am longing for my Mistress after seeing all the fun married man's fuck toy is having with her new found friend pet. i just love what Mistress does with me & the tender love we make, but She does swing a mean crop on my ass.

i have never been with another submissive but that looks like fun too. i know Mistress would never be a sub but it would be fun to serve Her & Master with a sister sub.

oh there i go dreaming again, but sometimes dreams do cum true. what i am doing now was all a dream to me 2-1/2 years ago. so maybe someday this dream will cum true to.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

time change

makes for a naked drive home for me. yes you read that right. i drive home naked. it is dark out and if you notice other drivers on the road never look to see what is sitting next to them at a light. i do have very dark tint on the windows of my car, so them seeing me is just lucky thing for them.

i really enjoy being nude now since Master came along. He told me how beautiful my naked body is. i never had anyone love my naked body as much as He does, even me. He has well over 1500 pics of it and keeps taking more every chance he gets. He taught me to be proud of it and show as much skin as i can when i can.

i wear very little in the way of clothes to begin with. i have no panties as Master took those away from me a long time ago. bras are worn few and far between. most women would call a slut or worse for dressing without underware. Master does not allow panties to be worn at all and bras are allowed just when needed. yes even at church i sit there in just a skirt. i look around and wonder how many other women are like me. i am sure more do it than admit to it.

so driving home naked in nothing but a collar at night is a normal thing for me now. i know it sounds strange and i would have NEVER done it before i met Master. the stress of a day just goes away when you are naked.

Life is a a traveler....not a tourist.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the mirror

last night i had just went to bed when Master told me to get up and go kneel in front of the large mirror that is on the back of the door. as you know i kneel naked each morning in the living room for 10 mins before leaving for the office. this past week Master had me kneel with my finger inside my pussy. so i finger myself for 10 mins every morning now while i kneel.

what a great way to start a day. well i was not expecting to have to kneel last night right at my bedtime but i did as told. as i kneeled i was to finger myself until i came as i watched myself in the mirror. Master ask me if i enjoyed watching a slut play with herself and i replyed yes. with that statement i started to cum. Master told me to keep playing even after i came.

i think in total i was in front of the mirror 20 mins all the while watching my hand playing in my wetness. than Master told me to get up and go send a email to Mistress telling her what i had just done. below is what i sent to her.


Tonight Master had me kneel naked in front of a long mirror on the door. While I was kneeling I was to have my finger in my pussy til I cum. Well that didn't not take very long before I had a very wet n throbbing pussy. I can still feel the wetness as I am sitting here naked sending this email to you. I love the way Master always makes me cum.


Master also told me on our next play day with Mistress i will be doing this in front of the three of them. they will watch while dressed as i will be the only naked one, as i bring myself to a orgasm in front of them. i know it won't take long for me to cum that day. hope i don't pass out from the excitement of it all. i have never masturbated in front of anyone but my Master.

but that is why i love Him, He makes me do fun things i would have never done in the past BM. (before Master)

slrn# 638-487-072

Sunday, October 22, 2006

is it me

or the change in the weather? i am just so horny lately and wanting Master to do more with me. i want to serve Him more then ever in anyway He desires me.

i just can not get enough of His pain/love these days. i fingered myself many times yesterday as i worked around the house thinking about Him. it was easy to do as i am always naked at home. just writing this has my pussy wet & wanting something in it.

hard to type with just one hand i guess i will have to stop typing. see what i mean.

slrn# 638-487-072

P.S. update on "The Pet" movie release. Dec. 5 is what there site is saying.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

no weights

but i felt the pain. fucktoy has some great pictures of her beautiful breasts with weights hanging from her nipple rings on her blog. she is a very brave slave in my book.

Master attached my leash to my hood ring the other day to lead me around with it. i will tell you i did follow Him without fail and did not let Him get to far away. just the weight of the leash hanging on it was painful. i was scared to death He was going rip it right out of me. i begged and pleaded for mercy.

i was granted mercy only after Master took many photos and had me follow Him around. maybe it was 5 mins tops, but long enough for me to know how painful it can be to have a pierced item pulled on.

so i am very impressed by fucktoy and her tolerance for doing it. i would never want anything to happen to my Master's mark as i am very proud i have it. He did say He will be hanging items from it and to get my mind ready for that. i do know it will have a xmas tree bulbs hanging from it when the season comes.

that should make for a good xmas card picture don't you think?

slrn# 638-487-072

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

He calls me

samsonite, yes that is what I was on the luggage rack. Master had me lay over it face down with my tits falling down between the straps. He then attached the leash to my collar and pulled it tight into the x of the legs of the rack and wrapped it tight. there was no way my head could move.

next a rope was wrapped around each of my spread legs at the knees to the legs of the rack. then two ropes over my back to hold me down to the rack. i could not move a inch and with my hands cuffed behind me there was no getting out of this. my tits & ass were all his to do as he pleased. the tit clamps with weights were added to my hard nipples as my tits were very exposed. the crop the cane and a flogger all came down hard on my naked ass.

that was the pain part but the pleasure part was when Master laid down on the floor and licked my hood ring very shiny with His tongue. i came more times then i can remember. He loves my pussy pie and i think all He needed was some ice cream to go with it. although if He would have had ice cream i might still be tied to that rack. He worked me over pretty good as it was.

after many photos of His luggage it was time for tender love in the bed. i was untied and uncuffed. it was time to pleasure Master with my fingers, hands, mouth and my very wet pussy. what a great time it is for me to pleasure Him as we both enjoy what cums.

so next time you are in a hotel with a luggage rack remember what you can do with it besides set a suitcase on it.

slrn# 638-487-072

Sunday, October 15, 2006

hotel whore

is what i looked like walking into the hotel and down it's long halls to our room. Master even told me i looked like a hooker as we walked. i wore a very shear see thru black blouse with a very thin black bra, slave collar, very short skirt with no panties, thigh highs & heels. the guys painting the outside of the hotel about fell of there ladders watching me walk by.

my heart was pounding 100 mph as i walked by them and then down the inside hallways. i could not wait to get into our room on the 2nd floor. it gave me a huge rush and a very wet pussy. Master loves it when i show my body off to others.

once in the room it was down on my knees to strip naked for Master. i was told to leave the thigh highs & heels on as Master likes to see me in them. next i was to undress Master starting with his shoes working my way up. once he was naked and me being on my knees i you should know what i did next.

He took photos of His slave as she worked on His member. He then had me crawl on on my hands and knees to the middle of the large room so he would have room to swing His whip. with no bondage to hold me and still on my hands and knees He started off with the new single tail whip. there was no holding back as He knew i needed it bad. i craved it, i had to have it hard. i was flogged & caned as well.

i did really well staying in position and not crying out. Master then had me get up and walk over to a wall so i could do my tt&n. that is tits, toes & nose touching the wall and only those three things. hands are placed on top of my head and legs are spread wide. i stand there until told other wise. i am whipped and played with but i must not let any of the three leave the wall for any reason.

it was about 30 mins on the wall before He placed my hands behind my back and locked on the handcuffs. still standing against wall only hands were moved.
He played with my wetness kissed my neck (that drives crazy) and took photos as i held my position.

Master then opened the closet only to find the luggage rack in there. you that thing you fold open to set a suitcase on that has black nylon straps on it? well He did not have a suitcase to put on it but He did have a slave.

more on that to cum.

slrn# 638-487-072

Saturday, October 14, 2006

wow time flys

if you are having fun or not. i have not been having much fun in my life lately. it has nothing to do with Master as He is my rock. without Him it would be very bad. not going into details but everyone knows about family problems as we all have some in our life.

Master and i are going to have a play day today at a hotel. He said i need to get away for a while and enjoy some good bondage and and nice hard ass whipping. He knows just what to do to cheer me up, that is just the ticket.

i really enjoy serving Him it brings me a pleasure that i can not put into words. not long ago He made me kneel naked for Him 20 mins a day as a punishment. my punishment was up weeks ago, but i still kneel naked for Him everyday on my own. it is only for 10 mins now as i do it every morning before i leave for the office. Master said there is no better way to start off a day for a slave then on her knees.

if you have never served someone then you might not understand why i still do it. i feel very much closer to Him and very calm with myself when i kneel. it brings peace to my life for 10 mins a day as i kneel there naked for the world to see. i think of only Him and the love He has for me and how warm inside it makes me feel when i am kneeling.

all of my problems and worries go away for 10 mins everyday as i worship Master. what a great way to start off another day in a crazy world.

slrn# 638-487-072

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

thanks Titans

well if you follow this blog than you know what that title means. yes it is true my team won by 31 points and that is 62 swats to my ass.

i just received all 62. i was told to get naked and assume the position. i did as i was told, ass relaxed & not tensed up. the first ones where the worse, as it has been a long time since the wood paddle with the holes was used on my ass.

Master does not like to see me tense up my cheeks for my next swat. i did that a lot at the beginning. my ass needs to be relaxed to enjoy the pleasure of a good spanking. i was relaxed after the first few swats but not at first. they hurt like hell when he first started out but then i got into it and enjoyed each one more as it came. it really makes me wet to be punished hard.

He really knows now to paint my ass red. i just looked at it and it is shinning bright red and i am sure it will be black & blue in the morning. as long as i have color there i am a happy camper. i know that those are more marks of my Master and i love each one i get.

i never dreamed i would enjoy any of this as much as i do. i am a pain slut and very proud to admit it, not just on here but to others in person. Master might be telling someone about me and i will tell them yes i enjoy all that He does.

i just love a red ass.

slrn# 638-487-072

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


where did she go? in case you do not know who that is, she wrote a blog called (Life as His) and it was one that Master and i enjoyed reading very much.

the links to it are dead now and she gone. does anyone know where she went or why she left without a goodbye?

we miss her and the clan.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

new whip

has a bite

Master's new whip from the pet store of all places has a real bite to it on my ass cheeks. it is made for a horse's ass not mine, of course i can sometimes be a horse's ass if you know what i mean.

Master had me tied tight with my arms spread out like a Y and legs tied to the spreader bar. the spreader bar was than pulled back so i was just about on my tip toes and tied off to the bed. so here i am about to fall on my face if my ropes break & Master with a new whip in his hand.

He started out whipping me without the much hated ball gag in place but i was to loud with my moans & oh Master's. i begged and pleaded with him as he tried to put in my mouth. He told me to shut up and open wide slave. i hate that damm thing but in it went. He then added the blindfold to make me look more slave like. He enjoys me being gagged as he has not have to hear me plead for mercy.

my ass was whipped with the new whip along with the cane, crop, and flogger as well as being stung with a rubber band. my tits wore the weighted clamps and were also flogged & stung. i wear many of my Master's marks today and enjoy each one i see.

after a 2 hr punishment session i was showered with Master's golden water as i kneeled in the large jacuzzi tub. He then had me fill the tub for a nice long bubble bath for the both of us. we sat and drank mimosas for a long time then it was off to the large king size bed for more pleasure with each other.

the pleasure we had in that bed licking, kissing and sucking on each other can not be told in words. we napped in each others arms for a while then it was off to the pool to wake up. me in my new bikini and Master in his. i think Master showed off more then me as his was almost see thru when wet.

the sun was warm and a nice breeze blew as we laid out there enjoying a Saturday of play. getting a room at a nice hotel and getting away from the real world for a while is like a mini vacation for both of us. what fun can be had between two people that love each when away from the everyday.

Master let's go back.

Friday, September 22, 2006

i will serve

my Master the best i can tomorrow. my new jewel of the Master will be placed into place the very 1st thing. after that i have no clues as to what his plans are. i do know that a golden shower as well as my drinking one is being talked about. not sure if it will happen though. He talks more about things that he will do than he does. likes to keep me on edge.

i will keep you posted on how that one turns out. i do know that i will be out in public in a string bikini for the very 1st time in my adult life.

please pray for rain for me.

i must admit that Master has made me feel a lot better about my own body. i now show it off with a lot of pride. i would have never have posted a nude picture of me on the www before Master.

hell no one even took pics of me naked before Master came along. He has well over a thousand pics of me and taking more everyday.

that has to be real LOVE in my book. He just loves my naked body.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Master's mark

you are looking at my new jewel for my hood piercing. Master will be replacing the one that has been in place since my piercing was done with this one.

this has a slave ring on it for my Master to attach His leash or whatever He wishes too. it's balls are also bigger than what i have now. the one i wear now is a smaller gage and much smaller balls. i like the idea of the bigger balls as they are more easy to handle.

it will be put into place by Master this Saturday as we have a day of play planned. once in place it is not to be removed unless done so by Master, just as the one is i wear now. the reason i posted these pictures is because once in place you will not be able to see it. Master will not allow that to be done here.

i know that he will take a lot of pics of it in place but that is not to be shown here. Master already thinks that what we show here is way more than most other blogs show. i must admit i read a lot of other blogs and 98% do not show nudity at all. i really hope he will let me keep posting pics as i think it shows my readers i do what i tell you i do.

what are your thoughts on my posting my pics here? do tell.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

on my knees

every night for 20 mins and every morning for 5 mins. that is what happens to a slave when she does things wrong.

the other day i was very tired and Master told me to do a blog posting. well i did and i did not give it much though. just something quick with no detail about our fun time with my Mistress. well when Master saw my post He deleted it and told me that post will cost me 20 mins in the corner naked on my knees. i could do better and will. so i did as i was told and kneeled for my 20 mins then got up and went to bed.

Master ask me who gave you permission to get up? well i must not lie, no one gave me permission to get up, i just did it. that cost me 7 more days naked on my knees in the corner. now i always ask permission to get up, but one night i was there 40 mins because i forgot to do a ass report to Master. that is when my ass is spanked hard i must send via email a ass report on how it looks later on in the evening. he logs my reports.

i must also spend 5 mins each morning in the middle of the living room naked on my knees with my slave collar on before going to work. so that i start my day in the correct way. blinds are also open for others to see if they should look in.

i just love how i can bring on punishment to myself sometimes.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

more fun & cum

after M&M worked my ass over with the crop & cane Master started kissing my cheeks to kiss away the pain. Mistress joined him and now i have both of them kissing my ass in a very tender loving way this time. that is why they call it pain and pleasure.

after that Mistress had me get up on my knees at the bottom of the bed bent over with my face in the sheets. i waited in that position as she walked over to Master to whisper something to him. my ass high in the air my legs spread wide i knew this might not be good for me. as Her & Master talked Her hubby picked up the crop from the bed and started playing with my hard nipples with the loop of the crop. we both laughed as he played with them and told me how there were.

not sure what M&M were talking about and it was a long talk but the next thing i know Master is lying on the bed next to me with Mistress going down on him. Her hubby then rolled me over on my back as he went down on me (a first for him & i) his tounge felt great licking at my balls (my piercing). Master then rolled Mistress over and licked her as She lie next to me. there we were Mistress & slave lying side by side as Master licked Mistress and her hubby licked slave.

i thought i was dreaming as this has NEVER happend in my lifetime. yes the four of us haved played before but never like this. i know that there is more fun and cum to come as we all enjoyed the day together. what fun it was for Master and i to have a little swing in our lives.

we ended our play and were just sitting around talking about us leaving. the four of us all naked and talking as you would to any friends with clothes on. it is so great that Master has shown me how to enjoy my naked self. He enjoys being nude and has lived that way most of his life, where i was one to never to leave my bedroom without all my clothes on. i mean i would never leave the house without bra and panties on. now i never leave it with them.

what a changed woman i am now and so very happy that i am. life is way to short not to enjoy naked pleasure.

p.s. i had to do knee time last light with my butt plug in as i failed Master once more in doing things as a good slave should. it hurt bad as it has been a while since i have had it in. then i took it out before being told to, now i have to do 40 mins on my knees in the corner tonight.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

M. M. & m part2

Master opened the door to let my Mistress in. Her hubby was just dropping her off as he had to run to the office just for just a minute. She walked into the room dressed in a tank top and short shorts. Her nipples were hard and sticking out as she had no bra on. they looked great.

She talked with us as she made herself a drink. Master and I sat on the bed naked as we talked with her. as She was drinking her drink Master ask me if i would like one, i said no thank you. He said i should have one so i could show Mistress how i do it. i knew what He meant as he grabbed my leash and pulled me up from the bed. He then picked up my water bowl and sat it on the floor at Her feet. He told me my drink was ready and to drink it.

i got down on my knees and bent over to lick from my bowl as my Mistress watched me from above. i drank until i was told to stop by Master. He then pulled me up to my feet by my leash and handed it over to my Mistress. She took it and pulled me to Her for a wet kiss. i was then lead to the bed where she tried to blindfold me. i said oh no not that again and She well ok then just keep your eyes closed as She tossed it to the side. She told to lie down and wait as She needed to change.

with my eyes closed i could not see what She was wearing but i know now that it was a HOT pink scarf that she made look like a swim suit. it did not cover much but it did hide Her best parts from the eyes.

Master watched while Mistress and i enjoyed the touch of each others bodies. WOW!!! it just keeps getting better everytime i am with her. maybe it's because i am getting more relaxed with myself with Her. i don't know, but i do know that i love the way it makes me feel. Master was taking photos of us as we played then He joined in fun. i don't remember who was on who but i know we all were really enjoying each other when there was a soft knock at the door. we all looked at each other and laughed. it was Her hubby coming back.

he was very excited to be there with us finally. Master then showed him my new hood piercing since he had not seen it live & up close. they all made sure they got a very close up view of it. this got me very excited and very wet as the three of them looked at my very wet wide open pussy. nothing like having a person you work with every day stare at your naked pussy once in a while.

he made himself a drink and sat down as Mistress and i went back to playing with each other. after a lot of licking and cumming on both parts Master joined in the fun as Her hubby took more photos. he is very good with a camera and gets some nice shots.

Mistress took her scarf and wrapped it around my neck as she had me roll over on my stomach. Master handed her the flogger and she went to work on my ass and back. next came the crop and she is very good and very hard with it. Master said she does nice work with it. Her hubby said to Master show us some of your work. with that Master got out the cane and laid some good ones on me. both M&M where going at my ass at the same time. i had to guess which one it was and tell them thank you i deserve that may i have another. all i have to say is i LOVE IT and i want a LOT more of it.

there is more to cum but i need to run now.

p.s. worked all week braless again on my own. was not told to do it just did it as i seem to enjoy it more now. also i am doing 20 mins on my knees in a corner every night for 7 days as punishment for something bad thing i did.

Monday, September 04, 2006

M.M. & m

Master. Mistress. & me had one fun filled day. Master and Mistress had been wanting to get together for a play day but no one was sure when it could happen. well saturday it did happen. Master called the husband of my Mistress and told him that we where getting a room. He said his mother and her friend had stopped by and they would be there as soon as they could get away.

this gave Master and i time to play before they showed up. Master had me dress in a skin tight very short black body suit that has a zipper down the front of it with my white heels & collar on. i looked like a hooker walking though the parking lot of the hotel. the zipper was open way past my tits so they were very easy to see. there were a few guys in the lot driving by that took some very long looks at me.

once we made it in the room Master and i felt each other up and kissed like teenages in love as i removed all of his clothes. once he was naked it was on my knees for me to pleasure his smoothness. He then removed my suit and had me stand with my hands together behind me. He took stretch wrap and wrapped my arms together behind me. then he wrapped it around my body from my tits to my pussy. i was than sat on a stool and wrapped to it as my leg cuffs where tied to the back of the stool.

after i could not move i was tittie whipped with the flogger until they where a nice shade of red. then came the weighted tit clamps and blindfold as Master took pictures of me. my arms hurt bad and i begged for release as Master licked my baldness. he did not let me go right away but after more begging he did release my arms.

i ask if i could have a drink of water and he said NO. what i didn't know he was pouring my water in a bowl for me. he had get down on my knees on the floor and told if i wanted water to drink it from the bowl. i could not see the bowl for my blindfold but Master put face to the bowl. i drank my water just like a good Master's pet should, licking it from a bowl.

i needed to pee bad after drinking water most of the morning. when i ask if i could go to the batroom Master said yes but you will pee standing in the tub. Master led me to the bathroom and had me get in the tub face him & spread my legs wide and let it go as he took photos of the event. there is no being shy around Master.

it was back to the bedroom and some nice quite time rolling around the sheets with Master and some good hot sex. not long after our sex there was a knock on the door and it was Mistress and her husband. more on that later as this is running long. more fun to cum.

a big Thank you to Mistress for letting me serve you. i really enjoyed our day together. i long to feel the sting of your crop again very soon.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

more new things

a bikini for me. i was instructed by Master to purchase a bikini he saw on the VS site that was on sale. now let me tell you i am not to sure about being seen in public in a string bikini. Master has already told me that i will be wearing it to the hotel pool after i walk from the room to the pool in nothing but it and heels.

i am very nervous about being out in public in a string bikini. but it will be done as it is what Master wants. i know the day it happens will be a very happy and fun one. He has already told me about how when we get back to our room there will be a plastic sheet laid on the bed and we both are to be covered in oil from head to toe. i have never done this with anyone either.

after my oil bath and some play time it will be tub time. we will have the room with the large jacuzzi. after a nice hot bath i will be put into bondage so my very soft wet ass can be whipped or caned. i am already for this to happen now but before any of this can happen the damm bikini has to show up.

due date is 09/12

i will keep you posted and i am sure He will post a pic of me on here wearing it.

Friday, August 25, 2006

loving a co-worker

Master has made me wonder about a co-worker of ours. Does she shave, trim or wear a full bush? Now Master wants me to find out and wanted my story of how i would ask her and what would happen after i found out the answer. So here is my dream of doing it and her.

As i walked into her office i had my mind set that i was going to find out some of her little secrets. and the first one i was going to start out with was if she had a bush, trimmed or a smooth pussy. so i brought up the subject of hating to shave and wanted to have laser done on me hoping this would open the door for her to tell me something about herself.

after a long girl chit chat of shaving vs laser and finding out that she was a smoothie too i knew i just had to have her pussy on my mouth. i knew i was on the right track now because i could tell she was getting hot & wet with our talk.
i now knew that we both wanted the same thing, to taste each others pussy's. i told her about my wild n crazy weekends and by the sparkle in her eyes in hearing this i knew all i had to do was to find the time and place.

when the time finally came we met at a local hotel room. and knowing about my desires she knew that my Master would be there to watch. when she arrived at the room i was already naked except for collar & cuffs waiting for her. as i helped her undress i slowly ran my hands over her breasts caressing them gently and kissing her on the mouth lightly. slowly moving to the bed we let our hands explore each others bodies.

now i had to taste that bald pussy that i had been fantisizing about for so long. as i put my tongue inside of her already wet pussy i could feel her squirm with pleasure. licking her all of her juices she tasted so good in my mouth. everytime i put my tongue deep inside of her she came more n more.

then as i sat on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide for her she noticed that i had my pussy pierced. she really liked it but never had licked a pussy with a ring in it before. oh how good her tongue felt on my balls and then deep in my pussy. as she would take her tongue out she would slowly and gently lick the juices off my lips while i came even more.

her breasts looked so good i had to suck on them. as i put her nipple in my mouth it was very hard with all of the excitement. she really enjoyed this part and so did i as she licked on my nipples too.
i am so glad that i had that talk with her about shaving. now we have much more to talk about like my Mistress joining in the fun.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

red ass

is what i have tonight after a 30 to 7 win for my boys. that means 46 for my ass and Master had no mercy on it. i had my ass naked and in position waiting with the hair brush sitting on top of my cheeks. Master wasted no time starting in on it and did not have no mercy for his slave.

i took 46 very well placed and very hard swats tonight, but i enjoyed each one as i screamed Master please. they came somewhat fast too. then with two more with his hand after th 46 He said Go Cowboys, and i hope they do. i enjoy the pain as much as a win.

my ass will be black and cowboy blue tomorrow butt i just love that color on it ;)

Monday, August 21, 2006

20 points &

tits in a tight spot all day. Master gave me a very hard & hot spanking tonight with my own hair brush for my boys win last week. He said there will be no mercy for me this year as the boys hired T. O.
my ass is to suffer every game win or lose but much more with every win.

i was also in tit bondage today at work. after 6 days with no bra at all, now i must wear one that is to small. i was told to go find a bra two sizes smaller then what i wear yesterday. it took a lot of shopping as He wanted it to be a shear one also. well if you want shear then you need to have big tits. i have nice tits but not big tits. see them for yourself in my profile pic.

i ended up in the little girls department before i could even find one. i must say it was tight, but everytime i felt it i knew i was pleasing my Master and that is what counted most. i am also going to do it again tomorrow as i bought two for Him to choose from. now i must wear it also.

Master is always coming up with ways to keep my mind on being owned. this was just one more way for me to serve as His slave.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

i wonder does she

shave, trim or have a full bush? Master has had me going this week with that question about a co-worker. have you ever looked at another woman or a man for that matter and ask yourself if they shave there pubic hair.

when i first met Master mine was trimed at the time and i had only shaved it all off maybe once or twice in 50+ yrs. Master had told me that he liked bald pussy so before i let him see mine for the 1st time i shaved it smooth. that was even before i signed the slave contract that states i must keep it shaved at all times.

Master even keeps his smooth and has done so since 2000. He had been shaving on and off since about 1976 or so. He started shaving after he saw a porn movie with a shaved Marilyn Chambers in it. He would never shave his bald back then, just kept it trimed down, always being afraid someone would see it. He started to shave it all off in the 80's but would always let it grow back. New Years day 2000 it was shaved bald and has stayed that way since.

Master has even been waxed before many times by a lady that had a salon. She closed her shop and he has not found another one yet. He said that he would like to have a laser removal for us both but that will take a win of the lottery before that happens.

i must say that being smooth is the only way for me now. i can't stand seeing a bush on a woman now. being bald is normal for me now but it was not that way before Master came into my life.

hell i was even braless this week at work on my very own without being told to. it was just too hot to wear one. i would have never done that 2 yrs ago. and the boys enjoyed it as much as i did.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

happy slave

i am one very happy slave now that football is back. i know that 95% of women do not like football. i just love it now that i have a man that will spank me by the points they win or lose by. it was just a game before. i loved my Cowboys but when you add a good spanking into the game it makes it a lot more fun.

i know it is only preseason and nothing to get crazy about butt my ass has been waiting a long time for the point system to return. i know i will be getting a good ass warming every week now and i just love to bend over and take some for my team. my ass has had some of it's best spankings after a game.

i hope T O gets off his bike soon so he can catch some touchdown passes and run up that score for me. i get double the swats when they win.

Go Cowboys!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my balls

were licked yesterday by my Master and it felt great. the balls i am talking about are the ones on my Master's mark. i was not sure about having my hood pierced when thinking about but now i ask myself why i did not have it done years ago. i love the feelings i get from it at certain times of day.

it reminds me that i am a owned slave and that i did this for my Master pleasure but i am the one that receives the pleasure. Master was gone for a few days on a business trip and when he returned yesterday he wanted to see his mark.

i was to be naked and have my lips spread wide for him when he arrived so he could see His mark. i did this in my car in a office parking lot that we meet at sometimes after work. he liked my show so much that when he got in the car he went right for my pussy pie. as he licked His mark with his tounge the little balls rubbed my clit and sent me into the "O" world.

after my licking i was whipped with the crop on my tits and pussy for missing two of his calls while he was out. He was easy with most of them but a few had some sting in them. i was then told to go home and put in my butt plug and wear it till bedtime.

i am to be plugged everynight until i make my Dr's appointment for the light show up my colon is made. i did not want talk about it with the doc when he brought it up and made the mistake of telling Master. now i must wear a plug after work till bedtime and most of the day on weekends until i make my appointment. i will even be made to wear it shopping. now where is that number for the doc?

Sunday, July 30, 2006


this past work week was a braless one for me. i started off Monday with one on but Master was not happy with my attitude this day. i had a sad week this past week maybe because of the hot and rainy weather who knows.

Master said maybe i should show off some tittie and it might cheer me up. well i showed them off alright but i did not cheer up much until yesterday. i am hoping happy slave is coming back because Master does not like sad slave much. Master is thinking maybe slave needs a good spanking to get her happy jucies flowing back into her brain.

i am sure He is right as i always seem to be a happier slave after a good ass warming. it has been over a week since my last one so i am over due for a good one. maybe today he can put some fire on my ass and bring out the happy in me.

back to being braless at work this week. most of the guys already know that i go braless now and then and they are always checking t0 see what i am wearing. my blouse always has the first two buttons unbuttoned and when i move just right anyone can see all the way to the nipple. but hell they all ready see my hard nipples sticking out though my shirt anyway.

the boys enjoy there little tittie show i do for them and Master enjoys showing me off. this past week i the way i felt i could have worked topless and not cared who saw what. i never knew men enjoyed my titties so much until Master came along. Master did have me bag up all of my bras once and hand them over to him. i was thinking they were going the way panties did, but he gave them back. he tells me it still could happen some day where i will have none to wear.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

lost my ball

thursday night i played with my new toy Master's mark for a while as i set on the recliner. i then got up and did some other things around the house. it came time to clean my new piercing so i got out my rock salt and cup and ran a little water in the tub to sit in.

i get in the tub mix up my salt bath in the cup and go to put it on my pussy only to find my ring in my hand, not in my pussy. i panic! it has not even been a week and i have lost a part of my Master's mark. how could this happen and what will i do now? how do i tell my Master i lost His ball from His marking. i will never find a small silver ball no bigger than the ball point of a pen.

i searched the tub with my hands on my knees looking by the drain nothing. i crawled around the bathroom floor shook out the rug nothing. i crawled down the hallway feeling the floor with my hands and looking to the living room nothing. all hope was lost i would never find it. how could i let Master down like this? how could my piercing stay open without the ring in it. all these thoughts going though my mind. i just wanted to cry i was so upset.

as i got up from the floor i looked over at the recliner seat, it is brown and there in the back at the seam of the seat was this very tiny shiny silver ball. now that i see it how do i pick it up without it falling down into the back? well with much care i reached for it and got it.

now for more fun putting the ring back though the piercing and getting that damm little ball screwed on. i had never done it and did not know if i could, but i did and it was just like a earring. i was so relieved and so drained at the same time i just went to bed. but i went to bed happy knowing i had the Master's mark in it's place where it belonged.

the next day i told Master all about it and he laughed at me he thought it was funny the way i panicked over it. he also said that i would be punished for losing it. last night i was bent over and given 20 nice hard swats with the much hated crop on my ass. then again that is pleasure for me as i enjoy being spanked. i enjoy my crop marks still this morning.

Friday, July 21, 2006

the mark of the Master

sorry for not posting sooner i have been a little busy taking care of my mark of the Master.

last Saturday was one of those days that i would want to live over again. Master and i have always talked about me getting something done that would mark me in some way as being His. like "O" did with her branding. well we decided on getting the hood of my pussy pierced.

i wanted it done but when the day and hour came to do it the more nervous I got. i was determined to do this for Him and to get this done but i was also scared too. we talked it over for a while then He said let's go girl. so it was off to the tattoo parlor. i was never in a tattoo parlor in my life before this day.

we walked into the tattoo parlor and looked around while the guy that did the piercing was taking a smoke break outside. i seemed to relax a lot after i was inside the place as we were waiting and looking around. then when he came in to help us we asked him a lot of questions about piercing the pussy. he was very helpful and told us a lot of older women seem to be getting this done. he said piercing the hood would give me the most pleasure.

he was telling us about how it would not get hung up on my underware when Master told him i was not allowed to wear any. he laughed as he looked at my red face. i think he felt more at ease with us after that. when all the papers were signed it was time to get down to business.

we went into the room with a table and i thought i would just pull up my short skirt and he could do it. oh no he said it would be better if i removed it. i looked at Master hoping he would save me from having to do that but He told take it off now as i whined about how far i could pull it up. so i took my skirt off and handed it to Master and laid down on the table with my legs spread wide like i do for the doctor. as he prepared everything for the piercing Master kept me very calm and relaxed and was taking photos of this event.

Master was holding my hand as the guy told me to take a deep breath and with that deep breath it was over. i couldn't believe it was so quick. there was only about 2 seconds of pain and it was over. he then screwed the balls on the ends as Master took a nice close up picture of it. there i lay on a table naked from the waist down in front of a stranger as Master takes my picture. how crazy can it get. what a slut.

i put my skirt back on and off we were to enjoy my new look. WOW!!! i really do love it and i am very happy that i did it. the pain was nothing like i thought it would be. it looks great on me and Master loves it. i now wear the symbol of my Master 24/7 everywhere i go.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


have you ever gone to a concert or football game and looked at all the people and ask yourself what do they do behind closed doors? i have many times and i am sure that no one would guess the things i do or have done.

i am sure they would not think of me as a person that loves to be spanked and be tied up or that i love to show off my naked body. i am just your everyday working woman that is very normal person in there minds. they would not see me as the slave i really am and like to be to Master & Mistress.

as i look around at others i try see if i can spot the ones that would like a good spanking or that would make love to another woman. i am sure the ones i think would, don't and the ones i think never would, do.

i don't know that before Master came along that i would have called this lifestyle normal but it is now. i really enjoy all the things Master makes me do and does to me. the only down side is i wish i would have started sooner in my life doing them.

i was a submissive woman in a closet and Master came by and opened my door to new adventures. i will never go back into that closet. i am a slave and i am damm proud of it. i will get on my knees for Him anywhere at anytime He commands for i am His.

that sounds normal to me. how about you?

Friday, July 07, 2006

a 4th i'll never forget

fireworks came a day early for me this year and with a big bang. Master had a day planned for us in a hotel room since it was a long holiday weekend for us. Master was already in the room when i got there and was watching me through the window. Master had me dress in the mini skirt i had worn the day before when he spanked my ass with the paddle he bought at the adult store.

i was to wear a sleeveless white blouse unbuttoned and tied at the bottom. when i got out of the car the lawn crew was there mowing the grass and i had to walk across the parking lot with my blouse wide open & tits showing. the lawn guy stopped what he was doing and kept his eyes on me until i was out of his view. i was so glad and relieved when i got into the room.

the first thing Master had me do was get naked but i was to keep my white heels on. at this point we were both very hot n could not keep our hands off each other. Master realized the fireworks show must begin & had me lie on the bed while He tied me spread eagle to all four corners of the bed. then the pain n pleasure fun began for me. He flogged me hard on my nipples and on my fresh shaved pussy. at times the pain was almost unbearable but then He would stop and kiss the away the pain.

Master untied me and rolled me over so my ass was all His. then after a few swats with the crop it was time for the cane to make it's mark. my ass was on fire by now but i loved it so much i could not tell Master to stop. the cane left instant whelts as it came down hard on my ass cheeks. after the canning Master freed me from bonds.

now i was free to put my arms around Master and show Him how much i loved the pain n pleasure he gave me. there were so many fireworks going off now the entire room was like a light show and we could not stop it. when did finally did get the fireworks to stop we drifted off into a nice sleep exhausted as ever.

my ass was sore for days just the way i like it. what a great day serving my Master.

p.s. Master pointed out to me that i did not tell you that while i was being caned there was a pc of ginger root in my ass to heat up the inside as well. the fire in and on my ass was burning very hot just the way i like it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

what a great time

Master and i had this weekend. on Sunday we went shopping with me dressed as you see here. this is the mini skirt Master had me buy a week or so ago.

it might not look short in this pic but if you would see me bend any at all you will see my ass. also there is no hiding my hard nipples in this top at all as you can see.

Master made me go into this gas station and get us drinks. the clerk had a big smile on his face as i stood there paying for my purchase as he stared at my tits. next it was off to a adult toy store where Master found a slapper paddle to add to our toy box.

as we walked around the store looking at items Master would raise the back of my skirt and feel my naked ass. damm He was making me wet making me wear this outfit then doing that too.

the best part was as we were about to leave He spotted the little slapper paddle hanging by the checkout. well He ask me if i thought i would like to have one i turned red and said maybe. He picked it up and told me to bend over then picked up the back of skirt and hit my naked ass with it. well the clerk was sitting behind the counter and did not see that happen.

Master said he liked it and said he would take it to the clerk. the clerk then stood up to take the money and give Master back his change. he then put the paddle in a small bag, Master told him he do not need the bag or the tag that was on it. He handed the bag with the tag back to the clerk. as i was walking toward the door Master told me to come back to Him. as i did he said bend over slave as the clerk looked right at me. i did as told and then Master raised my skirt way up this time showing my very naked ass to the clerk and gave me a good swat with our new toy.

the clerk thought it was funny as he watched us and told us to have a good time with it. Master replied back oh we will. as we walked away Master said we made that guys day showing him your naked ass. what he didn't know was he made mine too. my pussy juices felt like they were running down my legs.

then it was on to a major food store to pickup some ginger root for more fun to cum on Monday. i will tell that another day. oh what a Bang we had this weekend. Master just loves seeing me out dressed like this.

have a Happy 4th all. i did.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Ring of The Master

well now for over a year Master has talked about some way to mark me as His. i do wear His collar but not to places like work. he wanted something i could wear 24/7 anywhere and everywhere.

we talked about me getting a tattoo and even being branded as "O" was. i said i would do it for him if that is what He wanted done. well Master said it would be fun to see how felt about it when that red hot iron was coming to my ass:(

i am happy to report there will be no branding or tattoos done on my beautiful body as Master calls it.

Master has bought a very nice ring that i can wear all the time. He calls it "The Ring of The Master" but it will not be on my finger. i will wear His ring in my pussy. yes i am going to be pierced. i am really looking forward to this day to show Master how deep my love for Him really is. i would have never done this for anyone else no matter what they called it.

i feel that by my doing this i am proving to myself and my Master that i take being owned by Him very seriously. it will make me feel closer to Him by wearing His ring and i will wear it and show it with great pride. i am sitting in a wet spot just by writing about it. i can't wait until it happens.

we are hoping we can have it done tomorrow as we are both off. the only problem is most places that do this are closed on Mondays. just our luck. if it does not get done tomorrow then it will be very soon. Master already has the ring and he can't wait to see me wearing it.

Mistress did not sound like she liked the idea very much. i think once she sees it she will like it. She is not into pain for herself maybe that is why.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

WOW over 20,000

readers have looked in on my blog so far. i never dreamed that many people would want to read about what happens in my life. i do this more for Master as he like to read my thoughts on things.

i know most of what i write is about him and my spanked ass. who would think that many people would want to read about that?

Thank you all for looking in our little window to the world.

The Pet

is a movie that i read about on a another very good s&m blog called "Life as His" it has a very good trailer for this movie that can be seen at

this is the only place i have seen or heard about it and glad i did. leave it up to annissa to find the good the stuff to put on her blog.

i just want to help spread the word about this film with hopes that it can be seen here in the states in theaters or at least on dvd. if you want more info on it you can also visit annissa's blog. i would put a link to her blog here but i do have her permission to do that yet. i hope she does not mind what i have done here so far.

it is a must see movie for Master and i and we are hoping it cums out soon.

p.s. link to annissa's blog for more info:)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

a bi slave

this was a wild n crazy dream that i never expected to actually do. i always enjoyed the porno movies that had two women making love and always wondered what that would really be like to do it. WOW it was GREAT!
i did it and i am so very happy that i did.

i was not going to let this opportunity pass me by now in my life. as you know my first time was on a limo ride last Christmas. i did not know how it would really go at first. would she like me? would i do the right things to please her? would she want me again? how would it feel? too many questions for my little brain.

i knew what they had in mind for me and in the back of my mind I had the same desires. the only down side of this was that my Master was not going to be with me on this wild adventure. with his support i went for the ride of my life in more ways than one. everything seemed to happen so fast it seemed like a blurr to me. i had the time of my life and wanted to do it again soon but this time Master was to be there with me.

it took awhile for my next bi adventure, but it finally came and Master was there to enjoy it with me this time. this was also his dream to see two women together and to have my Master share in the fun was the best for me. i enjoyed being on naked display for them as they walked in. then being lead to Mistress on my knees as she pulled on my leash so she could touch my naked body. oh gawd i am getting wet just writing this. her kiss was so tender and hands so soft and her pussy so wet. although her whip did sting my ass many times. Mistress was not so tender with a crop in her hand but i loved every one she gave me.

i cannot tell you in words how great i felt serving both Mistress & Master or how great the love was that we shared together that day. i do know this that i want to more of her. if you are a woman that has dreamed of making love to another woman stop dreaming and Just do It.

i am so happy i finally tasted the bi side of life that i want to be there whenever i can. it is a very special love that only two women can share and i am so happy i lived my dream.

on my knees waiting till next time Mistress. kisses

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Daddy's Day

to all that read my blog. Master is at it again looking for ways to show off this slave in public. He was in dept store at lunch this week and saw a very short denim mini skirt on the rack. when He returned to work he told me about it and said i was to go buy it.

after work i went to the store and tried it on. well it comes just to the bottom of my ass cheeks if i am standing up very straight. if i bend any at all you can see my ass. i called Master when i left the store and told him i had it He said put it on and then stop at the corner store and get something to drink.

i did as i was told as i was very nervous walking around getting my stuff and standing in line to pay as a man stood behind me. i just knew every man in there was looking and wanting to see more of me. i called Master while i was in the store to let him know i was following his orders and to help calm me down some. my pussy was very wet i must admit. i guess i really enjoy it more than i think i do.

Master also had me buy some nice thong like shoes that has a small heel on them in white last week. now he is telling me i will be going shopping with him in my very tight tube top & mini skirt and thong heels. he said he will take some pics to post here when we do it. as know those will be the only three items on my body. He always tells me men enjoy seeing women that show a little skin. well they should just love me as i show a lot in this outfit.

short skirts, no bras or panties, hard nipples poking though and heels make a girl the kind of woman Master loves. some might call her a slut or whore but my Master calls me beautiful when i am this way. but then i am his slut.

p.s. kisses to my Mistress as i know she looks in on my blog. i hope my readers enjoyed our pic and story of Her and i. it was a real fun time for us and we are ready to serve again soon.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mistress & slavekk

Just a taste of my Saturday fun with my Mistress. What a great time we had serving her.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

fantasy cum true

yesterday was a dream cum true for me. all my life i always wondered how it would feel to be with more than one person at the same time. today i finally got to find out. having my Master and my Mistress at the same time was absolutely the greatest ever. i was getting double the pleasure & pain today.

it started out about Wednesday last week when Master told the hubby of my Mistress that he thought we could play this weekend. well when he told Mistress that she said let's make up a story about having a bad fight and make slave think we might not be coming. so i was told by her hubby that if she is still mad they would not be making it.

on Saturday Master and i went ahead and got a room at the hotel we said we would meet at and hoped all would work out between them. Master knew they were coming and called and gave them the room number without me knowing it.

Master had me wear my very short white dress & collar into the hotel. two men were behind me as i walk though the lobby to the room. it made me very nervous because my dress is so short and i did not have no panties or bra on. once i was in the room off it came and naked was the dress of the day.

Master had me tied and blinfolded before Mistress came so he could give me a few early swats on my ass with the cane. the maids were cleaning the rooms around us and Master kept going to the door to see where the maids where. he did not want them to hear me getting spanked. on one of the trips to the door he opened it so Mistress & her hubby could sneak in.

so here i am standing naked hands cuffed behind me legs spread wide & tied to the bed with a blindfold and nipple clamps with the weights hanging on my nipples as Master plays with me. all this time they are watching and i don't know it.

Master unhooked my legs from the bottom of the bed and had me get down on my knees and crawl to the sofa that was in the room by pulling on my leash. well what i did not know is the person pulling the leash was my Mistress. when she kissed my lips i went into a very cold sweat & my body felt like i just got out of the shower. i was just so nervous.

it was a surprise for me since i did not know Mistress was going to meet us for sure. but when Mistress got the leash and a whip in her hands she did not waste anytime putting her marks on me. there were times i did not know who was swatting my at my ass. she did really well with the whip & crops taking my breath away many times with her hits.

she also was dressed as a Mistress in a nice leather/chain bra and thong outfit with very high heels. once she removed my blindfold i could see it. she is very beautiful to start with but she was really HOT in that outfit with a crop in one hand and my leash in the other.

she dipped hot wax all over my body from a low temp candle as well. what really got me going is when she held my pussy lips open and dripped it on my clit. oh my gawd her doing that as Master rubbed my nipples with ice cubes at the same time. i can not tell you the joy my brain was having. i can not even count the orgasms i had this day it was so many.

looking at my ass tonight i know they both had a good time with their slave. being in Master's and Mistress' control at the same time did get confusing for me at times. but i loved every minute of it and i had a lot of fun pleasing them both.

at one point her and i just laid on the bed in each others arms it was a very tender time as we kissed and talked. the guys where just watching and taking pics. wow the fun we had together i can't wait till the next time i am on my knees at her feet.

i know there will be more great things to cum for all of us. Master has over 118 pics of this day plus the ones her hubby took. i am looking forward to living my dream again very soon.

i love you both Master and Mistress thank you for letting me serve you.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Assume the Position slave

well the title of this story is not what you think. i know you are waiting to read about how i was spanked and for what. butt not the case this time.

if you follow this blog at all you know it has a link to a blog called "My Bottom Smarts" that Bonnie does a very nice job of writing and it deals with spankings. well she always has a very nice Sunday brunch for her readers. and this past Sunday she ask about sayings that you hear when you are about to be spanked by someone.

my answer was the title of this story. what I want to tell you here is all the things i have assumed the position on or over. a car hood, a tailgate, a truck seat with hands tied to the other side of it, the trunk of my car, a knee, a car seat, a bed, a couch, and sometimes just my own ankles as i bend over and grab them both.

sometimes i am tied down so i will not move around so much. and sometimes i am not. let me tell you i get into more trouble when i am just told to hold my position as my ass is being warmed by Master. moving and reaching back with my hands adds more swats and Master likes to add. i really like it better tied up. i do better that way and don't add to the count.

this weekend should be a very HOT time for my ass and other things as we are hoping to get together with Mistress and her hubby if all works out. i can not sleep at night thinking of what she might do to me or make me do. of course i know Master will be there to enjoy it this time and i can not wait until he gets to see me serve her. he missed our 1st time together. i am getting wet just writing this.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

red thong & red ass

to match it. i am not allowed to wear panties or thongs as you know. but i did have a coupon for a free pair from VS. Master said to go ahead and get them as they were free. i was told i would be wearing them to work today and i must let the boys see them by bending over a lot.

well the boys seen them ok one even ask if it was red panty day today as i turned red and said yes it is. well what i did not know is after work my ass cheeks was going to match my thong.

you see i sometimes turn my cell phone to vibrate and forget that i do it. well guess who calls when i do that? MASTER! and He does not like it when it goes to my voice mail. i missed a total of 4 calls this weekend from Him and He was not amused.

he told me today that my ass would be the color of my thong for missing the calls. i also did not answer a question that was sent via text today. 10 for each missed call and 5 for the text. grand total 45 very hard swats with the leather paddle.

my ass has had a long vacation from the paddle and was not ready at all for 45 very hard ones. i have been on a cane & crop diet for a long while. i begged and pleaded for mercy but did not receive any at all. they came hard and sometimes fast but i took each one with joy and pleasure. because i know it is His ass to do with what he pleases and he would never damage it. much.

i must say after it was over i was glad and it did match my thong. i have also turned over the thong to Master so i will not be allowed it to wear again until he allows it. and i will be turning up that damm phone ringer way up!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

1 week ago today

and i still wear the mark of the Master on my ass cheeks from my cropping. i love to look at my marks and remember how they were placed there. and last Saturday was a lot of fun for me. it puts a smile on face every time i see a mark there.

i know to many it might seem strange that i enjoy my spankings so much. i would have never thought i would let a man do the things my Master has done to me. i guess i have always been a submissive i just needed someone to really bring that side of me out of the closet. i remember watching tv and seeing women tied up and wondered how it would feel to be her. those were just dreams locked away in my mind that i would never let out.

well those are not dreams no more and the lock is used on me. i know how it feels to be restrained, whipped, cropped, spanked or just plain kissed all over. and it is GREATTTTTT like Tony the Tiger would say. i have never had so much fun in the sex department as i am now.

Master did add some redness to ass twice this week. one was punishment for missing a sales order and one was just because my ass was there & bare for him just the way he likes it. i can not speak for others but for me a red ass means a very wet pussy and rock hard nipples.

talking about a wet pussy Master is getting pressure from Mistress to let me cum play with her. he is talking about doing it very soon. i can not wait to tell you that story.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

i hope all of my readers that are mother's and grandmothers like me are having a very happy day today. i am enjoying my mother's day with a very bruised ass and that makes it a great day for me.

Master spent about two hours yesterday working on my ass and other body parts with a flogger and the much hated crop. i was tied up & tied down, i ball gaged and blindfolded. at one point i was laying on my back with my hands tied above my head while Master took the spreader bar that was attached to my ankles and pulled my legs up to my head and tied them to the same rope that held my hands. my bald pussy and naked ass was all his as i laid there in a V shape. my legs high in the sky as he croped my ass and thighs.

i must say i was spread very open for his tounge also to do its thing. he really enjoyed having me be so open to his desires. i really enjoyed serving Master as his slave yesterday. it is two years today since Master and i kissed for the 1st time. little did we know we would have had this much fun together. what a ride it has been for us both. i hope this ride never ends.

on my knees forever.

p.s. pic in profile is bent over tailgate and tied to bed waiting for the cane beside me.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday afternoon

Master and I love to go to the park on Sunday afternoons. It feels good just to relax and enjoy nature for awhile and forget the hectic world we all live in.

I enjoy the walks and quiet time with Master very much. This Sunday we had most of the time alone since there wasn't but a couple of other people there. And they did not stay very long. As always Master took several pics of me in different types of clothing. With no one there I was able to change in the car. Master took advantage of our time alone and had me bend over while he put a few good marks of the cane on my ass.

We had a wonderful time today in the park. I am hoping that we will get more Sundays with the park to ourselves. I'm sure we will but it does not happen as often as we would like it to.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


yes that is what i am and my Master is the one that showed me how to enjoy it. before Master came into my little world i would never dream of going out without my bra and panties on. now i never wear my bra on weekends and when told not even to work. i own no panties as you know.

sunday was a beautiful day here and Master and i stopped by our quite little park for our walk. well as it turned out it was not so quite as there were some guys working on the parking lot this day. Master and I sat in the truck and watched them for a while as he played with me. then he said lets take a walk. now i am dressed in a very loose short skirt and white blouse that Master had unbuttoned down past my tits along with my collar that says slave on it.

as we get out of the the truck one of guys stares at me. Master takes my hand and said come on and we walk right past them as they look me over. i was very nervous and was holding Master's body very close to mine hoping i would not be seen.

as we walked i could feel there eyes all over my body. we would stop and sit for a while kiss and play with each other then move on. the more we did with each other the more turned on i got. when we returned to the truck we sat on the tailgate and watched the workers work. then Master had me stand up and bend over his knee as he swatted my ass with his hand as we watched the guys.

during one of the swats one of the guys turned and looked over at us i think he heard it. i was getting more turned on with every swat. Master then had me stand up and he unbuttoned my shirt all the way to show my naked breasts. i know for sure the one guy had to have seen them as he had walked over and was getting out some tools from his truck. he looked over at us and there i stood with my shirt wide open tits to the world.

my pussy was soaked by now and i could not get enough of my Master. i even bent down and tried to suck on him for a while but he would not allow me to pleasure him right then. the crew moved to where they could see us better behind our truck and Master raised my skirt and spanked my ass a time or two while kissing me deep as they watched. i just wanted to rape him so bad as they watched.

i told him how wet i was and told him to stick his finger in me and feel it. so he did as the guys watched and tried to work. i was so hot i though i would melt right there in the parking lot. i would have never though i would get so turned on by showing my body off to strange men but damm it felt good.

i never enjoyed going to Dr for the once a year check up either. but this year i did after Master worked me all up to be just BPP. even the Dr said i very easy and he wished all of his patients were as easy. for the very 1st time in my life i enjoyed spreading my legs for him.

Master has changed this slave way of thinking about her body. for the good.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


well it is that time of year again. the time for me to go see the Doctor for my annual peek inside. you girls know what i mean. i just hate being on that table with him and his nurse looking at me.

last year it was really bad for me because it was the very first time for me to go in completely shaved smooth. i had ask Master if i could let my hair grow back about a week before my appointment and laughed at me. he said there would be no way for it grow back in a week. and besides it is in my slave contract i signed to be shaved at ALL times. he said don't worry about it your not the first shaved woman he has ever seen. easy for him to say he's not the one laying on the table all exposed.

i did my best to try to hide it by keeping my legs closed and staying way up on the table but Dr said to move up closer to him and open a little wider please. so there was no hiding my smoothness. my face was as red as it could be. i could just feel the redness. well that was last year.

after a another year of being bald and Master telling me how beautiful i am and seeing others shaved i am more relaxed about it this time. but i still hate going. Master has been telling me to be BPP that stands for Bald Pussy Proud and not to be so worried about it.

he said just pretend that he is the Dr and to spread those legs wide open for him and be BPP. well i am not sure if i will be so BPP when i am really laying on that table but i do know i won't be as shy this year as i was last year. i will be hearing my Master's voice telling me to spread them wide as told and be BPP.

Master was thinking maybe he should start a BPP fan club with shirts and flags and other items with my picture on them. i told him he is nuts and crazy but i guess thats why i love him so much. i wonder is there any of readers BPP? please leave us a comment if your are.

p.s. yes i did get my much needed spankings last week one with the crop and one with my hair brush. my ass was very tender and they hurt as Master did not show me no mercy.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

i need it bad

yes it has been a long time between posts for my readers and i am sure you are thinking i forgot about my blog. well if you think it has been a long time for you between posts then think about me not being spanked. it has been way too long.

Master made it back from his long trip and picked up his new pickup truck all about the same time. a Master with a new truck and with our spring projects it does not leave much time for a slaves ass to be spanked. yes we have had some great wild sex since his return, but he has just been to busy and tired to give me the spanking he said i deserve.

i was told that i will be getting a very nice hard one when i do get it as i was a bad slave while he was gone. i think i told you that i have been talking to a old co-worker/friend about my new s&m lifestyle. Master has even sent pictures of me to him. naked, spanked and in very tight bondage. while Master was out of town he called and said he would be in my area on Sunday and wanted to know if we could have a drink together. i said sure i would love to.

so we did and i told him how happy i was and all about the things i have done to serve my Master. he loved every story i told him about me being the slave/slut i am. we had a great time just talking about old times and new and how he wish he had knew about how kinky i could be back back then. maybe he could have been my Master today.

i told him it just takes the right person and my Master is that person. i could not and would not do a lot of what i have done without this man. he knows me better then i know myself and he can bring out the slave/slut in me like no one ever has before.

when i told my Master about my fun afternoon and the drinks with a my old friend he ask if i had ask permission to see another man while he was out? i said no, and he said your ass will suffer slave! i hope you had a great time.

so far my ass is very white and very tender as it has not been beat red in a very long time. i think it might be part of my punishment. when it has been a while between spankings it hurts very much more when i do get one.

he did make me go to work all of last week without my bra. so my nipples were in plain view for all to see and so were my naked breasts if looked in between the button holes. so i have served him in some ways but damm it I NEED A SPANKING BAD. every crave something?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

a long long week

It has been a long week with Master out of town all week on business. I really hate times like this. But I am very happy to say that he is on his back now and I am very excited to see him again. I would much rather have hard swats on my ass every day than to be without my Master. Now that a week has gone by since my last spanking I know that my ass is very tender and will be in much pain soon. But that's okay because Master knows that I enjoy pain very much and it gets very hot and wet. WOW!!!! I wish he was here now to get me all hot and wet.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

ginger and i

well i guess you could say i brought this one on myself. last weekend i was at the store walking around looking and i came upon some ginger root. well Master and i had talked about figging one time when a reader ask if we ever done it. we did not even know what that was but with the internet we read all about it.

so being horny that day i thought i would go for it and bought two pieces to take to Master. when i showed him my purchase he smiled and said so you think you can take all that heat. he was talking about inside and out because i was to be cropped at the same time. i smiled and said i hope so.

so on Tuesday he told me to peel a piece of it and bring it to him as i was well over due for a good spanking anyway. i did as i was told and as i peeled it i was asking myself why would i want to do this to myself.

i brought over a nice peeled piece to Master and he worked on giving it a nice shape peeling it some more. then he put on my toy from Mistress the one that cuffs around my neck and goes down the back with two cuffs on it for my hands. then i was laid down on my belly my hands cuffed behind me. Master then pushed the ginger root inside of my bottom. once that was done he went to work swinging that crop at my naked ass cheeks.

at first the ginger did not feel so bad then it started. the heat and the pain in my ass and on my ass WOW how many different sensations for my little brain. i was not sure i was going to get though this without yelling out my safe word.

Master was really putting some zing on that crop and he made sure ginger did not slip out by pushing it back in deeper. he could tell i was having a hard time with the pain by the way hands were clinched so tight and my begging for mercy. i can not tell how many swats i got but my ass was cherry red on the outside and felt the same way on the inside.

Master stopped with crop for a while and just played with the root pushing in and taking it out. he then removed it for good after it had been in my ass for about 45 mins. then he uncuffed my arms and held me tight in his arms telling me how proud he was of his slave for taking the punishment without using her safe word. Master likes to test his slave sometimes on this and this was one of those times. i passed again.

after it was all over and looking back on it i really did enjoy it. just a another great time together trying new things in life. just waiting for the next time i need a good ass warming.

Friday, March 24, 2006


well i have had to wear my thongs to work all week and i was ordered to wear both of them together today. i only have two pair to wear anyway as you know i am not allowed to own or wear panties.

Master was given all of panties a long time ago but he did allow me to keep two pair of thongs that do not cover much. well i was told to wear a pair to work on Monday of this week and Master would let me know when to take them off. i forgot that part about taking them off.

i love to get out of my clothes ASAP after work and Monday was no different. Master saw that i removed my thong without being told to and my punishment was to wear a thong all week.

last night he said it will be 2 thong Friday meaning i will wear the only two i have at the same time. it was crazy to go from none to one then two pair of panties. i really hope i can get back to none this week as that is what i enjoy the most now. funny how i enjoy being without underware now that Master has made me go without for so long.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

new toy again

well my Mistress has added yet another toy to Master's toy box. her hubby gave it to Master yesterday without me knowing a thing about it. i think Master is going to have fun trying this out on me. i am not sure though.

i will let you all know how it goes but i think Master needs to work with it some first. he is pretty wild with the aim right now. the Mistress is always thinking of ways to help Master keep me in line. i can not wait to see what she does with me when Master hands her my leash and tells me i am to serve her now.

i know it won't be long before it happens as Master has said it will be soon. i never thought in my life i would be serving as a slave to anyone let alone two people. what fun i have had so far in my new adventure into s&m. i am just the lady next door to rest of world. to my Master i am the slut i always wanted to be. life is so much more fun when you try new things.

P.S. thank you very much for all of my toys Mistress. i can not wait until i am thanking you in person as you use them on me.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

pic removed

well if you are looking for my pic with the tittie toys you are to late. Master has removed it. he said he will post more photos now and then for my fans to see but will remove them after a short while. he does not want to make this a porn site for the kids to look at. he said my blog is a place to tell my stories of my service to him as a slave not a porn site for the kids to visit all the time.

as you know Master enjoys me being in public places with little clothing on and being punished. well Sunday was just another day of fun doing just that. me in my very short white dress bent over being caned on my naked ass. i also had to wear the tittie toys for a few pics in the park.

he placed the toys on my lips also and not the ones on my face. then had me walk around to watch them swing under my dress for a while. he is always making me do things i never in my life thought i would or could do in front of any man or person. but he has a way to make me do it and enjoy it and cum back for more.

would love to post the pics from that day but Master said no. sorry fans. i think we are over the 400 mark on the pics. i know some women are lucky if there man even has a picture of her let alone over 400 in a naked or bondage state. i never had a nude picture taken of me before Master came along. it is great fun to look back at all our fun we have together.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

tittie toys

last Sunday Master and i were not the only ones to go shopping at the sex store. Mistress J and her hubby also went shopping for some new toys for there toy box. she also bought one for me.

on Monday at work Master was given a note to pass along to me from Mistress it told me what i was to do with my toy and to send back the pics of me doing to Mistress. the toy was given to Master and that night her gave it to me. opened up the very nice wrapped package only to find a pair of nipple clamps with weights attached to them.

Master then attached them to my very hard nipples the pain shoots right to my pussy and sets it flowing in wettness. they felt very good pulling on my very hard nipples as Master went to get his camera.

i can not wait until i can get the chance to thank Mistress for my new toy in person on my kness at her feet wearing my clamps for her in person. it makes me wet just writing about it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

earned my stripes

today Master and i went shopping to the s&m store to buy a new collar for me. Master really liked seeing me dressed in my short black skirt, black thigh highs with heels and my shirt unbuttoned only halfway. of course Master did not allow a bra or panties of which i don't have anyway since Master has taken care of that for me.
this was my first time at this s&m store so i was a little nervous at first. but not for long because Master found "THE CANE". he talked about getting one for awhile now and when he seen it he just could not resist. he had me bend over right there in the store and try it on my naked ass. after the trying the cane on my ass it was in my hands for one of our purchases.
then Master had me try on several collars. this was our main reason for going here since the one i have is very worn. most of them were too bulky for my neck but we did buy two new ones. one is a dressy collar ( that really looks and feels great on my neck). the other one is black leather with the word "SLAVE" on it. now when i wear this everyone will know that i am Master's slave.
after leaving the s&m store Master could not wait to try the cane on my ass. we drove to a fairly vacant area and he had me bend over with my naked ass facing the cane. i must say that i got very aquainted with the cane today. it is now several hours later and i still have several marks on my ass from our new toy "THE CANE". i love it and am looking forward to my next set stripes.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

wall of pain

these have all touched my ass in a very special way

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

a new side

my Master told me this morning that i would suffer great punishment tonight for missing two of his cell phone calls last night. i was to be cropped hard and it was to be all on my front side since the front was a lot more tender than my back side. he thinks my ass is to tuff since the brush broke. to make matters worse i missed another call during the day from him. now i knew that there was no sweet talking my Master. i would just have to lay there and take it like the good slave i am.

well the time finally came for my punishment. Master had my arms cuffed behind my back and my legs were spread wide. of all the whips that my Master has the crop is the most painful of all. that must be why Master chooses to use it the most. i could not even count each swat of the crop because my body squinted with pain each time the crop hit my skin.

when my punishment was over---which seemed like hours but actually it was only a few minutes--- my body was on fire. but Master did kiss some of the hurt away as he always does. as i look at myself now i am seeing some very beautiful marks from the crop. Master knows that i love to see his marks on me because i know that the pain will bring me much pleasure later.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

our new toy

My new pain toy.

Mistress J

well i know there are lots of folks that read my blog but i did not know that someone reads it that knows me. she knows me really better then the rest. her and i have made love once in the back of a limo while her husband took photos of us. if you follow my blog then you know the story and the beautiful woman i am talking about. she is my Mistress J.

Mistress has not seen me in as a slave to Master yet. i know that Master has told me some of the things he will make me do in front of her and to my Mistress but we have not yet had a chance to get together with them and make it happen yet. i know that when i get to thinking about serving the three of them my pussy is soaked.

she has only seen pictures of me serving Master and heard stories of it. now they are reading about my life as a slave right here. that makes me wet to know my co-worker and his wife are reading about my life as a slave. her hubby is a smart guy to find my blog.

i hope everyone enjoys reading about the things Master and i do together but i really hope she enjoys reading just how submissive i really am. what you read on this blog has really happened to me and i try to show the pics to go along with what happens.

Master does the picture postings here and there are over 350+ of me in a naked or bondage state. Master does not like to have a lot of my pics posted here because there is no control of who may see them (kids) he does post some on a adult web site now and then.

enough about the pics i am really glad to know Mistress J is reading this and i can not wait till i am on my knees at her mercy serving her with Master and her hubby e watching and filming me. i love my new world of sexual fun i never thought this would happen in my lifetime.

just tonight i was tied to the whipping post and flogged with Master's new toy. he worked on Saturday for a while then he slipped off to the s&m store without me and picked up a new cat. damm it felt good on my naked ass as it has been a while since he put a little color back there for me.

last time he did it he used my hairbrush and i hate that damm brush as it hurts. well funny thing is the brush was cracked in half when he was done. he broke my brush on my ass and he said i must have a tough ass to do that. did i tell you he is also very funny also?