Saturday, December 02, 2006

very cold

Master called me yesterday on my way home from work and ask what i had planed for the night being He is out of town. i said nothing just relaxing and staying warm as it was going down in the 30's here. i am not a big fan of the cold and Master knows it. i really hate it cold, give me the heat.

well Master always has me do things on my own when he is away. like i have kneeled naked for 30 mins in front of the mirror with my slave hood and collar on and told to stare at the hair on my pussy this week. oh yea and with my butt plug in also. Thursday night i was to stand naked in front of it with my legs spread wide and hands on top of head and look at my whole body and think of new ways to pleasure Master with it.

well last night there was no mirror time but i was told to go outside naked with only my collar and filp flops on. at 9:30 pm i was to go outside and stand with my legs apart & hands on my head for 10 mins then text Master and ask for permission to come inside. well being i am a well trained slave (i think) i did as i was told. damm was it COLD! i thought i would freeze to death before my 10 mins was up. i shook like a leaf in a hurricane. i was so cold that a hour later in a heated bed i was still froze.

Master texted me after i was allowed to come back in and ask me why i did it. He said i could just have refused and taken the punishment instead. well as any good slave knows you never refuse a Master's order no matter how much you hate it, and i really hated this one.

Master has made me do things i never thought i would or could but i did them for Him and most times i was very happy i did. i have had more fun in the 2-1/2 years with Him then i have had my whole life.

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Anonymous said...

I've been put outside naked for about 20 seconds in December in the Northern US. That was enough, I think health comes first - I have to care for the baby and the animals and all.

I like to push my limits too, though.