Saturday, December 30, 2006

shave date

Master has moved my shave date out to May 15 th. i should be in full bush by then He said. Not sure what a full bush looks like as it has been very long time since i had one. i always trimmed it up some for as long as i can remember.

however there is no triming or shaving at all allowed near the bush now. i did not like it in the begining but it is growing on me, ha ha. i am made to stare at it in the mirror while i am on my knees worshipping my Master. i do anywhere from 10 to 30 mins at a time when told to go look at my hairy cunt.

Master enjoys having me on my knees for Him. that is where slaves belong. He also likes me to enjoy my nakedness by staring at it in a mirror while kneeling for Him. i must also tell Him what parts i liked the best after i stare at it each time. i must agree i enjoy my naked body more now then i ever have with Master's help.

i must go kneel now and enjoy wetness as i finger my hairy cunt for Him this time.

1 comment:

HoldMyHead said...

Push the date out to January 1st, 2008!