Sunday, December 03, 2006

good news bad news

well the good news is Master is back the bad news is my pussy will not be waxed or shaved until Jan. 1, 2007. Master has seen what a weeks growth looks like and He likes what He sees. i hate it and think i look dirty with it.

He took a lot of photos of it and He also enjoyed some pussy pie. i did like that as it has been a long week without Him. now he wants to see me in full bush as he has never seen me with hair there. when we started playing together He told me he liked shaved pussy. well i went home that day and shaved mine smooth so He would have a bare pussy if He ever got to see it. well he seen it two weeks later in a hotel room when he slid my panties down my legs for the 1st time.

wow how things have changed for me. now i never wear panties unless told to and i am growing back the hair i once always had. before Master i would only trim it never shave it bald. Master said change is a good thing and this will be something different for us both. the good news is He does perfer a bald pussy so i am hoping He will let me go bald before 01/01/07.

oh yea and Master wanted me to share my embarrassment with you by posting my picture of my hairy tagged pussy. yes i do wear the tag doing the day i only remove it to sleep. it hangs from the Mark of the Master.


a fan said...

Hi great picture I have been hoping to see your tagbeing worn. & I don't think you look dirty. Hoping to see many more pictures (all kinds of poses) Keep up the great blog entries I check them regularly.

a fan said...

also I love the new picture at top of pagein the "samsonite" pose

Anonymous said...

kk, I also like the new profile picture. As Master said, change is good, so hair down there will bring new feelings (good or bad) and obediance. You're beautiful!

kk said...

well i am glad that you like my pics. Master will be posting a new pussy pic at weeks end.

He will be taking pics each week as my bush grows back.

thanks for taking the time to look in on us and leaving your comments. it means a lot to both of us to know someone enjoys what we do together.

Anonymous said...

i completely understand you when you do the things your Master tells you to as you are an obedient slave. i do too, even if i fail, i still try with all my heart to accomplish my task.