Thursday, March 29, 2007


is it really humiliation if you enjoy it? mmft has a very good post on her blog about humiliation. if i was as smart as her i would have a link (here) to her blog in this post, but i am not that smart. you can find the link on the left under blogs we enjoy reading.

this past weekend Master exposed me to some guys doing landscape work at a library. i was in my short denim skirt and white blouse and no underware as you well know. the guys were watching us anyway being i was dressed like a slut to begin with but Master added His special touch to our show.

His special touch was to raise my skirt up and finger my very hairy wet cunt while we kissed in the parking lot. i could see the guys looking our way over Master's shoulder and laugh as they watched. i could not believe i was being fingered in front of strange men but if felt damm good.

i just melt when Master plays with my cunt but this just added more wetness to my already soaked cunt. we did not play long but they got a eye full of one hairy bush with a finger going in and out of it.

Master also opened up my blouse and played with my very hard nipples. He stood in front of me as He did it. they could tell my blouse was open but could not see my tits. Master did step away once but they were not looking our way.

oh what a rush it was for me but at the same time i was very embarrassed & humiliated to be showing off like this to them. i would never have let anyone do this to me before Master came along.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

hair still there

yes Master did scare slave but He did not shave my head. He had me bound and blindfolded & i could not have stopped it if He would have. as i stood there in my bonds He walked up to me grabbed me by the hair pulled my head back and turned on the clippers. i knew the sound well and i screamed Master no please!

He laughed and said oh yes slave as i felt the clippers rest on the skin of my forehead. i begged and tried to pull away from Him but His big hand held my head still with a hand full of my hair. i just knew i was going to be a bald headed slave soon. He ran the clippers over my head as i started to cry.

then i thought they did not feel like they were cutting as they ran over my head. i was right, He left the guard on the blade. WOW! that was a close one. He did enjoy hearing me beg for my hair. i just wish he would have used it on my pussy instead without the guard.

He already has Mistress lined up to help Him with that project in May. Mistress and cam man will assist Master in waxing me bare. i will be tied spread eagle and must keep my puppy bone in my mouth as they pull out all of my pubic hair. the bone will give me something to bite down on and keep me from screaming out loud. i can't wait for this day to cum.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

a fyi

photos will be deleted from here as Master sees fit. i have no control of what He puts up or takes down. He controls the pictures and He also approves of what i post as well. i write it, save it as a draft, He looks it over & approves it or not and then i post it. He adds the pictures but i can not refuse to post them.

sometimes He will post a picture and tell me write the story to go with it as He did today. so if you are missing a picture you liked this is why.

a lone chain waits

yes a hanging lone chain waits on a post for a slave to be attached. it did not wait long as this slave was attached to it.

hands and arms stretched high above my head & breasts very exposed. legs being attached to a spreader bar i now wait with the hanging chain to complete the picture.

the picture of a slave chained to a whipping post. what a beautiful sight Master said a naked slave in heels chained to a post, her body at His mercy.

i love to be here as i feel this is where i belong. i love to be chained and restrained as i enjoy what comes next as much or more than Master does. i love the feel of the crop, the cane and the flogger against my naked skin. it brings me alive like a piece of chocolate might do to others. momma always said life is like a box of chocolates. mine is just a dark chocolate.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

fun to cum & hnt

well i know it has been a while since i have posted. it has been just crazy busy at work for me and i am just drained when i get home. besides Master and i have not done much to write about.
i still kneel for Him every morning only now i have the bone in my mouth as kneel with naked ass high in the air and face on the floor. puppy and bone get along very well now. i enjoy it much better than a ball gag. i have only dropped it once and that was at the park. got the crop for that mistake.

Master has a big day planned for me this weekend. we are going to have one of our get away play days. i have been told that i will be going to the ice machine in a see thru black robe with heels & collar to get things started off. my pussy is soaked just thinking about doing that. i know i will be a nervous nellie doing it but a very wet one.
after the ice is in the room i am sure the dress code of the day is bare ass naked for me as i am to be used. i need this day bad and can not wait to feel the pain of the cane, the sting of the crop and the hot feel of a fresh ginger root in my ass. yes i have been told to stop and get a ginger root.

He has also told me that it is shave day but not for my hairy pussy, my f*cking head. i really hope He is playing with my mind on this and not serious. i would die if He did that. i am no hollywood star and have no plans on being one. i know once i am bound i will have no way to stop him but i am sure He would not enjoy me being bald. oh well if i am bald it will be just another sign of His ownership of me.
p.s. that is a old pic of my bald pussy days. can't wait for May to get here.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

puppy & bone

yes this puppy enjoys her bone very much. it was used on me again the other night on the way home from work. Master had me lick it and than place it inside my cunt. i was to move it in and out as i drove home.

of course He had me all warmed up first before i put it in with a nice spanked ass. the bone was used as my gag for my 35 swats with a leather paddle. what a nice ride home i had with a warm ass and wet pussy with a bone in it. Master loves to keep me wet & warm.

the pic is me with my bone being walked at the park. the hood is just to cover my face for posting. i do not walk with the hood on. i do walk with bone in place and leash on.