Thursday, March 15, 2007

fun to cum & hnt

well i know it has been a while since i have posted. it has been just crazy busy at work for me and i am just drained when i get home. besides Master and i have not done much to write about.
i still kneel for Him every morning only now i have the bone in my mouth as kneel with naked ass high in the air and face on the floor. puppy and bone get along very well now. i enjoy it much better than a ball gag. i have only dropped it once and that was at the park. got the crop for that mistake.

Master has a big day planned for me this weekend. we are going to have one of our get away play days. i have been told that i will be going to the ice machine in a see thru black robe with heels & collar to get things started off. my pussy is soaked just thinking about doing that. i know i will be a nervous nellie doing it but a very wet one.
after the ice is in the room i am sure the dress code of the day is bare ass naked for me as i am to be used. i need this day bad and can not wait to feel the pain of the cane, the sting of the crop and the hot feel of a fresh ginger root in my ass. yes i have been told to stop and get a ginger root.

He has also told me that it is shave day but not for my hairy pussy, my f*cking head. i really hope He is playing with my mind on this and not serious. i would die if He did that. i am no hollywood star and have no plans on being one. i know once i am bound i will have no way to stop him but i am sure He would not enjoy me being bald. oh well if i am bald it will be just another sign of His ownership of me.
p.s. that is a old pic of my bald pussy days. can't wait for May to get here.


Sheen V said...

So that's not you in the picture? Lovely anyway.

kk said...


yes dear it is my pussy before the order not to shave it.

that is also Master's mark that i wear in my pierced hood at all times. i only wear the lock now & then.


Sheen V said...

Ah, now I understand. My pubic hair is getting pretty long, too - I can part it down the middle, lol!