Saturday, March 24, 2007

hair still there

yes Master did scare slave but He did not shave my head. He had me bound and blindfolded & i could not have stopped it if He would have. as i stood there in my bonds He walked up to me grabbed me by the hair pulled my head back and turned on the clippers. i knew the sound well and i screamed Master no please!

He laughed and said oh yes slave as i felt the clippers rest on the skin of my forehead. i begged and tried to pull away from Him but His big hand held my head still with a hand full of my hair. i just knew i was going to be a bald headed slave soon. He ran the clippers over my head as i started to cry.

then i thought they did not feel like they were cutting as they ran over my head. i was right, He left the guard on the blade. WOW! that was a close one. He did enjoy hearing me beg for my hair. i just wish he would have used it on my pussy instead without the guard.

He already has Mistress lined up to help Him with that project in May. Mistress and cam man will assist Master in waxing me bare. i will be tied spread eagle and must keep my puppy bone in my mouth as they pull out all of my pubic hair. the bone will give me something to bite down on and keep me from screaming out loud. i can't wait for this day to cum.

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Miss Kim said...

Mistress decided to shave my now dyed curls into a pretty short bob. You should tell Master about this change as it appears to be common. I think the submissive head shaving is becoming more popular, but not everyone can pull it off.