Sunday, March 18, 2007

a lone chain waits

yes a hanging lone chain waits on a post for a slave to be attached. it did not wait long as this slave was attached to it.

hands and arms stretched high above my head & breasts very exposed. legs being attached to a spreader bar i now wait with the hanging chain to complete the picture.

the picture of a slave chained to a whipping post. what a beautiful sight Master said a naked slave in heels chained to a post, her body at His mercy.

i love to be here as i feel this is where i belong. i love to be chained and restrained as i enjoy what comes next as much or more than Master does. i love the feel of the crop, the cane and the flogger against my naked skin. it brings me alive like a piece of chocolate might do to others. momma always said life is like a box of chocolates. mine is just a dark chocolate.


Sheen V said...

Dark chocolate is *the* best!

DL's toy said...

Me too!

Dark chocolate and feel that is where i belong.

An ecstatic "Me too!!!!"