Sunday, March 18, 2007

a fyi

photos will be deleted from here as Master sees fit. i have no control of what He puts up or takes down. He controls the pictures and He also approves of what i post as well. i write it, save it as a draft, He looks it over & approves it or not and then i post it. He adds the pictures but i can not refuse to post them.

sometimes He will post a picture and tell me write the story to go with it as He did today. so if you are missing a picture you liked this is why.


Sheen V said...

Hopefully Mater will post a picture of your legs in heels with them spread with the spreader bar! I can only hope. I'm still letting most of my pubic hair grow, perhapse I can send a picture later this week.

DL's toy said...

Interesting. Sounds like your Owner is taking a little more control of the blog. i like the way that sounds... so familiar *s*