Thursday, March 29, 2007


is it really humiliation if you enjoy it? mmft has a very good post on her blog about humiliation. if i was as smart as her i would have a link (here) to her blog in this post, but i am not that smart. you can find the link on the left under blogs we enjoy reading.

this past weekend Master exposed me to some guys doing landscape work at a library. i was in my short denim skirt and white blouse and no underware as you well know. the guys were watching us anyway being i was dressed like a slut to begin with but Master added His special touch to our show.

His special touch was to raise my skirt up and finger my very hairy wet cunt while we kissed in the parking lot. i could see the guys looking our way over Master's shoulder and laugh as they watched. i could not believe i was being fingered in front of strange men but if felt damm good.

i just melt when Master plays with my cunt but this just added more wetness to my already soaked cunt. we did not play long but they got a eye full of one hairy bush with a finger going in and out of it.

Master also opened up my blouse and played with my very hard nipples. He stood in front of me as He did it. they could tell my blouse was open but could not see my tits. Master did step away once but they were not looking our way.

oh what a rush it was for me but at the same time i was very embarrassed & humiliated to be showing off like this to them. i would never have let anyone do this to me before Master came along.


Anonymous said...

Your writing always turns me on. the experiences you have are incredible. What a lucky slave you are! would you mind if I added your link to my page? I would like to continue reading you. Take care


kk said...


thank you very much for your kind comment. i am glad you enjoy what we do. feel free to link it on your blog.

i am also going to link yours on mine if that is ok? if not just say the word and i will remove it.