Sunday, April 01, 2007

strip club

last night Master took me to a strip club for the 1st time in my life. we sat down next to the stage and watched the girls dance. He would give me dollar bills and tell me to tip the ladies. i was very embarrassed to have to do this as the girls danced in front of me. the guys would hoot and holler everytime i stood up.

one of the ladies came and sat down with us and talked to Master for a while. than she got up and did a table dance for me. oh this had the place going crazy watching her move in front of me. when she was done she sat down and ask me if i would like to give her a table dance i said no way.

it was getting close to closing time and i had more than one or two drinks. the girl that was sitting with us got up and left the table. when she came back she had a leash in her hand. she clipped it on my collar that i was wearing and pulled me up to my feet and started pulling me backstage. there was a loud roar from the guys as i looked back at Master He just smiled.

backstage i was stripped of my clothes by several of the girls. next they dressed me in some very sheer materials & heels than my hands were cuffed behind my back and blindfolded. i was than pulled along by my leash and as the music ended i heard the dj say next up is Mistress anne and her slave kk. i wanted to die. i was just shaking with fear as i was pulled out onto stage by my leash i heard the crowd roar.

i was pulled around the stage and stopped i guessed in the middle of it. next someone behind mee pushed my head down telling me to bend over. a crop hit my ass as the crowd yelled for more. not sure how many i got but it was more than i wanted standing on a stage. the music stopped as did the crop. i was pulled back up by my hair and i heard anne say over the sound system now slave will you dance and strip for us now. i felt the mic at my lips as i said yes Mistress. the crowd went wild and my pussy was soaked.

the music started again as i was uncuffed and the blindfold removed i started to dance to the music. there was not much to take off before i was dancing naked before all the guys & Master. dollar bills came from everyone as moved my naked ass.

oh yes just another dream cum true.

p.s. you do know what today is? ;)


Anonymous said...

And you thought of this all by youreself??????? ;-)

A far away reader that enjoyed youre joke ;-p

Anonymous said...

loved it ... i was actually made to participate in an Amateur Stripper Contest by my Master. i am in my 40's and all of the girls were in their 20's and were actually going for the job... i got 13th place out of 25 of the girls... so i guess i didn't do THAT bad. Very weird being totally naked on the stage as i am ALL pierced pussy, tits, navel... i thought it would be a turn off but i guess it is a turn on, right? xoxo


kk said...

well let us just say this is something i hope i do someday with Master.
i know it will happen as we have talked about doing it, i just don't know when.

glad you enjoyed our joke.


DL's toy said...

Yeah, cunt is hot!!!

i'd love to go to both of your shows!!! HOT!


i would not actually like to do this though. Just watch you all...

Anonymous said...

a very very good read....even though I am late doing it! lol Would indeed make for a GREAT night!!!!