Saturday, October 31, 2009

ideas needed

i have a project to do for my Master and no ideas for it. my project is to come up with some new ways to show off my nakedness in public. Master is always the one to come up with ways to do this and He does a great job of it. now He wants me to come up with 10 new ones for Him on my own.

He said it is time for me to do some of the thinking for once. i don't think well sometimes so i need your help with this. below is a list of things we have already done and i am not to repeat them on my list.

  • my shirt wide open in parking lot as Master rubs my naked tits in front of people leaving
  • wearing only a wife beater t shirt with large arm holes into major hardware/lumber store
  • tied down naked & blindfolded in back of His suv and drove around
  • stripped naked outside of hotel room door before allowed in
  • stand naked in a window of hotel room with hood on
  • sit with blouse unbuttoned or open in restaurants
  • wear very short dresses & skirts into stores shopping and show Master my bald cunt
  • wear just a coat shopping and show Master my naked body
  • walk naked at the park
  • drive home naked in car
  • ride with my pants down at all times in Master's pickup
  • get ice @ hotel in a see thru robe
  • wear thin skin tight white top & shorts into adult stores
  • show off new thong panties to Master in parking lot as i walk all around car in just a thong
  • (no panties owned by slave now, above was in the beginning of ownership)

yes i have done all of the above with Master and loved it. you can read all about the above somewhere here on this blog i am sure. now i need to come up with some new ones to do for us to do. let me know if you have any ideas for us to try.

and no i will not stand on the courthouse steps naked as i do not want to be arrested. we are very careful when and where we do these things. i am not the hooker on the street showing my ass to everyone going by. i am just a whore showing my Master and if you catch me oh well, hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

hair or no hair poll

the other day on the radio a dj had a contest where a guy would ask three women questions and try to guess if she had hair or no hair down there by how they answered him. well he lost the contest as he guessed hair on the 1st two and they where bare. two out of three bare there.

you already know my answer. now the question is what is yours? guys and girls please take a minute and answer the poll to the right. and if you have time leave a comment about why you like what have there.

so what do think more folks with hair or more with no hair?

oh and yes Master has been a smoothie for over 10 years.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

body weight

what woman do you know that is happy with her weight? no matter what it is! i am not very happy at all with mine and that made for a very bad week for me last week. it all started last Sunday as that is my weigh in day. i must report in my weight to Master via email so He has a record of it.

it was a normal Sunday until Master told me to step up on the scale in front of Him so He could check my numbers. He said it better be within two pounds of what i had been reporting to Him. well i knew it was not within that range, as i had been cheating some on my number to Him.

i begged Him like i never have before not to step on that scale in front of Him. i had big tears in my eyes as i broke down in front of Him. He said slave do you have something to tell me? i had no choice but to say yes Master as He ask over and over.

with tears running down my face like a river i told Him the real number. it was seven pounds more than my email reports i had been sending to Him. He hugged me tight as He ask. He than told me to put my hands behind my back as He wrapped a nylon dog leash around them both and then pulled it down and up between my legs pulling it up tight into my ass & cunt.

i was then told to get down on my knees as He held it tight up in my cunt and tell Him how very sorry i was for not giving Him the correct information. i was to NEVER to that again! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? i said yes Master with the biggest tears rolling down my face.

i was pulled up to my feet by the leash and walked around for a while as He told me how much He loved and cared about me. He loves my body no what my number says and i will love it as much when He is done with my training. and i will step on that scale without fail in front of Him. for now He will just take my word for it.

i was drove to the lowest point i have ever been with Him by this. i now stand naked in front of a mirror every morning with my hands on my head looking at the body He loves so much as i chant over and over: (i am His beautiful naked ass slave) i stare at the body parts that i am told to that morning. today it was my tits and tomorrow it will be my spread wide open pussy.

this is my second week in front of the mirror naked for worship time. i do accept my body just not the number it has, but i will just for HIM!

oh yea i have been spanked and other things since that day for i am His naked ass slave. more to cum.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

the nail salon

last Saturday i had a appointment with my regular girl to have my nails painted as i am required to. Master told me weeks before about how He would call me while i was there and what i was to say.

well as i sat there in the chair with my girl at my feet working away on them my phone rang with Master's call. there were not a lot of people in the shop like most Saturday's so it was real quite in there this day.

i answered hello Master and said yes your slave is getting her nails painted as you require. as we talked on i said yes Master three or four more times. and before i hung up i said yes Master, slave will be ready to serve you tonight at 6.

now my girl just kept working away on my feet as i talked. and there was another customer sitting just two chairs down from me and i know she overheard me. i was not allowed to whisper and talked in a normal voice.

once i hung up my girl looks up at me and said that is so cute when you call Him Master. i smiled back at her and said yes my Master is great. now i am not really sure if she knows what Master really means or not, but the way she smiles when talking about Him makes me think she does.
now i am sure the other customer knew as she shook her head no when i said yes slave will be ready to serve you at 6.

Master ask me later how i felt sitting there calling Him Master and myself slave in front of others? i said it felt great and i felt very proud. He said next time i am to wear my collar in there. i said yes Master. i have no problem wearing it as i have wore it many times in public places. i am very proud to wear His collar and enjoy being seen in it. i am after all His owned slave.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

the answer

thanks to all of my friends that took the time to post a guess at my 2642 question. they were all good guesses. it took me over a day myself to cum up with the correct answer when Master ask me.

well the correct answer is 2642 pictures of me naked in bondage or naked in public, naked on my knees, naked bent over, naked in the car, naked in a truck, naked being whipped or just plain naked. yes that right not the pictures most people would have that many of. it is fun to look back at all we have done together.

i can tell you that Master has more pictures of me than anyone alive. the funny thing is they are pictures that i can not show to most people. and He has some great ones of me too. oh yes i have shown a few to some of my friends that i trust and they loved them, but none of my family has seen any and won't.

you the readers of this blog have seen more of them than my family will unless they read my blog. and if you know where else i hang out you have seen a lot more of them.

i guess you could say Master is crazy about me in the nude. He will even eat off of my naked body. i have never had no one love my naked body as much as He does, that is for sure. and yes as sit here writing this post i am naked and i love it! i think i am a nudist now.

so just how many pictures does someone have of you in the nude? how many of your friends have seen nude pictures of you? six of my friends have seen mine. and yes i did get my nails done this past week by my girl. so stay tuned for that story.