Tuesday, October 20, 2009

body weight

what woman do you know that is happy with her weight? no matter what it is! i am not very happy at all with mine and that made for a very bad week for me last week. it all started last Sunday as that is my weigh in day. i must report in my weight to Master via email so He has a record of it.

it was a normal Sunday until Master told me to step up on the scale in front of Him so He could check my numbers. He said it better be within two pounds of what i had been reporting to Him. well i knew it was not within that range, as i had been cheating some on my number to Him.

i begged Him like i never have before not to step on that scale in front of Him. i had big tears in my eyes as i broke down in front of Him. He said slave do you have something to tell me? i had no choice but to say yes Master as He ask over and over.

with tears running down my face like a river i told Him the real number. it was seven pounds more than my email reports i had been sending to Him. He hugged me tight as He ask. He than told me to put my hands behind my back as He wrapped a nylon dog leash around them both and then pulled it down and up between my legs pulling it up tight into my ass & cunt.

i was then told to get down on my knees as He held it tight up in my cunt and tell Him how very sorry i was for not giving Him the correct information. i was to NEVER to that again! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? i said yes Master with the biggest tears rolling down my face.

i was pulled up to my feet by the leash and walked around for a while as He told me how much He loved and cared about me. He loves my body no what my number says and i will love it as much when He is done with my training. and i will step on that scale without fail in front of Him. for now He will just take my word for it.

i was drove to the lowest point i have ever been with Him by this. i now stand naked in front of a mirror every morning with my hands on my head looking at the body He loves so much as i chant over and over: (i am His beautiful naked ass slave) i stare at the body parts that i am told to that morning. today it was my tits and tomorrow it will be my spread wide open pussy.

this is my second week in front of the mirror naked for worship time. i do accept my body just not the number it has, but i will just for HIM!

oh yea i have been spanked and other things since that day for i am His naked ass slave. more to cum.


Florida Dom said...

thanks for sharing how you were punished for your lack of honesty. Does he demand that you share it when you fall short of his expectations?


Anonymous said...

wow, thats not good x

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Your Master is amazing! It's obvious that he cares very, very much about you.