Saturday, October 24, 2009

hair or no hair poll

the other day on the radio a dj had a contest where a guy would ask three women questions and try to guess if she had hair or no hair down there by how they answered him. well he lost the contest as he guessed hair on the 1st two and they where bare. two out of three bare there.

you already know my answer. now the question is what is yours? guys and girls please take a minute and answer the poll to the right. and if you have time leave a comment about why you like what have there.

so what do think more folks with hair or more with no hair?

oh and yes Master has been a smoothie for over 10 years.


Anonymous said...

I luv the way your pussy looks with no hair

I vote No to the hair

charlie said...

I prefer a smooth hairless one myself- and yours is beautiful all pare and decorated with the jewelry.

Florida Dom said...

Interesting that you asked this question. It's been a lively topic on my blog the last few days.

From your photo, it's obvious you and your Master prefer bare, not hair.


Sheen V said...

I like to keep myself smooth. For others, it really depends on how much hair they naturally have down there and how it looks. Just a few whisps or a small amount - probably no need to do anything about it. Furry like poodle - better do something!

Mike and Eva said...

dear kk,

since about 6 years we are completly shaved.... it feels great, especially when you are naked outside or swim... really sensational...

love mike & eva xx

Scunge said...

Have tried it all,I prefer bare but right now Sir has me have a small patch. Oh and no shaving I use Veet. Shaving for me is too painful as I have fibromyalgia.