Friday, November 30, 2007


Noun 1. quirt - whip with a leather thong at the end
whip - an instrument with a handle and a flexible lash that is used for whipping slavekk.

well i never heard of a quirt, but i have now and i know the meaning of it. Master had the day off and did some shopping at the local s&m store. He bought a quirt and a rubber cat that both have some sting to them, per the guy at the store.

Master said i can give you a first person report of this very soon. He is thinking of waiting until our next trip to the red room so i can be secured down on the spanking bench. He said this will give us something to look forward to.

i can't wait to feel the sting of our new toys on my naked ass. i hope to report back to you very soon with the first person results.

does anyone else have a tail to tell about your tail and the quirt? we would love to hear your story.

p.s. Master is also looking for a locking anklet that he saw on the web that is locked on with a allen type screw. He thinks it was a link from the TSR, but he can not find it now. if you have seen one please leave a comment on where to find it. thanks

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

all on video

yes all of the pain my ass suffered in the red room was filmed by Master and turned into a dvd. Master let Mistress and cam man watch it and they loved seeing my naked ass being beat red as the room. Mistress just wished she could have been there to add Her own swats to my ass. we love to watch it over and over.

while i tied down to the spanking bench my ass felt the pain of the cane,crop,leather paddle, and a nasty stick that was hanging on the wall of the red room. Master really liked it as it had a nasty sting to it. it was about a 1/4" dia plastic rod with a handle on the end of it. Master worked my naked ass over good with all of His toys.

i was then moved back to cross where i was attached to it front side out. my red hood was placed over my head so i could not see what was coming next. weighted tit clamps where placed on my hard nipples as Master tit whipped me. i moaned out in pain, but that only added more swats. He worked my tits over good with a dressage whip along with the inside of my thighs & hips.

i was than lead by my leash back over to the spanking bench where i was bent over it so my tit weights hung down and pulled on very tender nipples. my ass was spanked hard with the leather paddle so my weights would swing with each swat. Master was done with His slave now and it was time to go. i kneeled on the floor as He removed my tit clamps, hood and cuffs. oh the pain when those clamps came off WOW!

i was told to put on my heels as He packed up our toys. i was now lead by my leash back downstairs wearing only my heels & collar. i was to show Master S my whip marks. Master S said i looked good as i stood naked before Him in His kitchen. then He showed us a picture of His slave and we talked about her joining us sometime soon. i know it was a good 10 mins or more talking with Him as i stood there naked in heels.

i was lead to the door to leave and that is where i was allowed to put on my short dress. i had a great time and i am ready to go back. i enjoyed showing my Master how well His slave could take her punishment. i was also proud to show my naked self off to a complete stranger for Him. i know Master loved showing me off and will do so again very soon i hope. and i can wait to meet His slave in person.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the red room part 2

Master pulled me up the stairs by my leash as Master S watched from below. at the top of the stairs i entered the red room for the very first time. my eyes spotted the cross as i walked into the room. i knew that very soon i would become one with that X.

i was told to sit (kneel) puppy and as i went to my knees i saw the spanking bench right in front of me. i have never been to a place like this in my life. it was a first for me. as i kneeled Master attached the cuffs to my wrists & ankles. i was told to walk (crawl) puppy to the cross. once there i stood with my arms stretched out high as Master attached them to the eye bolts of the cross.

next my ankles were attached, my legs spread wide and i could not move. than it happens without warning, that first bite of Master's flogger on my naked ass. i scream out, but that only brings more stinging bites. across my ass, my back and the back of my legs they are all targets of Master's stinging swings. i can not move away from it, so i take the pain & scream out as my pussy get's wetter with each swing.

Master does not like my screams and gets my cock pacifer and places into my mouth to quiet me down. now He starts in on my ass with the riding crop and that little fu*ker has a nasty bite to it. Master is having a great time with my naked ass and all i can do stand there and enjoy what i am given.

once my backside is a nice shade of red Master turns me around on the cross so my tits and shaved pussy are now exposed to the pain of His whips. He starts off flogging my tits, but my whole front side feels the sting of His flogger even my cunt.

after some photo shots and a some nice looking red tits i am moved to the spanking bench. my hands and legs attached to it with my ass exposed to it's fullest. i than take a hard hit of His leather paddle that touches both my cheeks at the same time.

this is just getting me warmed up for more to cum...

i now have a turkey to go spank so to all that tune in here to read about Master and i we wish you all a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

the red room

WOW! is all i can say about it. the red room is a dungeon complete with a St Andrews cross, spanking bench and chains hanging from it's walls. Master found it online and it is very close to us.

Master emailed the owner and made arrangments to stop by and meet with him about using it, as He does rent it out to others. i knew that Master was doing this as He told about it before hand.

what i did not know is what i would be doing when i got there. i was told to wear my high heels and short dress along with my collar. as we were walking up to the door of this home Master attached my leash to my collar.

the door opened before we got up to it and we were welcomed inside by Master S. we walked inside and i was introduced to Master S as slavekk. we made some small talk and then my Master told me to prepare for punishment. now if i am dressed this means to get naked.

well here i am standing just inside a strangers home with a collar and leash on and now i am being told to get naked after we just met. i looked at my Master with big eyes and He said do it slave. talk about being nervous just getting there was enough me, now this!

i knew not to delay and reached up and slid the thin straps of my dress down over my shoulders. as my dress fell to floor Master S said very nice now show me your Master's mark. i knew what He said, but could not believe what He ask me to do, so i just nodded and said yes.

i was frozen and not sure of what to do. than my Master spoke and told me again to show Him my Master's mark. i reached down and spread my cunt lips open and showed my hood ring to Master S. they were both pleased and Master S said go on up to the dungeon and enjoy. if we needed anything at all He would be downstairs just let Him know.

Master pulled on my leash as i walked naked up the stairs to the dungeon where the real fun was about to start on my naked ass.

more to cum........

Thursday, November 15, 2007

we have lost our puppy

it is a very sad week this week. one of our very best blog writer's has left the s&m blogging family. it is with great sadness we say goodbye and good luck to brooke the author of the blog "puppytails".

Master and i both enjoyed reading her blog every morning before work. i can not tell you how many stories she wrote that sounded just like us. we have never met puppy, but feel as if we have known her for years.

Master and i enjoy reading a lot of other blogs as well. we don't always have the time to leave comments, but we do enjoy looking in and reading them.

it is with great sadness that my Master removes the link to puppytails blog from my blog. we both wish her and her family all the best. i know it must be hard for her to stop blogging with all of the other things going on in her life at this time. sometimes it is just a escape from the real world for me to just sit here and type a story to share with all that care to stop by and read it.

please stay in touch puppytails and if you make a blog come back (we are hoping) please let us know where we can find you.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

perfect blend

the other day Master and i were walking thru the park and talking about our lifestyle together. we both know that most people look down on it as a evil way to live or worse. just watch any tv drama that has bdsm theme in it and watch how it is portrayed. most times it is not in a good way.

i thought i really enjoyed sex before Master came along because i did not know any better. i thought every man was a wham bam thank you mam see you later type. boy was i ever wrong about that.

Master does things to me i never dreamed a man would or could do with a woman's body. i really enjoy my own body now and the pleasure it bring me. being naked is a pleasure for me. it is funny how one person can change another person so much. i would have never dreamed of doing the things i do now 5 years ago.

like walking in the park this day had me in a very see thru beach cover up and collar. there was no swim suit under it, just my naked body. in my old vanilla life before my Master i was told to cover myself up if i bent over and he could see my bra by looking down my blouse.

the more of body that shows in public the more Master likes it. i am His slut/slave/cunt and woman all rolled into one. He gives me the perfect blend of discipline and tender love. like a good cup of coffee.

He knows when i need discipline and how to apply it. it might be a hard spanking or it could be not being allowed to do something like not shave my cunt for 6 months. He knows just how to control me something i never thought would happen to this girl.

i could never go back to the vanilla life again. i need and crave the pain & discipline i have in my life now. i could not live without it. being told what to do, having my ass spanked, being nude or next to it in public places is all a part of who and what i am now.

i enjoy doing all of my housework wearing nothing more than His collar. i am sure this way of living is not for everyone, but they just don't know the fun they are missing.

i am His slave for life.