Sunday, November 11, 2007

perfect blend

the other day Master and i were walking thru the park and talking about our lifestyle together. we both know that most people look down on it as a evil way to live or worse. just watch any tv drama that has bdsm theme in it and watch how it is portrayed. most times it is not in a good way.

i thought i really enjoyed sex before Master came along because i did not know any better. i thought every man was a wham bam thank you mam see you later type. boy was i ever wrong about that.

Master does things to me i never dreamed a man would or could do with a woman's body. i really enjoy my own body now and the pleasure it bring me. being naked is a pleasure for me. it is funny how one person can change another person so much. i would have never dreamed of doing the things i do now 5 years ago.

like walking in the park this day had me in a very see thru beach cover up and collar. there was no swim suit under it, just my naked body. in my old vanilla life before my Master i was told to cover myself up if i bent over and he could see my bra by looking down my blouse.

the more of body that shows in public the more Master likes it. i am His slut/slave/cunt and woman all rolled into one. He gives me the perfect blend of discipline and tender love. like a good cup of coffee.

He knows when i need discipline and how to apply it. it might be a hard spanking or it could be not being allowed to do something like not shave my cunt for 6 months. He knows just how to control me something i never thought would happen to this girl.

i could never go back to the vanilla life again. i need and crave the pain & discipline i have in my life now. i could not live without it. being told what to do, having my ass spanked, being nude or next to it in public places is all a part of who and what i am now.

i enjoy doing all of my housework wearing nothing more than His collar. i am sure this way of living is not for everyone, but they just don't know the fun they are missing.

i am His slave for life.

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