Tuesday, November 27, 2007

all on video

yes all of the pain my ass suffered in the red room was filmed by Master and turned into a dvd. Master let Mistress and cam man watch it and they loved seeing my naked ass being beat red as the room. Mistress just wished she could have been there to add Her own swats to my ass. we love to watch it over and over.

while i tied down to the spanking bench my ass felt the pain of the cane,crop,leather paddle, and a nasty stick that was hanging on the wall of the red room. Master really liked it as it had a nasty sting to it. it was about a 1/4" dia plastic rod with a handle on the end of it. Master worked my naked ass over good with all of His toys.

i was then moved back to cross where i was attached to it front side out. my red hood was placed over my head so i could not see what was coming next. weighted tit clamps where placed on my hard nipples as Master tit whipped me. i moaned out in pain, but that only added more swats. He worked my tits over good with a dressage whip along with the inside of my thighs & hips.

i was than lead by my leash back over to the spanking bench where i was bent over it so my tit weights hung down and pulled on very tender nipples. my ass was spanked hard with the leather paddle so my weights would swing with each swat. Master was done with His slave now and it was time to go. i kneeled on the floor as He removed my tit clamps, hood and cuffs. oh the pain when those clamps came off WOW!

i was told to put on my heels as He packed up our toys. i was now lead by my leash back downstairs wearing only my heels & collar. i was to show Master S my whip marks. Master S said i looked good as i stood naked before Him in His kitchen. then He showed us a picture of His slave and we talked about her joining us sometime soon. i know it was a good 10 mins or more talking with Him as i stood there naked in heels.

i was lead to the door to leave and that is where i was allowed to put on my short dress. i had a great time and i am ready to go back. i enjoyed showing my Master how well His slave could take her punishment. i was also proud to show my naked self off to a complete stranger for Him. i know Master loved showing me off and will do so again very soon i hope. and i can wait to meet His slave in person.

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Sheen V said...

Wow! Its great to see that things are going so well. I'm envious.