Thursday, November 15, 2007

we have lost our puppy

it is a very sad week this week. one of our very best blog writer's has left the s&m blogging family. it is with great sadness we say goodbye and good luck to brooke the author of the blog "puppytails".

Master and i both enjoyed reading her blog every morning before work. i can not tell you how many stories she wrote that sounded just like us. we have never met puppy, but feel as if we have known her for years.

Master and i enjoy reading a lot of other blogs as well. we don't always have the time to leave comments, but we do enjoy looking in and reading them.

it is with great sadness that my Master removes the link to puppytails blog from my blog. we both wish her and her family all the best. i know it must be hard for her to stop blogging with all of the other things going on in her life at this time. sometimes it is just a escape from the real world for me to just sit here and type a story to share with all that care to stop by and read it.

please stay in touch puppytails and if you make a blog come back (we are hoping) please let us know where we can find you.


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His pet said...

Thanks for the sweet post. i am sad at the loss of Tales, but will keep my friends and the memories i have of you all with me forever.

i feel like i know you too.

i have more to say, but it's private and i'll save it for an email. So for now i'll just send hugs and kisses.