Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the red room part 2

Master pulled me up the stairs by my leash as Master S watched from below. at the top of the stairs i entered the red room for the very first time. my eyes spotted the cross as i walked into the room. i knew that very soon i would become one with that X.

i was told to sit (kneel) puppy and as i went to my knees i saw the spanking bench right in front of me. i have never been to a place like this in my life. it was a first for me. as i kneeled Master attached the cuffs to my wrists & ankles. i was told to walk (crawl) puppy to the cross. once there i stood with my arms stretched out high as Master attached them to the eye bolts of the cross.

next my ankles were attached, my legs spread wide and i could not move. than it happens without warning, that first bite of Master's flogger on my naked ass. i scream out, but that only brings more stinging bites. across my ass, my back and the back of my legs they are all targets of Master's stinging swings. i can not move away from it, so i take the pain & scream out as my pussy get's wetter with each swing.

Master does not like my screams and gets my cock pacifer and places into my mouth to quiet me down. now He starts in on my ass with the riding crop and that little fu*ker has a nasty bite to it. Master is having a great time with my naked ass and all i can do stand there and enjoy what i am given.

once my backside is a nice shade of red Master turns me around on the cross so my tits and shaved pussy are now exposed to the pain of His whips. He starts off flogging my tits, but my whole front side feels the sting of His flogger even my cunt.

after some photo shots and a some nice looking red tits i am moved to the spanking bench. my hands and legs attached to it with my ass exposed to it's fullest. i than take a hard hit of His leather paddle that touches both my cheeks at the same time.

this is just getting me warmed up for more to cum...

i now have a turkey to go spank so to all that tune in here to read about Master and i we wish you all a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


martha said...

i live vicariously through you kk. *sigh* Just stopped by to wish a very happy and safe Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!!!


iwingslave said...

hi kk!! i haven't read your blog in awhile, so please allow me to catch up.

Clint said...

That sounds great how u were cuffed and spread wide and then flogged wow.
Sounds delightful and I hope he hit u with enthusiasm as u were totally at his control.

Anonymous said...

just seen your pics from the red room on tsr...loks like you had some delicious fun
thank you for sharing