Sunday, November 18, 2007

the red room

WOW! is all i can say about it. the red room is a dungeon complete with a St Andrews cross, spanking bench and chains hanging from it's walls. Master found it online and it is very close to us.

Master emailed the owner and made arrangments to stop by and meet with him about using it, as He does rent it out to others. i knew that Master was doing this as He told about it before hand.

what i did not know is what i would be doing when i got there. i was told to wear my high heels and short dress along with my collar. as we were walking up to the door of this home Master attached my leash to my collar.

the door opened before we got up to it and we were welcomed inside by Master S. we walked inside and i was introduced to Master S as slavekk. we made some small talk and then my Master told me to prepare for punishment. now if i am dressed this means to get naked.

well here i am standing just inside a strangers home with a collar and leash on and now i am being told to get naked after we just met. i looked at my Master with big eyes and He said do it slave. talk about being nervous just getting there was enough me, now this!

i knew not to delay and reached up and slid the thin straps of my dress down over my shoulders. as my dress fell to floor Master S said very nice now show me your Master's mark. i knew what He said, but could not believe what He ask me to do, so i just nodded and said yes.

i was frozen and not sure of what to do. than my Master spoke and told me again to show Him my Master's mark. i reached down and spread my cunt lips open and showed my hood ring to Master S. they were both pleased and Master S said go on up to the dungeon and enjoy. if we needed anything at all He would be downstairs just let Him know.

Master pulled on my leash as i walked naked up the stairs to the dungeon where the real fun was about to start on my naked ass.

more to cum........


~martha said...

ooo i can hardly wait!!!!!

glad to hear that all is well.


Anonymous said...

wow slavekk, that is a hot showing your intimates part for Master S. just wondering what it did to you? afraid, sexy, proud or ........

hope to read and see pictures soon more, have a nice day, Mike and Eva

Sheen V said...

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to read more!