Sunday, December 30, 2007

b-day spanking

well another year flies by and yes i am a another year older. i am not going to tell what day my birthday is only that i had one this month. i am going to tell that i was in a very rotten mood the day of my b-day. i guess because i am getting older.

i was told to be in position wearing my birthday suit & collar for my b-day spanking when Master arrived. well i was not, as i was tired and very cranky. Master had my gift in His hand and when He saw i was sitting there with my shirt still on and not in position He said He would just take it back.

i told Him i was too tired and did not want a spanking tonight. He said today is your birthday and you are getting one NOW so take off the shirt and get into position slave. well it took all i had in me to do as i was told. Master knew a good hard spanking was just what this slave needed to pick up her mood.

Master used a piece of hard wood about 2" wide x 1/4" thick x 2' long for His b-day paddle. it has a bite to it to. Master knew i was not into the birthday mood at all so to get me in it He had me sing to myself.

after each and every swat i was to sing "Happy Birthday to me i am a whore at 54" and yes kids that is my true age. i would never tell anyone my real age, but when Master came into my life that changed.

He made me give Him a photo copy of my driver's license next to a color picture of me in my collar stating i am His slave forever. can i tell how much fun that was to go to office depot and make that copy for Him. oh yes i did need help with the copy machine to.

Master gave me a nice tie up the back corset and gift card. Mistress baked me a nice cake and gave me a fish hook gag as She knows i do like a ball gag in my mouth. Master said He can't wait to put on my fish hooks so He can feed me His worm. overall it was a good birthday for me other than me acting like a 5 year old.

Now i am just waiting to get my spanking from Mistress.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

Master and i would like to wish all of our blogging friends and readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Sound Spanking New Year!

i hope all the slaves out there enjoy their Master's special blended eggnog this holiday season. i know i will ;)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

public places

i am sure you have seen or heard about the two guys that went into the convenience store butt ass naked shopping and bought skittles. it was all caught on tape and shown on the news and www.

well i have not done that yet, but i am sure if the right time and place comes along i will. what i have been made to do is walk in with a very tight and thin tube top with my hard nipples poking out and buy something. along with very short skirt, heels and wearing my collar, but who would be looking at the collar?

i do wear my collar a lot in public places. i have worn it in convenience stores, donut shops, the mall, food stores, hotels and restaurants to name a few. my black one does not draw as much attention as my white one does.

Master loves to see the looks on peoples faces when they notice it. He took me to dinner the other night and we sat in a booth right in the front as you walked in the door. i was facing the door with my collar around my neck and 4 buttons of my shirt unbuttoned with no bra on.

and yes the service was very good that night. for some reason the waiters hung out by the front door that night. i am not allowed to adjust my shirt so if my tit falls out oh well better for you to see it. Master enjoys showing off His slave. truth be known i enjoy it too.

Friday i was wearing the white collar when i stopped in at the donut shop. it was packed as it always is on Friday mornings. not only is the o-ring on it bigger it also jingels or rattles so it makes noise when i walk. one guy looked at it and smiled ear to ear as he walked by me.

i have not had anyone ask me about it yet, but i am sure one of these days it will happen. and yes i will tell them i am a owned sex slave to my Master.

question is what do you do in public places that is exposed or risky? and yes i have done a lot more in public places, but you can read about that in my older posts here. so tell us your story.

Friday, November 30, 2007


Noun 1. quirt - whip with a leather thong at the end
whip - an instrument with a handle and a flexible lash that is used for whipping slavekk.

well i never heard of a quirt, but i have now and i know the meaning of it. Master had the day off and did some shopping at the local s&m store. He bought a quirt and a rubber cat that both have some sting to them, per the guy at the store.

Master said i can give you a first person report of this very soon. He is thinking of waiting until our next trip to the red room so i can be secured down on the spanking bench. He said this will give us something to look forward to.

i can't wait to feel the sting of our new toys on my naked ass. i hope to report back to you very soon with the first person results.

does anyone else have a tail to tell about your tail and the quirt? we would love to hear your story.

p.s. Master is also looking for a locking anklet that he saw on the web that is locked on with a allen type screw. He thinks it was a link from the TSR, but he can not find it now. if you have seen one please leave a comment on where to find it. thanks

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

all on video

yes all of the pain my ass suffered in the red room was filmed by Master and turned into a dvd. Master let Mistress and cam man watch it and they loved seeing my naked ass being beat red as the room. Mistress just wished she could have been there to add Her own swats to my ass. we love to watch it over and over.

while i tied down to the spanking bench my ass felt the pain of the cane,crop,leather paddle, and a nasty stick that was hanging on the wall of the red room. Master really liked it as it had a nasty sting to it. it was about a 1/4" dia plastic rod with a handle on the end of it. Master worked my naked ass over good with all of His toys.

i was then moved back to cross where i was attached to it front side out. my red hood was placed over my head so i could not see what was coming next. weighted tit clamps where placed on my hard nipples as Master tit whipped me. i moaned out in pain, but that only added more swats. He worked my tits over good with a dressage whip along with the inside of my thighs & hips.

i was than lead by my leash back over to the spanking bench where i was bent over it so my tit weights hung down and pulled on very tender nipples. my ass was spanked hard with the leather paddle so my weights would swing with each swat. Master was done with His slave now and it was time to go. i kneeled on the floor as He removed my tit clamps, hood and cuffs. oh the pain when those clamps came off WOW!

i was told to put on my heels as He packed up our toys. i was now lead by my leash back downstairs wearing only my heels & collar. i was to show Master S my whip marks. Master S said i looked good as i stood naked before Him in His kitchen. then He showed us a picture of His slave and we talked about her joining us sometime soon. i know it was a good 10 mins or more talking with Him as i stood there naked in heels.

i was lead to the door to leave and that is where i was allowed to put on my short dress. i had a great time and i am ready to go back. i enjoyed showing my Master how well His slave could take her punishment. i was also proud to show my naked self off to a complete stranger for Him. i know Master loved showing me off and will do so again very soon i hope. and i can wait to meet His slave in person.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the red room part 2

Master pulled me up the stairs by my leash as Master S watched from below. at the top of the stairs i entered the red room for the very first time. my eyes spotted the cross as i walked into the room. i knew that very soon i would become one with that X.

i was told to sit (kneel) puppy and as i went to my knees i saw the spanking bench right in front of me. i have never been to a place like this in my life. it was a first for me. as i kneeled Master attached the cuffs to my wrists & ankles. i was told to walk (crawl) puppy to the cross. once there i stood with my arms stretched out high as Master attached them to the eye bolts of the cross.

next my ankles were attached, my legs spread wide and i could not move. than it happens without warning, that first bite of Master's flogger on my naked ass. i scream out, but that only brings more stinging bites. across my ass, my back and the back of my legs they are all targets of Master's stinging swings. i can not move away from it, so i take the pain & scream out as my pussy get's wetter with each swing.

Master does not like my screams and gets my cock pacifer and places into my mouth to quiet me down. now He starts in on my ass with the riding crop and that little fu*ker has a nasty bite to it. Master is having a great time with my naked ass and all i can do stand there and enjoy what i am given.

once my backside is a nice shade of red Master turns me around on the cross so my tits and shaved pussy are now exposed to the pain of His whips. He starts off flogging my tits, but my whole front side feels the sting of His flogger even my cunt.

after some photo shots and a some nice looking red tits i am moved to the spanking bench. my hands and legs attached to it with my ass exposed to it's fullest. i than take a hard hit of His leather paddle that touches both my cheeks at the same time.

this is just getting me warmed up for more to cum...

i now have a turkey to go spank so to all that tune in here to read about Master and i we wish you all a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

the red room

WOW! is all i can say about it. the red room is a dungeon complete with a St Andrews cross, spanking bench and chains hanging from it's walls. Master found it online and it is very close to us.

Master emailed the owner and made arrangments to stop by and meet with him about using it, as He does rent it out to others. i knew that Master was doing this as He told about it before hand.

what i did not know is what i would be doing when i got there. i was told to wear my high heels and short dress along with my collar. as we were walking up to the door of this home Master attached my leash to my collar.

the door opened before we got up to it and we were welcomed inside by Master S. we walked inside and i was introduced to Master S as slavekk. we made some small talk and then my Master told me to prepare for punishment. now if i am dressed this means to get naked.

well here i am standing just inside a strangers home with a collar and leash on and now i am being told to get naked after we just met. i looked at my Master with big eyes and He said do it slave. talk about being nervous just getting there was enough me, now this!

i knew not to delay and reached up and slid the thin straps of my dress down over my shoulders. as my dress fell to floor Master S said very nice now show me your Master's mark. i knew what He said, but could not believe what He ask me to do, so i just nodded and said yes.

i was frozen and not sure of what to do. than my Master spoke and told me again to show Him my Master's mark. i reached down and spread my cunt lips open and showed my hood ring to Master S. they were both pleased and Master S said go on up to the dungeon and enjoy. if we needed anything at all He would be downstairs just let Him know.

Master pulled on my leash as i walked naked up the stairs to the dungeon where the real fun was about to start on my naked ass.

more to cum........

Thursday, November 15, 2007

we have lost our puppy

it is a very sad week this week. one of our very best blog writer's has left the s&m blogging family. it is with great sadness we say goodbye and good luck to brooke the author of the blog "puppytails".

Master and i both enjoyed reading her blog every morning before work. i can not tell you how many stories she wrote that sounded just like us. we have never met puppy, but feel as if we have known her for years.

Master and i enjoy reading a lot of other blogs as well. we don't always have the time to leave comments, but we do enjoy looking in and reading them.

it is with great sadness that my Master removes the link to puppytails blog from my blog. we both wish her and her family all the best. i know it must be hard for her to stop blogging with all of the other things going on in her life at this time. sometimes it is just a escape from the real world for me to just sit here and type a story to share with all that care to stop by and read it.

please stay in touch puppytails and if you make a blog come back (we are hoping) please let us know where we can find you.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

perfect blend

the other day Master and i were walking thru the park and talking about our lifestyle together. we both know that most people look down on it as a evil way to live or worse. just watch any tv drama that has bdsm theme in it and watch how it is portrayed. most times it is not in a good way.

i thought i really enjoyed sex before Master came along because i did not know any better. i thought every man was a wham bam thank you mam see you later type. boy was i ever wrong about that.

Master does things to me i never dreamed a man would or could do with a woman's body. i really enjoy my own body now and the pleasure it bring me. being naked is a pleasure for me. it is funny how one person can change another person so much. i would have never dreamed of doing the things i do now 5 years ago.

like walking in the park this day had me in a very see thru beach cover up and collar. there was no swim suit under it, just my naked body. in my old vanilla life before my Master i was told to cover myself up if i bent over and he could see my bra by looking down my blouse.

the more of body that shows in public the more Master likes it. i am His slut/slave/cunt and woman all rolled into one. He gives me the perfect blend of discipline and tender love. like a good cup of coffee.

He knows when i need discipline and how to apply it. it might be a hard spanking or it could be not being allowed to do something like not shave my cunt for 6 months. He knows just how to control me something i never thought would happen to this girl.

i could never go back to the vanilla life again. i need and crave the pain & discipline i have in my life now. i could not live without it. being told what to do, having my ass spanked, being nude or next to it in public places is all a part of who and what i am now.

i enjoy doing all of my housework wearing nothing more than His collar. i am sure this way of living is not for everyone, but they just don't know the fun they are missing.

i am His slave for life.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

a nice lunch

it does not happen very often, but every once in a while Master & i get to go to lunch together from work. well this past week we got to go out alone just the two of us. this is rare as we always have someone going along with us.

it has been cool here as of late and i had a lite jacket on when we got into Masters truck. well the sun was shinning bright and the truck was very nice and warm inside. as we pulled out of the parking lot i said i need to start stripping meaning i was taking off my jacket.

Master said that was a great idea and told me to drop my pants and finger my cunt on the way to the restaurant. i smiled as i unbuttoned my pants and stuck my hand down the front of them. He looked over and said I can not see your pussy, pull them down cunt.

i pulled them down to my knees and was back at my pussy when Master looked over and said take them down to your ankles and spread your legs wide, cunt. i did as i was told and went back to work on my now very wet pussy with one finger buried deep inside it.

Master looked over at me when we stopped at a red light and said I want two fingers in that cunt NOW!

so here i sit on a busy city street with my pants down at my ankles and my two fingers deep inside my own pussy with the hot sun shining in on my bald hot wet pussy. oh how great it felt to be doing this, i was in 7th heaven.

we even drove through the strip center parking lot with people walking all around us with two fingers up my naked pussy. what a rush this was for me. made my whole day better.

on the return trip i was to expose my tits to Him and play with my hard nipples as we drove back down the same city streets. i am not sure how many saw me doing this, but i know it does not matter because it put me on top of the world for the rest of the day.

can't wait to go to lunch again with Master. the fun is getting there.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

just a slut

that is all i am a slut. i am nothing more and i proved that today. Master was walking me in the park today on my leash with my little cock pacifer in my mouth.

He had unbuttoned my white blouse and rolled it up to just under my naked tits and tied it off. my short pink skirt did not cover much of my naked ass, but none of the above was a problem as no one was at the park at the time.

that changed fast as i was being lead around by the leash when a young 20+ something woman walked in coming right at us. i am sure she saw us before we saw her. she walked up to a bench close to us and sat down. Master kept walking like it was ok to walk His slave on a leash in a park.

He did take off my leash as we came closer to her, but He wanted me to keep my pacifer in place as we got even closer to her. i begged for Him to let me remove it. He did let me take it out, but now He wanted to walk right in front of her so she could see my collar and naked tits.

as we walked up closer to her i could feel the heat in my face as my blood rushed to it in embarrassment. it was a very long walk past her dressed as i was. walking past her Master said hello as she looked right at us. i held my my head down and did not say a word or even look her way.

Master and i sat down on a bench not far from her and almost right in front of her. Master was telling me He wanted me to kneel down on my knees in front her with my hands on my head as He took pictures with her in the back round. i will only tell you that i worked out an agreement with His hard cock not to do that. more proof that i am just His slut/cunt.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

ever caught naked

in a public place? well i was not caught, but it was damm close call. Master and i have a nice little park close to the house that we like to go to walk around & play puppy games.

last Sunday i was wearing another new very short dress. it feels like a t-shirt with straps and ends at my ass cheeks. Master was feeling me up in it and exposing my ass at times as we walked. i always get worked up when He does these things to me in public. He even had me get down on my knees and pull my dress up to my neck so He could get picture of His naked slave in the park.

we had made our way around the park and back to the parking lot and like two teenages we where kissing and playing with each other. He leaned His back against the truck and had me lean in against Him with my back to Him.

as He played with my tits with His hands and kissed the back of my neck i melted into a sexual daze. He pushed my dress straps down my arms along with the front of my dress. He rubbed both naked nipples real lite with His fingers. as He did this i was melting like ice cream on a hot day into His body.

He then pushed my dress down past my ass as i now stood naked before Him as a cool breeze blew across my nakedness. with His fingers still rubbing my nipples i was lost in heaven and lost all thoughts of where we were with not a care in the world. i was just getting ready to let my dress fall to the ground when Master started looking around.

He looked out past the front of the truck than He looked to the back, and right at the back of the truck on the other side from us was a woman walking her dog. He pushed me away Him and said get dressed someone is coming. just as she came into view of us she looked right at us. she might have seen me adjusting my straps, but i don't think see saw anything else.

and to think if Master would have not started looking around she would have seen it all because my dress would have on the ground by then.

has anyone else ever been caught naked or almost naked?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

office slut

that is what i was today. i work with about 10 women and about 50 guys. all the women i work with all wear bras and panties everyday, i look for them. i on the other hand do not even own panties and Master has me go braless about two days a week to show off my nips.

yesterday Master made me keep my small butt plug in after my morning worship time. He also told me to wear the very tight thong that He calls my bondage thong to help hold in my plug. well i did not know all this was going to happen and i was running short on time.

i did have a very light pink thong that i was just allowed to wear last week that was just washed and not yet given back to Master. i put it on and was off to work with my plug in it's place. i was so scared the plug would slip past the string and fall out that i was scared to get up from my desk.

i told Master i could not find my bondage thong being i was running short on time. it is the only panty i am allowed to have on my own and i did not know where it was. i had a lot of work to do that needed me to be up and walking, butt i stayed seated and begged to take out the plug.

He told me i could take it out at 10 am, but that i was to find the bondage thong and wear it tomorrow all day long with it on backwards. yes that's right backwards with the string part going up between my cunt lips. well ladies i did it for a full 12 hours today and it was not fun time.

i know for a fact that i was the office slut yesterday and today. no other woman in my office would even think about wearing a butt plug to work one day and a thong on backwards the next day. hell i don't think they would even wear a thong period.

if they only knew what a sex slut i am they would not even talk to me. and to find out i am also a slave would really push them over the edge. i do know one thing, i will know where that damm bondage thong is next time i am told to use it for a plugged day at the office.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

crop damage

and i am not talking about a field of wheat. i am talking about Masters favorite riding crop. Friday night i was in my naked slave punishment position as Master with His crop in hand was laying some nice leather on my ass.

well He did not swing the crop like would always would do, but He was bending it back by the end and letting go. it really had more sting to it like that, but the crop could not take it like my ass could. it snapped in half in Masters hands after about the 8th one.

i thought it was funny, but Master was sadden that His favorite crop was no longer going to mark His owned ass. i always hated the crop anyway as it stings my ass the most.

well guess who got to go shopping for a new crop? if you guessed the slave you are correct. Saturday found me going to the local ranch and tack store to find a new crop. they are much better crops and a lot cheaper in price than the ones at the adult stores.

i walked all over the store looking for them and could not find them. so i had to ask a sales lady where they kept there riding crops. she pointed them out to me and i walked over and picked out one that looked close to Master's old one. i swang in the air a few times and got wet just thinking how great it would feel on my naked ass.

as i carried it around the store i felt proud being a slave that picked out her Master's crop. i know that all the people that saw me with it knew it would not be used on no horse. i just knew the cashier was going to ask me about my horse that i didn't have. if she would have ask i was ready to tell her it is a gift for my Master, He broke his last night.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

wearing my stripes

with pride. as you all know my boys are winning and in the last two games they have gave me over 104 points. well i am happy to say i am enjoying there wins, but most of all i enjoy getting my points.

Master has been working on my ass with the crop for the past two days just catch up as He missed doing it last week. i am sitting here with a nice freshly cropped naked red ass and i love it. it just brings me alive when i feel the sting on my ass.

how can you not enjoy a good spanking on a naked ass?

How about them Cowboys!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


to all that left comments about my pussy tattoo. i think Anonymous said it best with this comment...

"I regret things I did." "I regret things I didn't do." You'll say one of those two sentences in the nursing home. Choose wisely.

Master and i have talked about doing this for a while now. i want it now more than ever before. we have decided to leave the kk off and just have slave wrote in a red arch with the (s) having a whip tail coming from it that will end at the very top of my clit.

Master had me write down 12 reasons for wanting it and here they are:

1) the marks of my Master that i am wearing today give me much joy n pleasure.
2) i love the idea of wearing another and yet more permanent mark than the others i already have.
3) i would be very honored and proud to have "slave" tattoo'd over the top of your cunt's hood ring.
4) they would look very good together marking your cunt.
5) it would make me very happy to show other Masters/slaves what i really am.
6) i want the world to know that u own me.
7) the tattoo would be a permanent mark that i am a slave here to serve n obey all your wants n needs Master.
8) i already know that but when i am looking at my other marks everyday i feel so very happy inside.
9) i know that the tattoo will give me even more joy if it just gives me half of what my hood ring does.
10) i am very lucky that u have chosen me to be your slave and to be labeled as such.
11) i would love to show it to the world.
12. with the tattoo i will be truly giving all of my trust n devotion to u Master. u know that i have always trusted my life with you and the tattoo--is a sign of how deeply i care n devote all of myself to you.

Master is still not sure when we will have it done but He said it will be soon. that will be a picture taking day i know that for sure. and when it is done i will be wearing nothing but my hood ring and my collar.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

just in

from the backyard after f**king my naked self with my glass dildo. Master is away tonight, He called me at work and told me to go home get naked, insert my butt plug, put on my collar, turn on a porno & get on my knees in the living room and call Him.

i did as i was told, but i did make one mistake that will get me 35 points with the crop. i stuck my glass dildo in my cunt before i was told to do so. when i called i already had it in my wet cunt. just hearing His voice made me almost cum right there.

He was talking sex talk from the moment i answered my phone. once He found out i did not wait or ask to insert my dildo He told me to go out into the backyard. i hate to go out there in the dark because i hate snakes and always think there might be some out there. He did not care and had me walk to the back fence than back to the middle of the yard.

once i was in the middle of the yard He told me to stop and get down on my knees. the grass was wet as it just rained. once on my knees in the wetness He told me to pound my cunt with that dildo. as i did this He told me He wanted to hear me cum for Him.

with all of the sex talk before and porno movie playing it did not take long before i melted into a sexual bliss right there where all could watch this cunt cum and cum and cum. it was hard to stand back up top walk back to the house. if it was not for my cell phone and dildo in my hand He would have made me crawl.

damm i just love what He does to me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

pussy tattoo

Master has been talking about marking me as slavekk. this way i will always know who and what i am. i already wear His mark in my hood, but He wants something that is permanent for life.

the other day He used a marker just to see how it might look . it will not be done the way you see in the pic. more like a signature with a arch over the top of my clit. maybe in red ink with a whip tail ending on the top of the last k.

it would not be very big in height, maybe 3/16" or so. i just love the idea of wearing a another mark of my slavehood, but not sure we want something that can not be changed in 5 or 10 years.

just think of me in the nursing home at the age of 80 or 90 with a slavekk tattoo on my pussy and some pretty young 20 year old girl that has to wash it because i can't. how cute would that be then? and what about going for a pap smear? how fun that will be!

let us know your thoughts on this and if you think it should be done or not. your vote DOES count for this cunt!

help save a pussy.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

running with the dogs

yes i know my name is kinky kitten but i am His slut puppy too. Master & i stopped by the park the other day as He likes to walk me there and have me go wee wee for Him.

i always wear my collar when we are together no matter where we go. as we were walking a man came jogging past us with his dog on a leash. Master said look he is running his puppy maybe i should have you run for me puppy.

we walk back to the car and He gets out my leash and attaches it to my collar. He said lets go puppy and started jogging with me behind Him on a leash. we jogged for a little ways and than He stopped and ask if i needed to wee wee. i said maybe a little, He told me do it now like a good puppy. as He held my leash i spread my legs and let my pee flow to the ground like the good puppy i am.

i shook my tail to dry off the drops and off we went again. nothing like running with a wet cunt dripping on your legs. He slowed down to a walk and than told me to bark like a good puppy. i did and He said keep barking as we walked. so i barked most of the way back to the car. i am not sure if anyone heard me barking but i am sure someone had to see this puppy on her leash being run like dog.

it is a small park and empty most days but it does have a lot of traffic going by and a apartment complex near by. being i was such a good puppy He said i could be allowed to play with His bone.

Monday, September 03, 2007

cum stained dress

remember those three words in the history books?

yes i am just a cum slut. this was done yesterday in a parking lot while out and about.

i always swallow it, but Master wanted to see me wear it, so He pulled out. how sweet of Him to let me wear it in public to showoff the real cum slut in me.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

a wild week

for this sex slave. it all started last Sat when i went to watch my boys play football. yes i got to go watch them lose, but hey it's just preseason right? you would have thought the texans had won the superbowl that night.

that same night i handed over photos of my bald pierced cunt to a good male friend of mine. he knew i shaved it but did not know it was pierced. when he found that out he wanted me to prove it with a picture.

he been after me for a while so Master picked out some nice hot ones to give to him.i am sure he has enjoyed them many times by now. it is nice to know your pictures will bring so much happiness to a man in there private moments.

on tuesday my ass was beat red & hard with the paddle for my game point punishment in the office parking lot after work. i was so turned on by my spanking i drove home wearing just my collar. yes and it was still day light out. driving naked is such a rush and turn on for me. people for the most part never pay attention to car next to them and if they do see me all the better.

wenesday morning i was to stand in from of the mirror naked with butt plug in, legs spread wide and hands on top of my head for ten mins.this is done so i can stare at my naked body so i love and enjoy it more. doing my 10 mins i moved my hand from my head to pick up my cell phone that was ringing . it was Master calling and He wanted to know why i answered during my mirror time. that cost me 20 more hard ones with the wood paddle on wednesday night.

on thursday morning i was told to finger my pussy on the drive in to work. my pants where to be down to where my naked ass was on the car seat. i had a great drive in and very much needed "O" at a red light with cars all around me. Master also had me masturbate at my desk that afternoon as he watched and talked dirty to me.

friday morning i ran around the office with my butt plug up my ass. Master also gave me a thong to wear to help hold it in place. i would have died if it would have fell out on the floor. how wild & crazy it was to be walking and talking with others knowing what i had a butt plug in my ass.
what a wild sexual week it was for us. it has been a while since we have done so much in the same week. we both feel closer to each other and i feel more owned by Him. and i forgot to tell you about the many blow jobs i gave Him. i just love to have His hard cock in my mouth with a milkshake at the end. i am such a cum slut now and i enjoy it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

plugged up

last weekend Master had me wear my short dress into a sex store. there where some younger folks 18-21 male types in the store being the store sold water pipes there also.

Master walked me around for a while looking at different things. there was a long leather slapper in one of the displays that He wanted to look at, so he called over one of the clerks. she handed Him the slapper as she looked at me standing there with my collar & slave tag around my neck in the short dress. Master looked over the slapper and ask what do you think of this one slave? yes i was called slave right in front of the store clerk.

i told Him it looked good as He slapped His hand with it. i knew what He was thinking and was hoping that did not happen. He wanted to have me bend over so He could give me a swat or two on my naked ass. the only reason that did not happen is too many teens were standing around us. the price was $50 so Master handed it back to the girl and said He would think about it.

He was not going to buy it until He could slap my naked ass with it at least once in front of the clerk. we looked around at the other toys they had as she went to wait on someone else. we saw a nice medium size butt plug hanging on the wall behind the counter. so Master had the other clerk come over and help us. as she made way over to us He told me to ask her for the butt plug.

i did as told and ask her to see the purple butt plug. she handed it Master as she looked right at me. Master then turns to me and ask do you think this one is the right size for you slave? i turned red and said yes it looked fine. He said it is bigger than your small one and smaller than your big one you should enjoy this one. He handed it back to the clerk and said we will take it, my slave likes it.

she carried my plug to the front of the store and laid it on the counter in front of everyone as we stood waiting to pay for it. once it was paid for and in the bag Master said to me slave grab your plug and lets go. yes both clerks looked at me and smiled knowing i would be having that very plug in my ass soon.

i must have it in every night after work until bed time. now Master wants to go back and get the slapper with me plugged to show the girls as He trys out the slapper on my naked bent over ass. i am not wanting to go shopping anytime soon with Him, that's for sure.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Attention shoppers

we have a whore in the store. her bare ass is on aisle three and her bare bald pussy is in office furniture. security cams all aimed at me and i am not stealing a thing.

well that is what i was thinking in my head as i shopped wearing my brand new short dress. i love the dress it feels like i am wearing a very lite weight slip and it is very soft only problem is i feel like my naked ass is showing to the world as i own no panties to cover it, Master owns them.

Master wanted to watch shoppers reaction to my new dress so i was made to shop alone as he watched from afar. my first store was a big department store well known for there tools. the second store was a skate board type shop and the last one was a well known office supply store.

i felt like all eyes where on me as i walked around looking at different items. i was to bend over at least twice for Master where He could see me. it was to be for His eyes only but if someone happened to walk up and see me, well it was there to look at. i know for a fact the security cam guys got a cam full.

in the first store i was the most nervous, the second store was small and just a few people and by the third store i was feeling brave and was enjoying myself more. i also had a very wet pussy i was so turned on. i thought i could feel my wetness run down my legs.

Master wanted me to sit on some of the office chairs spread my legs and show Him my pussy. well i did it on the row of chairs facing a the main aisle in the middle of the store. on the first chair i just spread my legs for Him but on the next one i spread my legs and picked up my skirt too.

Master had to quit watching me as i was making Him hard and you could see it growing in His shorts. i know i bent over at least 6 times in the last store, as each time i would bend over for Him my sunglasses would fall on the floor and i would bend over to get them. when i did bend over it was nothng butt naked ass & cunt showing Master said.

now Master wants us to go shopping for a new bed mattress next in my new dress. not that we need one, but it should be fun to watch our salesman when i lie down on one. i never knew how fun and exciting it could be just showing a little skin now and then. oh the fun we have just playing expose me games.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

birthday spanking

no it's not my birthday, but i will be getting a birthday spanking. being i enjoy pain and Mistress does not i will be more than happy to take Her b-day spanking.

i will not tell you how young She is, but i know i will enjoy the "40" swats with the brand new crop i gave Her ;)

yes now She has Her very own crop to use on this slaves ass. no real Mistress should be without one.

i know She had a Happy Birthday, butt i don't see how it could be a happy one without a spanking? every crop needs a ass and mine is always there for yours Mistress.

Master said i will sing happy birthday to you while you give me your b-day spanking. i am sure there will be some high notes in my singing.

waiting & wanting to feel the pain of your new crop.

Happy Birthday Mistress J
hugs & kisses

Saturday, August 11, 2007

friday night lights

yes the ass cheeks are bright on friday night. yes even today i can see bruises from my game last night. that's right it football time again and it is time to take my pain for my team.

my boys played Thursday night and won by 13 points so i got 26 nice hard swats with the wood paddle last night. it had been a long time since my ass has seen the paddle. it really has some sting to it and Master did not hold back on the power of His swings. i really enjoy this time of year because i know i will be spanked each week without fail.

the rules are the same a win by my Cboys brings double the score in swats and loss brings just the points they score. i am to be laying naked flat on my cunt & tits with hand clasped behind my head at all times. my legs are to be spread wide apart so He may reach my cunt with His fingers if needed. i must count out each swat and say "thank you Master i deserved that may i have another" after each one no matter how fast He goes.

all i can say is How about them Cowboys!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

training camp: holding the balls

football season is fast approaching and all the players are at training camp now preparing for the weeks ahead. i guess you could say that i am also at training camp practicing ball holding.

Master has me practicing holding my two 3/4 inch stainless steel balls inside my cunt. the goal is to have them in my cunt and walk around the park without dropping them. if they drop at anytime before I get back to "end zone" then I will have to walk through the local mall with them.

last Sunday was my 1st preseason game day. i slid the balls into my cunt as far as i could, but it didn't matter much because my cunt was so wet from my excitement the balls didn't want to stay in place. oh yea and just peed. so i squeezed my legs together to hold the balls as tight as possible and we started walking.

i could feel the balls the entire time as walked around and was confident that I could do it. needless to say i was so close to the goal line when i fumbled the balls. how heartbreaking that was for my Master and me with all the training i did for the last 2 weeks. i was so wet and the balls were so slippery i just couldn't hold on.

then again this is preseason which means i am still in training and i believe that i did good carrying the balls as far as I did. practice makes perfect!!!! and there will be a lot more practice.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

need is filled

be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. my ass got just what it needed last night spanked hard with the much hated hair brush. Master told me at work to be naked and in position with hair brush close at hand after work.

i did as i was told and my reward was a nice hot 26 swats with the brush. it took my breath away with each swat, but when it was over i felt great. nothing like a good hot spanking to perk me up.

than He rolled me over and started biting and sucking on my nipple as He fingered my very wet pussy. He than reaches into His pocket and pulls out two 3/4" stainless steel balls and put them up inside my cunt. now he wanted me to walk around with them in and not drop them.

well i was way too wet to hold two in, but i did manage to keep one in there as i walked around a bit. He knew i needed to go the store to get a few things so He sent out with my ball inside my cunt and told me to call Him when i got inside the store.

i was nervous as a cat at the dog pound. i just knew that damm ball would fall out and roll down a aisle with everyone looking right at me. i squeezed my cunt and legs together very tight as i walked and talked to Him. He said if it fell out just say where did that come from if someone was around.

well it stayed in the whole time i was in the store and on the drive home. once i was home it was naked again and two balls to walk around with the rest of the evening. they fell out twice and that will bring me 20 swats with the cane.

i have one week to work on keeping them inside me as i walk before i am sent shopping again this time with two. each time they fall out i get 10 swats to help train me on pussy muscle control.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

feel the need

for a really good ass warming coming on. i can only go so long without my pain fix. i am like a drunk that needs a drink. sometimes life gets busy and Master's toy bag does not get opened.

it is time for this slave to feel the fire from the pain of the cane or whatever He cares to use to start the warming process. i just need it and want it BAD! sometimes i just crave it i want it so bad.

i am sure if the fire gets to hot Mistress would be glad to cum over and cool it down. Mistress has been know to workout with the fire department before.

does anyone else feel this way when they have a spanking dry spell?

Master, slave will be waiting with her naked pluged ass bent over the arm of the sofa as i do every morning just to worship you.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

the face

Master & i have been talking about posting pics with my hair color and face showing. tell us if you have done this and what has happened after. i don't think anyone reads my blog that knows me beside my Mistress & her hubby that i work with everyday.

but than again who knows what people read when alone at a computer?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the log

Master and both enjoy reading blogs at night and there are a few really good ones that we look at almost every night. sometimes He will ask me slave what do you think if i have you do that after reading a story of what another slave has done.

well you guessed it He read a story about a slave & her syrup bottle. i will not go into the details of what she was made to do with it, but i will tell you what i will be doing with mine.

as you know i serve a Mistress at times and her hubby that we call cam man. he is always taking our pictures when i serve the Mistress. well Master thinks i should give cam man a break for once. cam man is always joining in the fun at the end of our play time.

Master told me the next play time we have together that cam man should get in on the beginning of play time. He wants me to be a good bitch puppy and lick up all the syrup that Mistress pours onto cam mans big log.

i really hope that i am not the only one that gets to lick up syrup this day. i think i want to sample the syrup on all three of them and i hope everyone would like some of my hairless pie with syrup on it.

i am sure it will be a fun sticky time for us all. we always have a good time when were all together. i am looking forward to being a good puppy for Master as always. i guess i will be looking at pancakes with syrup in a whole new way.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


what does it mean to you?

1. yielding, or readiness to yield: a willingness to yield or surrender to somebody, or the act of doing so.

demanded nothing less than total submission to his authority.

submission to me is giving my mind & body to another to do with as they please. i enjoy doing this and do not do it because i am forced by someone to do it. i do it of my own free will. there are times i am told to do things i do not care to do, but do them anyway as that is what a good slave or submissive does. (well there was one time i didn't get ice.)

i may not be proud of some of the things i have done in the past, but i am proud that i was a good submissive/slave and pleased my Master or Mistress. i am sure there are other slaves that will say the samething.

i am very proud to be owned as a slave and have told some close friends about it on my very own. i ran into a old freind once that i used to work with and he ask how i was doing. i told him great and that i am doing all those kinky things we once laughed about at work. he wanted to know all about it, so i told him how i now have a Master and i am His slave. Master even sent him pictures of me naked in bondage, full body shots. i never thought i would like someone seeing pictures of me like that, but now i love it.

i use this blog as my way to show & tell the world i enjoy being who and what i am. the day will come when Master will post my naked body in bondage with my face showing here and i will be very proud to be exposed. there are times i just want to scream out that i am this mans slave i love it so much. i feel i was born to submit to this man.

i enjoy being a slave, cunt, whore, cum slut, slut puppy, cock hound, and any other name Master might cum up with. that is my submission for today.

i know there is one slave out there in blog land that did not really enjoy what she was told to do, but she did it to please her Master as part of her submission to Him. she did have one nice big orgasm in the end though ;)that is why i ask the question.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

help with new ideas

yes Master is asking for help from our readers on how i should be dressed for my next ice run. being i did not like the last outfit He picked out He wants to hear your ideas for outfits.

as you know He likes me to show off my naked body parts in public as much as possible. He also wants others to know i am a slave and serving as such so i should at least have a collar on.

now that you know what He is looking for He wants to hear your ideas. He will take pics and post them for all to see of the best idea given. as you know i have already gone for ice in a see thru robe & heels with my collar on.

He knows mmftoy has gone for ice naked with her ass well marked and said it could happen to me when we have a late night stay but we need early day ideas for now. just waiting to serve you.

please advise.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

now the pleasure

as i lay there bent over with my sore whipped tits on the hard table Master unlocked the chain from around my waist. He than pulled my head up by my hood & hair and removed the hood, my bra and the panties. He said now crawl over to bed slave and get up on it. i did as i was told i crawled like a whipped puppy.

as i lay there He came to me and kissed away my tears as He rubbed the pain from my tits. we talked about what had just happen as He held me tight in His arms. i told Him how sad it made me to disappoint Him by not doing as i was told. He laughed and told me it was about time i did not obey Him for once.

He said when i slipped on the panties it just came to Him to send me for the ice. He really just wanted to see what i would do and how i would react to such a demand. when i said no way i can not do it, He said it flipped His Master switch to on. it was the first time i had ever said no to Him and would not give into doing something. He liked the fact i stood up to Him and resisted a order for once. now he could punish me for not doing as told. we kissed hard and held each other tight.

He was bringing me back up from my down. He kissed & sucked on my hard sore nipples as He played with my hood ring and His cunt. the next thing i know i am sitting on top of Him with His hardness deep inside my wetness. i love when we are joined together like this and wish we could always stay this way.

i do not think or know of a love greater than that of a Master and His slave after a session of pain & dominance. i love my Master with all my heart as i know He loves me. i would walk to the end of the world for Him, i just won't go for His ice ;)

P.S. He did tell me later that He would have stopped me if i would have said ok and started out the door. me going to jail is not in His playbook at all.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

ice run part 2

yes when it goes bad it really goes bad. i was on my hands and knees with the ice bucket sitting in middle of back as i thought of what i just had done. my mind was racing with all kind of thoughts. what i looked like, how far the ice machine was from the room, my pink plug and chain being visible, what was going to happen if i did not go. i was just overwhelmed and i just wanted to bury my face into the floor and when i moved the ice bucket fell off my back.
Master was coming out from the bathroom when He heard it hit the floor. He saw me with my face on the floor and my ass high in the air. He ask me how i could let that happen and than put his foot in the middle of my back and pushed me down to the floor flat. He said i make a better rug than a table. He went on about how disappointed He was in me as a slave as he stood with His foot on my back.

this went on for a while as i cried hearing his words. He then pulled me up to my knees by hood & hair and said you can go for ice or you can ball the wall for 60 mins, your choice. i just looked at Him with my tear filled eyes i could not do it for 60 mins in my current state. i begged for His mercy, there was none. make up your mind slave one or the other.

i could not give Him a answer as i hung my head in shame. i was a mess and He knew it. i wanted to please Him so bad but could not do as He ask. He sat on a coffee table in front of me asking for my answer, there was none, just my shame. He picked up a small leather whip and pulled my bra down to expose my naked tits.

He said I am going to tittie whip you hard slave as that is what you need right now don't you? i looked into His eyes and said yes Master please whip them hard. He told me to keep my hands behind my back and keep my back straight & my tits out. He whipped them hard just like He said he would as i fought to keep my hands behind me. it really hurt the most when the whip would hit my hard nipples.

i was tittie whippped like never before and they really hurt. when He finished He pulled me over to the table He had been sitting on and bent me over it and smashed my tits into the hard table. He unlocked the chain and started pulling the plug in and out of my ass asking me how it felt to have this done. telling me how i was just a ass to Him. now He told me to get the ginger root for Him, i screamed out OH shit!

yea that's right i forgot to buy it. like i said when it goes bad it goes way bad. so He goes over all that has happened, i won't go for the ice, i dropped the ice bucket and now i forgot the ginger root for my ass. He got up and just left me bent over the table and grabbed His cane and gave me a nice hard one on my ass and said don't ever forget the ginger root again or this day cunt.

i won't, i will promise you all that. i keep asking myself now why i just didn't go for the damm ice. i had gone for it before in a just a sheer robe and heels with my collar, why not this time? if i am a slave why not show off the real me.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Wishing you all a Happy 4th that ends with a Bang!
kk & Master

Sunday, July 01, 2007

ice run

i know that being a slave means that i must obey my Master and always do as told. i have always done that without fail. yesterday i failed! i felt so hurt that i let Him down i cried big tears and was in a very down mood for a while.

i was told to go for ice and i did not do as i was told for the 1st time ever with Master. the problem was not going to get the ice, it was how i was dressed.

Master and i had been playing for a while in the room. He had me wear my low cut very sheer black bra today and when told to strip to leave it on. He caned my naked ass as i bent over the ac unit in front of the open window looking out into the parking lot. He pulled the bra down so my tits hung out for all to see. after i had some nice stripes on my ass He made me crawl over to my bag and get out my butt plug. i than put the plug in where it belongs.

Master than placed a small chain around my waist and ran it between my legs and padlocked the plug in place. He cuffed my hands behind my back to a strap that attached to my neck that held them up the middle of my back to keep them out of the way of the cane/crop.

than we played ballin the wall. He read about this on a another blog but does not remember who's. (sorry) He placed a small ball against the wall and i was to hold it there with my nose. i was to hold it there for 15 mins without fail as He caned and cropped on my ass. if the ball where to fall we would start the clock over along with the whippings. i said there was no way i could keep it from falling. He said than we will just spend all day ballin the wall. He also put my hood over my head to make it more fun.

i did the 15 mins without dropping it, but it was not easy and those 15 mins felt like forever. my hands where released from behind me and that felt great to stretch them out. next He had me put my black waist cincher and then He handed me the black sheer panties that matched my bra.

now picture me in the following items: black hood, sheer black bra & panties, black waist chiner and chained up pink butt plug. now do you have the picture in your mind? now He handed me the ice bucket and told me to go for ice.

now tell me what you would say seeing a woman dressed like this walking thur a hotel hallway on her way to the ice machine as you check in with your family?

i refused to go for ice dressed like this. Master had me down on my knees begging and crying not to be made to do this for a good while. at one point i was on my hands and knees with the ice bucket placed in the middle of my back.

Master than gave me a choice of going for the ice or.........

more to cum.

P.S. i forgot i also had my ankle cuffs on that cling when i walk and my collar for my ice run.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

groomer time

yes it is time for this kitty to go to the groomers. the hair below is gone as you know, now it's time for a trim on the top. Master would like to see it match my cunt. i told Him he would not like that bald look on me.

i like my hair a lot and do not really want to be a bald headed slave. i am really not sure i would have the nerve to walk around bald. if Master told the groomer to shave it, than i would have no say in the matter and it would be done. having it done is one thing going to work and church bald is another.

He said after everyone got over the shock of seeing it for the 1st time it would be no big deal. i am sure i would adjust over time to being seen, just hope i don't have too. maybe i can just get by having it cut very short for Him.

i have been told i will be wearing my very short white dress to the groomers without a bra & panties on. i am sure everyone there will will get a veiw of my bald pussy as i get in and out of the chair. Master will also be there to watch as i make a slut out of myself in public.

on my knees to please you and beg you for my hair Master.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

proud to be bald

well at least having a bald pussy. not so sure about my head being the same. thanks to toy for bringing that subject up on her blog.

this past weekend i was out and about shopping. i wanted to stop in at the adult shops to look for a new butt plug as the ones i have are either to big or to small or so it seems. so i called Master and ask if i could stop by these shops without Him.

He said fine as long as i wore my SHAVED collar into the stores. He gave it to me on waxin day as my reward. He said they did not have one that said waxed so shaved would have to do.

well being the slut i am i did not care if someone might take a chance and look up at my neck. i snapped it on and walked in like i owned the place. little did i know that i would have to have a clerk take a picture of it with my cell phone camera and send it to Master. He called to tell me that while i was inside the 1st store.

i stopped at two places and they were both packed with people as it was a rainy day and i guess everyone was wanting some love fun this day. the clerks were very busy, so i took my own picture to send when at the 2nd store. just as i snapped my pic a clerk walked up to me and ask if she could help me. i said no as she looked right at my the collar and me. i was red faced now.

i did not find just the right size plug butt i am still on the look out for one. and Master was happy with the picture that i sent Him. He is talking about having me work a full day with one in place if i find just the right size.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

finished product

i waited six long months for this and now i have it. a very smooth cunt. i know some of you might wonder what the big deal is to have hair there?

well if you are a woman that shaves your legs and under arms everyday STOP! let it grow out for 6 months and you will know just how it felt for me to have hair there.

i will always do as my Master wishes but i beg Him on my knees not to let the hair grow there again. this about wraps up my wax job postings. the only part i left out was how Master and cam man joined in with Mistress and i for some really great love for all.

now there are 4 naked people in the room.

a special thanks to Mistress and cam man for there help in making this a real fun adventure. a big naked hug to you both.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


over for some work on my backside. yes the work was done and time for some fun. i was re-hooked to my bonds spread wide and my naked ass at there mercy. Mistress wasted no time in getting Her crop in hand to give my ass a good crop work out. She sat down right in the middle of my back and started in on me.

Master joined Her with His cane and not the kind you walk with. yes the fire that was burning on my pussy was out now and a new one had started on my ass. i only wish i could show my face on this blog so you could really see my enjoyment of this days activity.

i can not tell you how many swats were given to my ass but i do know Mistress did have two crops going at one time for each cheek. i tried my best to thank Her for each one as i am required to do. i must always say "thank you Master/Mistress i deserve that, may i have another" and do my best to do it after each one. sometimes i lose my breath due to the pain and can't and that just brings more swats.

now with a blaze on my ass i forgot about the one on my cunt. Master than told me that it was time for me to give Mistress some attention as i had been getting it all so far. i was released from my bonds and was to go to work with my tongue on Her. it was time for Her to join me being naked as i kissed and licked on Her nipples as i worked my way down to her smooth naked pussy.

i enjoy giving Her pleasure as i hear Her moan and see Her twist as i lick Her wetness. she tastes so sweet and enjoys it so much. it is always fun to make a person feel good with my tongue in the right spot. i know She enjoys what i do to Her by how Her body reacts and if i am doing something wrong She can and will let me know.

i am just a slave after all.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

every chicken

has her day at the pluckers and this was mine. yes there was a lot of hair there as you well know and each one was pulled out by it's roots. cam man did a great job of taking pictures as always but he has a few really outstanding ones. in one picture you can see the hair being removed by the roots.

Mistress pulled about four strips off then had Master pull off a few. Mistress was pulling Hers off slower so i would feel the pain more. i am the first pain slut Mistress has ever had. She enjoys giving out the pain as much as i enjoy receiving it. we are on the same wave length. She can swing a crop like a pro domme and dresses like one.

Master said the best way to wax is pull the strip off very fast. He did and i screamed out but looking back now the pain was less or just over faster not sure which. i do know that no matter who pulled off my strips it had me screaming out and pulling hard against my bonds. i know i had tears in my eyes a few times.

Mistress did soothe my pain once by licking on my clit for a while after a good pull. that felt great. Master was trying to take my mind off the pain at my cunt by flogging my tits at the same time Mistress would pull off a strip. so they both where having a lot fun with there slave.

not sure just how long the waxing took but i am sure it was a good hour or more before i was smooth and bald. my cunt was very red and sore, Mistress did rub it with bikini zone cream to help ease the pain. it felt like it was on fire when they finished it.

Master wanted some smooth pussy pie now and went to work on getting some. Mistress kissed me and played with my nipples while He ate pie. cam man did what what does best and took pictures of it all. when Master was done eating Mistress whispered to Him it was time to turn the slave over.

She wanted to take my mind off the pain of the waxing by whipping my ass with Her crop. i was unhooked, rolled over and re hooked in my very spread position only now to be whipped hard.

and i was still the only naked one in the room. and there's more fun to cum.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

screams in 318

or plucked like a chicken. not sure what title to use here but they both fit the bill.

Master adjusted the bonds on the bed so i was stretched out wide and tight. once He had the six ropes adjusted He ate the last of my hair pie. damm did His tongue felt good as i pulled against my tight bonds. i lost track of time as He ate His pie. when He was done eating He kissed me hard & deep so i could also taste the pie.

now it was just about time for Mistress and cam man to arrive. Master unhooked my bonds and had me get back down on the floor, as He looked out the window to see Mistress & cam man pull in and park. He watched as they made there way into the hotel.

He unlocked our door and left it ajar so they could just walk into the room. the only worry i had was the maids where in the room next door i was really hoping they did not come in the door first.

Master had me kneeling with my ass high in the air, my face on the floor, dog bone in my mouth and with His feet resting on the top of my naked ass as He sat there waiting. this is what they saw when they walked into our room.

they came in and talked with Master as i remained in the position. cam man started with the photo taking as Mistress talked with Master. Mistress told me i could get up but first Master wanted me to show them what i like to do with the bone that was in my mouth.

so it was up on my knees as they sat around me dressed and watched a naked slave play with herself with a dog bone. all i could do was look at my Master as i stuck the bone in & out of my cunt. never in my life have i masturbated while three people watched me. Master said i did a nice job but my face was very red.

Master said i could stop but that i should crawl over and kiss the feet of my Mistress and thank Her for coming out to help with my waxing. i did as i was told then it was a crawl to the bed where i was laid in the middle and strapped down.

Master heated up the wax as Mistress dusted my cunt hair with cornstarch. (see pic) a friend told Her it would keep the wax from sticking to the skin. She told her friend She would be waxing Her slave and ask for ideas. how nice of Her.

the wax was heated and the slave bound down tight. it was time for the hair to leave my body. i will say the wax felt nice and warm going on but coming off OOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUCCCCHHH! i was not sure the ropes could hold me down for all of that hair to come off. now i know how a plucked chicken feels.

more hair to go stay tuned. that was just the first strip.

p.s. and i am still the only naked person in the room.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

a rainy day in May

but a very sunny one for me. last weekend was three days off with heavy rain everyday. you get a good veiw of the rain when you are on the third floor of a nice hotel looking out at it.

my day started off with me walking into a very busy hotel in a very short skirt and blouse with hi heels and my collar on. no underware is allowed as you know. a few women looked at me like i was the town whore and i was. but with Master at my side i felt very proud of how i looked, knowing Master was as proud to show me off like this.

once we made it into the room on the third floor it was time to lose the blouse & skirt and kneel at Master's feet. they were replaced with cuffs. i was now dressed for a day of pain and pleasure. this is all i would be wearing for the rest of the day.

i called Mistress to give Her the room number and let Her know i was on my knees waiting for Her. i was not to stand or walk at anytime while i waited. She said they would be there in about a hour or so. this gave Master & i some play time alone.

i crawled over to a post so my collar could be attached to it. my hands were attached to my ankles behind my back. i was at Master's service in anyway He wanted. i am sure you know what service He wanted with a slave on her knees and bound at her Master's feet.

a nice cropping was my reward for doing a good job on Him. i was than made to crawl around the room like a puppy while Master attached the tie downs to the bed. i was to crawl around until i was told to stop. my knees where getting sore but the time He had me stop in front of His chair. i was told to put my face to the floor and my ass high in the air as He needed a foot stool for His feet.

with His feet on my raised naked ass He enjoyed drinking His bottle of water. next it was over to the bed to adjust the tie downs for my waxing. i was tied spread eagle in three places on each side. my legs were spread as far as they would go tied at the ankle and at my thighs just below my pussy as my arms where pulled tight to each side. there was no getting out of this.

more fun to cum as we wait for Mistress & cam man to show up. oh yes there are lots of pictures. cam man took over 200 and Master took 80 plus a video.

Monday, May 28, 2007


not much time to write about it now. a lot more to cum later. but just wanted you to know it is over and i am a bald cunt again.
this is what it took to be bald again, a hand full of hot wax pulled from my cunt.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

wax day delay

yes there has been a delay in my waxin day, caused by me the slave of all people. yes i could not make it to my waxing because i had to play grandma. that's right my son's kids came over to spend the weekend as they had a trip out of town of all things and on my big wax day.

i enjoyed having the kids over so that made up for my wax day delay. it is hard to be a slave with little ones runing around the house. Master said it was ok with him to delay it as i am the one wanting it done so bad anyway.

maybe if i get lucky my Mistress can make it over one day this weekend. i can only hope it all works out. oh well you know what they say about the best laid plans.

one thing i do know it won't be long before i am bald again.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

where i belong

on my knees pleasing my Master as my Mistress oversees my work. notice Her marks on my ass.
this is what i live for to serve & please them both.

Friday, May 04, 2007


i started off my Friday with a bone. yes that's right a bone not a bang. every morning i am to start off my day by spending 10 mins sitting in front of a mirror looking at my hairy pussy that i hate.

well today Master told me to spend mirror time playing with my cunt. i was one happy slave to hear that and did not waste no time getting out my toys. i always have my dog bone, pocket rocket vibrator, and two clothes pins with me no matter where i am at.

i was just out of my morning shower & clean, ready for some cum time. i laid down on the bed naked, legs spread wide, attached my clothes pins to my hard nipples, licked my dog bone and slid it inside my very wet pussy very deep. i turned on my pocket rocket and put it on my clit with one hand as i pulled and pushed my bone in and out with the other.

WOW! did it feel good. my pussy was soaking wet and i came so many times i could not count. i was almost late for work as i just wanted to keep going & going. it was feeling so good and i did not want to stop. i fingered myself driving to work just to keep the feeling going.

i did not wear a bra to work today, i just let my hard nipples shine for all to see. i had one great Friday! hope you did as well.

happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

YAY it's May

if you read this blog than you know why i am so excited it's May. yes the very month i have longed for since Thanksgiving. that was the day i was told to stop shaving my pussy. i now sport a full grown bush that i do not like.

Master put my shaving up for a vote a while back on this blog. it was voted by you the readers to make me wait till May 15th before i would be allowed to shave it again. so it's here, the month i never thought would come. yes i can not wait to be smooth once again.

Master & Mistress will be waxing me smooth as i will be tied spread wide open on the bed. cam man will photo the event for us and you the readers. it will be my very first waxing. i am sure i will enjoy it no matter how much pain there is because i will be in good hands. i am sure those hands will be doing more than pulling out my hair by the roots. it will be a great time for all.

counting the days down to a bald cunt.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

tits in public

this past week Master and stopped at a very large event after work. there were thousands of people there and all the free drinks and food you could eat. there were bands of all kinds playing everywhere and everyone was having a great time.

Master and i stayed almost till the end of it. we were parked in the back of a large parking lot and there where still a few people parked around us coming to there cars. well we both were feeling good with me feeling the best if you know what i mean.

Master was kissing on me beside his truck and as He did He unbuttoned my blouse all the way open. i did not wear a bra this day so my naked breasts where His to pinch & play with as we kissed and talked. two guys were walking by and Master pulled my blouse closed but then though different and opened it up wide pulling the sides of it behind my back.

there i stood with my naked tits out for all to see as Master stepped back away from me holding my shirt open. the two guys laughed and got in there truck drove right up past us looking and laughing at us. next was a young couple getting in there truck and when the girl saw me she told her man i have to pee and so she did. we could not see her doing it but did see the wet spot when they left.

they could have pulled out of there parking spot and drove off but they backed up and drove right past us looking right at my naked tits. i know there were a few more people who seen me but these two saw me up close and personal.

the parking lot had good lighting so it was not like we where in the dark. they could see my tits very easy. everyone enjoyed the show and my pussy was soaked. i love what my Master does to me and how it makes me feel. can not wait for the next time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

exposed again

last Sunday Master had slave dress in a pair of His very sheer red boxer shorts. they were not only sheer but split up both sides almost to the waist band. i was walked around the park for all to see and many did from a distance.
yes that is me acting like a slave tied to a tree and wanting to be. if i lived in slaveville usa i would be, only without the blouse and shorts. how fun would that be to go out to a public park and be tied to a tree naked and whipped for all to watch?
i am just dreaming of the perfect place for me to live.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

slaveville usa

i was thinking the other day how great it would be if i could live in a town called slaveville. it would be a great place for Master & i to live. how great would it be to go shopping at the mall and see other slaves being lead around by there leashes as i would be.

slaves could be tied to anything or any place in public in many states of dress or undress. yes i would be dressed only in a collar and a dress up day would be in my 4 cuffs.

there would be less stress as we would not worry about what to wear or who might find out that we enjoy being whipped. everyone one would understand it and accept it as normal. just think what would happen now if your boss found out how much you liked to be whipped?

i could be lead into any store or restaurant naked in my collar & leash on my hands and knees and it be as normal as walking into one as you do now dressed. how great it would be to live as a slave and everyone in town know it that is just what you are.

public beatings on Friday nights in the town square for the really bad slaves that week and a Master's party afterwards for all to attend. dancing, drinking and whippings and just plain good s&m fun.

call your realtor now homes going fast.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


the month of May is on the way and know what that means to me if you have been reading this blog for a while. i am so looking forward to having my pussy naked again. i really hate looking at all of the hair that has grown there in the last six months.

every morning i must sit on a chair in front of the mirror naked with my legs spread wide with my hands on my head for 10 mins and stare at my hairy pussy. Master has me do this for several reasons but the main one is to accept my naked body and look at my very hairy pussy. it also reminds me i am a slave to His wishes.

before Master i was not naked very much at all and if i was i was told to cover up. well those days are long gone now i am naked most of the time at home even now as i sit here and write this post. yes i love my body now. my tits are not to small as i always thought they were and my ass is just fine for a good spanking. most of all i have a man that loves to have it naked for His viewing pleasure and other pleasures.

yes i will one happy slave on that day in May when Master & Mistress and wax me bare there. and to think before Master came along there was always some hair there it was never bald. funny how the right person in your life can change your way of thinking. Master has made a lot of changes in my life and i love everyone of them.

once i am bald there Master is going to have me go get my toes painted in my short white dress. i have been getting a pedicure at the same place for a long time. the girl that does them is cool. Master will call me on the phone when i am there and make me say things like yes Master or what color do you want them Master to Him so she hears it. she will laugh and say is that your boyfriend again. i think she knows i am a slave from some of our talks. i am not looking forward to showing off to her but if i tell her Master sent me in this she will understand.

i want to say a BIG thank you to toy and DL for adding me to the beautiful soles sidebar project on her mmft blog. she did a outstanding job with all of the beautiful souls posted.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

strip club

last night Master took me to a strip club for the 1st time in my life. we sat down next to the stage and watched the girls dance. He would give me dollar bills and tell me to tip the ladies. i was very embarrassed to have to do this as the girls danced in front of me. the guys would hoot and holler everytime i stood up.

one of the ladies came and sat down with us and talked to Master for a while. than she got up and did a table dance for me. oh this had the place going crazy watching her move in front of me. when she was done she sat down and ask me if i would like to give her a table dance i said no way.

it was getting close to closing time and i had more than one or two drinks. the girl that was sitting with us got up and left the table. when she came back she had a leash in her hand. she clipped it on my collar that i was wearing and pulled me up to my feet and started pulling me backstage. there was a loud roar from the guys as i looked back at Master He just smiled.

backstage i was stripped of my clothes by several of the girls. next they dressed me in some very sheer materials & heels than my hands were cuffed behind my back and blindfolded. i was than pulled along by my leash and as the music ended i heard the dj say next up is Mistress anne and her slave kk. i wanted to die. i was just shaking with fear as i was pulled out onto stage by my leash i heard the crowd roar.

i was pulled around the stage and stopped i guessed in the middle of it. next someone behind mee pushed my head down telling me to bend over. a crop hit my ass as the crowd yelled for more. not sure how many i got but it was more than i wanted standing on a stage. the music stopped as did the crop. i was pulled back up by my hair and i heard anne say over the sound system now slave will you dance and strip for us now. i felt the mic at my lips as i said yes Mistress. the crowd went wild and my pussy was soaked.

the music started again as i was uncuffed and the blindfold removed i started to dance to the music. there was not much to take off before i was dancing naked before all the guys & Master. dollar bills came from everyone as moved my naked ass.

oh yes just another dream cum true.

p.s. you do know what today is? ;)

Thursday, March 29, 2007


is it really humiliation if you enjoy it? mmft has a very good post on her blog about humiliation. if i was as smart as her i would have a link (here) to her blog in this post, but i am not that smart. you can find the link on the left under blogs we enjoy reading.

this past weekend Master exposed me to some guys doing landscape work at a library. i was in my short denim skirt and white blouse and no underware as you well know. the guys were watching us anyway being i was dressed like a slut to begin with but Master added His special touch to our show.

His special touch was to raise my skirt up and finger my very hairy wet cunt while we kissed in the parking lot. i could see the guys looking our way over Master's shoulder and laugh as they watched. i could not believe i was being fingered in front of strange men but if felt damm good.

i just melt when Master plays with my cunt but this just added more wetness to my already soaked cunt. we did not play long but they got a eye full of one hairy bush with a finger going in and out of it.

Master also opened up my blouse and played with my very hard nipples. He stood in front of me as He did it. they could tell my blouse was open but could not see my tits. Master did step away once but they were not looking our way.

oh what a rush it was for me but at the same time i was very embarrassed & humiliated to be showing off like this to them. i would never have let anyone do this to me before Master came along.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

hair still there

yes Master did scare slave but He did not shave my head. He had me bound and blindfolded & i could not have stopped it if He would have. as i stood there in my bonds He walked up to me grabbed me by the hair pulled my head back and turned on the clippers. i knew the sound well and i screamed Master no please!

He laughed and said oh yes slave as i felt the clippers rest on the skin of my forehead. i begged and tried to pull away from Him but His big hand held my head still with a hand full of my hair. i just knew i was going to be a bald headed slave soon. He ran the clippers over my head as i started to cry.

then i thought they did not feel like they were cutting as they ran over my head. i was right, He left the guard on the blade. WOW! that was a close one. He did enjoy hearing me beg for my hair. i just wish he would have used it on my pussy instead without the guard.

He already has Mistress lined up to help Him with that project in May. Mistress and cam man will assist Master in waxing me bare. i will be tied spread eagle and must keep my puppy bone in my mouth as they pull out all of my pubic hair. the bone will give me something to bite down on and keep me from screaming out loud. i can't wait for this day to cum.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

a fyi

photos will be deleted from here as Master sees fit. i have no control of what He puts up or takes down. He controls the pictures and He also approves of what i post as well. i write it, save it as a draft, He looks it over & approves it or not and then i post it. He adds the pictures but i can not refuse to post them.

sometimes He will post a picture and tell me write the story to go with it as He did today. so if you are missing a picture you liked this is why.

a lone chain waits

yes a hanging lone chain waits on a post for a slave to be attached. it did not wait long as this slave was attached to it.

hands and arms stretched high above my head & breasts very exposed. legs being attached to a spreader bar i now wait with the hanging chain to complete the picture.

the picture of a slave chained to a whipping post. what a beautiful sight Master said a naked slave in heels chained to a post, her body at His mercy.

i love to be here as i feel this is where i belong. i love to be chained and restrained as i enjoy what comes next as much or more than Master does. i love the feel of the crop, the cane and the flogger against my naked skin. it brings me alive like a piece of chocolate might do to others. momma always said life is like a box of chocolates. mine is just a dark chocolate.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

fun to cum & hnt

well i know it has been a while since i have posted. it has been just crazy busy at work for me and i am just drained when i get home. besides Master and i have not done much to write about.
i still kneel for Him every morning only now i have the bone in my mouth as kneel with naked ass high in the air and face on the floor. puppy and bone get along very well now. i enjoy it much better than a ball gag. i have only dropped it once and that was at the park. got the crop for that mistake.

Master has a big day planned for me this weekend. we are going to have one of our get away play days. i have been told that i will be going to the ice machine in a see thru black robe with heels & collar to get things started off. my pussy is soaked just thinking about doing that. i know i will be a nervous nellie doing it but a very wet one.
after the ice is in the room i am sure the dress code of the day is bare ass naked for me as i am to be used. i need this day bad and can not wait to feel the pain of the cane, the sting of the crop and the hot feel of a fresh ginger root in my ass. yes i have been told to stop and get a ginger root.

He has also told me that it is shave day but not for my hairy pussy, my f*cking head. i really hope He is playing with my mind on this and not serious. i would die if He did that. i am no hollywood star and have no plans on being one. i know once i am bound i will have no way to stop him but i am sure He would not enjoy me being bald. oh well if i am bald it will be just another sign of His ownership of me.
p.s. that is a old pic of my bald pussy days. can't wait for May to get here.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

puppy & bone

yes this puppy enjoys her bone very much. it was used on me again the other night on the way home from work. Master had me lick it and than place it inside my cunt. i was to move it in and out as i drove home.

of course He had me all warmed up first before i put it in with a nice spanked ass. the bone was used as my gag for my 35 swats with a leather paddle. what a nice ride home i had with a warm ass and wet pussy with a bone in it. Master loves to keep me wet & warm.

the pic is me with my bone being walked at the park. the hood is just to cover my face for posting. i do not walk with the hood on. i do walk with bone in place and leash on.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

puppy's bone

i was very excited when Master called & told me to meet him at the park yesterday. He was out shopping as was i. Master said He had a new toy for me to play with. well little did i know he was shopping at at the pet store.

well i raced off to our park to see what fun thing Master had bought for me. when Master arrived at the park He had this white thing in His hand and was unwrapping it. He walked up to me and told me to open my mouth. He then placed this small white dog bone in it and told me not to drop it. it was a dog bone for the puppy in me.

you see i am a very happy puppy when i have my bone to play with. that is what i call Master's hard cock that i am always begging for. i like to lick it and bury it deep inside me. He told me now i could have my bone anytime i wanted it. i was also told to have it with me at all times and to keep it clean as it will be used in my mouth & pussy. so here i stood like a real puppy being told about my new toy.

it was a beautiful day so Master and puppy went for a walk through the park with the bone still in my mouth. when Master decided he had walked his puppy enough we sat on a park bench for awhile. Master then told me to put the bone in my cunt and slide it in and out WOW! what a great feeling to have a breeze blowing, sun shining and me getting boned in the park. I LOVED IT!

all Master had to do was touch my nipples and I had an orgasm right there with the bone buried deep inside my cunt. Master knows just the right words and just the right way to caress me that just makes me shiver with joy. telling me i am good puppy as he pets my hair He then had me to take the bone out and lick it clean while he watched. the bone was very wet with my juices and it took a lot of licks to clean it but i loved every one of them.

i guess we spent about 2.5 hours playing at the park and now it was time to go. Master placed the bone back in my mouth as we got up to leave. i carried my bone back to the car like a good slut puppy. so if you ever see a woman walking around a park with a collar and leash on with a bone in her mouth that will be me. just stop by and say nice puppy.

thank you Master i really enjoy my play bone now can i have the real one? your slut puppy forever.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


well the garden is growing mmf toy as you can can see.

can not wait for May to get here. Master said i will not be shaved but waxed. never had a wax and i am looking forward to it. i will take great pain if that is what it takes to be bald again.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


some of you had ask a while back about the story behind the the thumbcuffs. Master likes to use them in public settings as they are easy for Him to cover with His hand. we can walk with His arm half way around me holding my cuffs in His hand and no one can see that i am cuffed.

with my arms cuffed behind me i can be exposed with no chance of covering up when someone comes near. He enjoys showing off this slave's body by having a blouse unbuttoned or me in a very short skirts that he will pull up.

just this past Sunday i was sent for a oil change wearing my short skirt and white blouse with no bra or panties of course. well when the kid came up to my car to get my info i was not even thinking about how i looked. my naked legs was his to veiw all the way up to my crotch. and veiw he did taking forever to get my info. not cuffed but very exposed as Master likes.

when he came back to me after it was done with my bill he told me don't be afraid to spread those legs. i laughed and said maybe next time. that is when i looked down to see how high the skirt was on me sitting there. he had a big grin of his face as i drove off. made his day and mine.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

about me

Master had me do a top 50+ things about me a long time ago. He picked these out for my 1st ten. you will see all of them over time if you come back to my blog. so here are just a few things you did not know about me or maybe you did if read my blog.

1. most of the time i don't wear a bra & i never wear panties. something that i would have never done two years ago.
2. i have a mean streak if you piss me off.
3. i got my hood perced 8 months ago and i am so happy i did. the pleasure i have received from it is so wonderful.
4. my pussy was always to be kept bald unless Master told me otherwise.(u see he changed that since i wrote this)
5. i love being tied up and spanked hard.
6. wish i could turn back time. i would do a LOT of things different.
7. i have just begun to love and live at 50+. Master came into my world and showed me what real love is.
8. laying naked on a beach is where i want to be.
9. i don't like sci-fi or John Wayne movies.
10. i would love to see what real snow looks like one day.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

what if they knew

the real me? i know someone out there reading this has ask and answered this very question before. what does happen when the everyday people you see and work with or even go to church with find out about you?

what happens when they find out you love to be submissive and be spanked, whipped and expose your naked body in public places? to submit to another person? why do we hide the things we love? sometimes i want to jump up on my desk at work and scream i am a slave, a cunt, a whore and i fucking love it!

i know my sex life is 25 times better than what they have. i have heard most of there sad stories or at least the ones they feel safe telling me. why are there all of these blogs with everyone telling the world how much they enjoy pain & subbing but won't tell their best friends?

i have told a few freinds and one co-worker about my lifestyle. all that know have no problem with what i love. those are the ones with very open minds. i wish i could tell more. why is a bdsm lifestyle so looked down on?

i don't know the answer that is why i ask the question.......... spank me Master i love it and want more of it!

P.S. did i tell you about being a bi slave? think i did and i love it!