Sunday, December 09, 2007

public places

i am sure you have seen or heard about the two guys that went into the convenience store butt ass naked shopping and bought skittles. it was all caught on tape and shown on the news and www.

well i have not done that yet, but i am sure if the right time and place comes along i will. what i have been made to do is walk in with a very tight and thin tube top with my hard nipples poking out and buy something. along with very short skirt, heels and wearing my collar, but who would be looking at the collar?

i do wear my collar a lot in public places. i have worn it in convenience stores, donut shops, the mall, food stores, hotels and restaurants to name a few. my black one does not draw as much attention as my white one does.

Master loves to see the looks on peoples faces when they notice it. He took me to dinner the other night and we sat in a booth right in the front as you walked in the door. i was facing the door with my collar around my neck and 4 buttons of my shirt unbuttoned with no bra on.

and yes the service was very good that night. for some reason the waiters hung out by the front door that night. i am not allowed to adjust my shirt so if my tit falls out oh well better for you to see it. Master enjoys showing off His slave. truth be known i enjoy it too.

Friday i was wearing the white collar when i stopped in at the donut shop. it was packed as it always is on Friday mornings. not only is the o-ring on it bigger it also jingels or rattles so it makes noise when i walk. one guy looked at it and smiled ear to ear as he walked by me.

i have not had anyone ask me about it yet, but i am sure one of these days it will happen. and yes i will tell them i am a owned sex slave to my Master.

question is what do you do in public places that is exposed or risky? and yes i have done a lot more in public places, but you can read about that in my older posts here. so tell us your story.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture. i picked a good time to visit. My apologies for being MIA for a bit. Life has been hectic...topsey turvey. But i am better...and in a new home. come by for a visit! Keep up the good work!!!!

fit2btied2 dot livejournal dot com

Sheen V said...

Great picture (wish I could see more)! I'm sure a lot of people don't realize the tag's significance. I've also done some crazy things while crossdressed as I have also documented somewhere in my blog.

Anonymous said...

A collar is lovely, but it takes a lot more commitment to have your outer labia pierced for a slavering

kk said...

thanks for stopping by martha. and yes i have been by your new home. i love it.

sheen just how much more do you want to see?

anonymous yes i made that commitment with a pieced hood for His slavering. and i am proud of it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog! I'll be back.

Sheen V said...

kk, I'd like to see as much as you're comfortable showing.

DL's toy said...

This made me wet.

All i could envision is wondering if i should look for the decoratively arranged slave in the Sunoco in the morning when i fetch my coffee. Will it be you? Mmm if it was.

i'd probably give you a smirk, a big green eyed grin, and watch every single step you made with a boob falling out, sexy walking and confidence of doing your Owner proud while purchasing that bag of skittles (which happen to be my favorite, by the way).

Lovely photo and absolutely sexy words here. You made me wet as hell imagining this. i LOVE social scenes!!!