Sunday, December 30, 2007

b-day spanking

well another year flies by and yes i am a another year older. i am not going to tell what day my birthday is only that i had one this month. i am going to tell that i was in a very rotten mood the day of my b-day. i guess because i am getting older.

i was told to be in position wearing my birthday suit & collar for my b-day spanking when Master arrived. well i was not, as i was tired and very cranky. Master had my gift in His hand and when He saw i was sitting there with my shirt still on and not in position He said He would just take it back.

i told Him i was too tired and did not want a spanking tonight. He said today is your birthday and you are getting one NOW so take off the shirt and get into position slave. well it took all i had in me to do as i was told. Master knew a good hard spanking was just what this slave needed to pick up her mood.

Master used a piece of hard wood about 2" wide x 1/4" thick x 2' long for His b-day paddle. it has a bite to it to. Master knew i was not into the birthday mood at all so to get me in it He had me sing to myself.

after each and every swat i was to sing "Happy Birthday to me i am a whore at 54" and yes kids that is my true age. i would never tell anyone my real age, but when Master came into my life that changed.

He made me give Him a photo copy of my driver's license next to a color picture of me in my collar stating i am His slave forever. can i tell how much fun that was to go to office depot and make that copy for Him. oh yes i did need help with the copy machine to.

Master gave me a nice tie up the back corset and gift card. Mistress baked me a nice cake and gave me a fish hook gag as She knows i do like a ball gag in my mouth. Master said He can't wait to put on my fish hooks so He can feed me His worm. overall it was a good birthday for me other than me acting like a 5 year old.

Now i am just waiting to get my spanking from Mistress.


slave jane said...

Happy b-day!! And your not that old. Still young enough to have kinky sex is young enough!! LOL

Sheen V said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!