Sunday, January 06, 2008

cold as punishment

yes not all of my punishment is done with paddles & whips. last weekend we had some cold weather and heavy winds blowing that cold. Master had me dress in black thigh highs with black knee high boots a coat and collar and nothing else.

now this is not a bad looking outfit to wear out in public and no one knows i am naked under the coat, but Master & i. as long as i stay in a car or a store life naked under a coat is great. what makes it not so great is when Master said lets stop by the park and take a stroll. i begged Him not to stop, but you know how that goes.

we stopped and when we got out of the car He attached my leash to my collar and said unbutton the coat slave. i told Him i was very cold and might get sick if i opened it. He said i could open it and walk or He would take it off & walk me. well what would you have done in that spot?

yea i thought so, and that is just what this slave did, i opened it up. i had goose bumps all over my body and was froze. as i walked i tried to close up my coat around me, but Master was wise to what i was doing and told me to let blow in the breeze or take it off. well it looked good blowing like a flag in a wind storm.

there were some warm spots in the sun, but for the most part it was very hard cold nipples on this girl. Master did give me some hugs to warm me up now and then, but i wanted to be in a nice warm bed hugging on Him not naked in a damm cold park. anything below 70 and i am cold.
we spent about a hour there just walking & sitting along with picture taking. i was never so glad to get back into a car in my life. i still shake when i think of that day.


Sheen V said...

The cold does tend to perk things up on a woman, and shrink things on a man. Beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Girl...
A delightful story and pic!!! Might I suggest to your Master however to snip off the buttons of your coat... Much more entertaining watching you work at keeping the coat properly drawn closed as you travel about!!


dmddoc said...

Cold does make things hard and sensitive- would have loved to have seen your nipples and clit afterwards. I can only imagine now what will happen to you since Dallas lost-your Master will be an unhappy soul. I am happy because I am a NE fan (and season ticket holder).

kk said...
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kk said...

Andrew thanks for the idea Master is going to do that with some of shirts now :(

doc sorry Master does not care if the boys win or lose. He is a Five time Super Bowl champ Steeler fan just like the boys are!

Destiny and her pet chance said...

Very sexy photo. I wish we lived near the park your Master walks you.