Monday, December 26, 2011

show dog

yes that is just what i am for my Owner a show puppy. it started with me on my hands and knees crawling naked on the floor to the bed. i was told to get up on the bed on all fours with my legs spead wide like a good puppy. once on the bed and in position Master started taking many pictures of me.

as He walked all around me He snapped pictures of me. He said i looked just like the winning dog at a dog show. i was told to hold my head up high and wiggle my puppy ass for Him as He snapped away. He then put my hood over my head so He could post His show puppy's pictures.

next Master was standing behind me with lube on His middle finger and rubbing it on my a-hole. then i feel it pushing it's way deep inside me. as He finger fk'd my hole He ask where is my finger slave and twice i said inside my ass Master. He ask me again a third time and that is when i finally snapped and gave Him the correct answer. i said to Him it is in YOUR ass Master.

He said yes slave that is correct it is in My ass, now how does that make you feel as I rub my finger in and out and all around inside there? i told Him i felt very owned and used like a whore would. i know it was a good 10 to 15 mins of Him rubbing around inside my hole as He talked about it with me.

He removed His finger and replaced it with my steel njoy butt plug. once the plug was in place His leash was attached to the handle of the plug. with more pictures being taken. i was then pulled off the bed by my leash to the floor where i was to crawl around like a good puppy on her leash following her owner.

Master took over 90+ pics and 10 movies of His puppy this day and everyone of them have been seen by our close friends. Master said He likes to show off His show dog to others. and i take great pride in being His owned puppy dog. arf arf

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Season Beatings

and greetings to one and all. Master and i hope all of your BDSM dreams cum true this hoilday season. i know i do not write here as much as i should to keep you all posted of my slavehood to Master, but i do want you to know i do enjoy all my friendships i have made here.

and for those of you that enjoy reading about my naked ass being whipped you will be pleased to know that it was just this past week. i was given 70 nice hard ones with a leather belt. most of the 70 where part of my b-day spanking but i also earned more for going to sleep before being allowed to. i will not tell you how many was for what reason but i will tell you i did enjoy each and everyone.

one of the things Master enjoys most is whipping me without restraining me. He has trained me to take my punishment without my moving. He wants me to accept the pain He gives me and enjoy it. i show Him that i do accept and enjoy it by not moving away from it like a true slave should. if i am to move at all i am to stick my ass up higher or out to Him and only when told to.

sometimes it is very hard to hold still for the pain that is to cum, but i try hard and Master knows when i do move it really hurt. He was very proud of me taking the 70 swats as i kept my legs spread and my ass up for Him without moving. to tell you the truth i wanted and neeeded it bad.

i don't know if it happens to everyone that gets spanked, but it turns me into a real sex whore. i get a real sexual need from a good hard spanking. i think i could take a football team of cocks in all my holes after a good hot spanking :) anyone else feel like that?

we also want to wish you all a Happy Spanking New Year and good cheer!

a true sex slave and whore,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

just so you know

i am still here and yes i am still a owned naked ass slave. i know it has been a long while since my last posting. things have been very busy with life and family. i will tell you that i spend most of my computer time at the fet. it is a great place for sluts like me to hang.

i can tell you that my Master heard from toy's Master and some things got out of hand and they have parted ways. Master and i miss toy & dl very much and wish them both the very best. i never met toy in real life, but felt a great connection with her. i have only felt that way with her and puppytails. i guess real sex sluts & slaves connect in ways others don't understand. i love them both even if i only know of them from their blogs.

Master had a birthday was this month and guess who got the b-day spanking? oh no not the birthday boy, but His naked ass slave, me! and it hurt too. not only did my ass cheeks burn butt my hole was on fire. as Master was spanking my ass He grabbed a spray of binaca breath spray and sprayed my a-hole. OUCH!

it burned like a hot fire for about 10 mins. He thought it was funny, i did not. and just to prove i really did enjoy it more than i let on He ask me if i wanted more? i said no at first butt i cannot ever tell Master no for long. so He told me if i really wanted it to spread my ass cheeks apart and hold them open for Him. and like the good pain slut i am i reached back with both hands & opened them wide apart and let Him really coat my hole this time. i still feel it burning in my mind even now as i write this.

He will post my red ass pic later when He reads this posting for all to see :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

what happen to toy?

has anyone in the blogger world seen or heard from mmft? her link to her blog tells me the blog is no longer available. we have also sent her a email that has went unanswered as well.

Master and i both miss reading about her and Darklord. she was the Queen of true sex slaves in the punishment that she took in my book. i hope all is well with her and hope someone can tell me if she is ok.

i miss her.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

hot times

well i see it has been a while since my last posting here. well let me just say it has been some hot times around here. yes it has been a very hot july and august with temps everyday at 100 or more with no rain at all. this keeps a slave very busy with a water hose trying to keep a lawn and flowers. and you thought this was going to be a hot sex story :)

i do have a story about a hot whipped pussy to tell if you want to read it? Master was out of town for a couple of days and He texted me what He wanted me to do for my worship time of Him. He told me to get down on my spread knees put my tits and nose against the wall with hands on my head. then i was to chant outloud "i am just His naked cunt"

well i was doing as told when i texed back that i was on my knees with hands, tits & nose on wall as i chant "i am just a naked cunt". He then texted back to READ what i was told & it would cost me 50 swats on my naked cunt for not following His instructions. if you read & paid attention you would see what i did wrong. now can you tell me what that was?

the day after He got back when we stopped for our after work beer and i was to be naked for Him when He arrived there. i was naked when He got into my car at our private yet very public parking spot. He had the crop in His hand as He got in and i handed Him a cold beer. we kissed like kids than He told me to lay back.

once i had the seat back down i was told to put my feet up on the dashboard with my legs spread wide and my hands behind my head. i did as told and He told me that i was to count each stroke and thank Him for each one. on each of the tenth ones i was to give the count and thanks and say i am just His naked cunt. i said yes Master.

as i laid there naked with feet on dash and steering wheel between my spread legs He opens His door and gets out. now He gets into the back seat so He has a better aim at my naked cunt with His crop. He lands the 1st of many on my bald cunt with a nice sting as i count 1 thank you Master. with each one i felt the pain and the burning of my cunt in my brain. not once did i even try to close my legs in fact i opened them wider for Him as i relaxed and enjoyed my punishment. at the end of the fifty my cunt felt like it was on fire as it was bright red and hot.

Master now gets out and back in the front as i lay there spread wide open for Him to take photos on my whipped pussy. He might post one here later for all to see He said. He told me i am a true pain slut for njoying that. i said yes Master i am, you made me one and i love it!

now do you think i learned to read after that? well maybe for a while until i want my pussy whipped again ;) oh yes as all of this all was being done a car drove thru the lot. i wonder if they saw my feet up on the dash?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

cover up

hello all. i know it has been a while since my last post. i guess i just think you are tired of reading about me serving Master on my knees and getting my ass beat so i just don't post as much as i use to.

yes Master is still doing all those nasty things to me that you all love so much. and i love doing them more and more. just the other day he force feed me His hardness and pulled my head up and down by my hair. as He came He held me down tight on His member as i gagged on it. He loves to make me gag with Him deep inside my mouth. He calls it a down to the balls bitch bj. i just love it too.

the other thing that He did was to buy me a very nice beach cover up to wear around. the only thing is it does not cover up anything. i am nude when i do get to wear it and it is see thru. i am very exposed to anyone that is close by, but from a distance it looks like i am dressed but up close i am not.

so far i have only been made to wear it for our walks in the park. Master really wants to make me wear it on the beach, but at the same time does not want me to go to the irons hotel. (jail) so maybe when the crowds thin out in the winter it might happen.

as we walked the park the day i did wear it we had a mother and daughter show up in the parking lot and drive around. the daugher was learning to drive so they drove around a lot as we walked. not sure if they could tell i was nude or not, but there was nothing i could do about it anyway if they did. i was being walked with my hands held tight behind my back by Master's hand and exposed for all to see.

i just love to be at His side and be showed off as His naked ass slave. oh yes and i was also in collar that i know they could see without problem.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


well the week of the cane ended on a bad note. Master started off the week of the cane with 25 for the 1st day and it ended with 60 swats in one session. each day the swat count rose and with harder swats.

at the very end on the last day at about swat number 48 the cane broke. yes about a 8" pc went flying across the room and hit the wall. it surprised us both when it happen. Master said that tough ole ass of your broke my cane slave.

it was still useable just a bit shorter now. that was not the end of the swats they kept coming only harder now being i broke it. i craved the pain more each day and stayed pretty still for it. when He stopped my ass was on fire and i was very wet. Master then thumb fucked my cunt deep as His fingers rubbed hard on His mark. He held my cunt like a bowling ball in His hand.

now for the sad part, Master had me get up & move over to sit my wet cunt down on His hard cock and as i moved over to sit on Him i stepped on the cane and broke what was left of it. we did not even know it until we got off of Master and He went to pick it up to put away. now there is only about a foot of the lexan cane left.

i now need to find one to replace it with. and when i do find one i am to tell the sales person my ass broke the last one when i check out. and yes my ass was black and blue for about four days after it.

now until i find a new cane the lexan paddle will take it's place on my naked ass. pain is pleasure for me :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

lasting marks

this past week i was caned nice and hard for about five minutes and my ass had some really nice markings on it. the only problem is they were gone the next morning. i love to look at my naked ass and see the markings of my my Master.don't ask me why that is, but i think it is a pride thing for me. yes i take a lot of pride in knowing i took the pain of my Master without fail and i want to see the results for a long time. Master knows i love to wear His marks and i get disappointed when there are none after a while. His marks are my slave badge of courage. the courage to bend over and present my naked ass to Him to do with as He pleases without fail. just today i was taken to the whipping tree at our local park and beat with His leather belt. this was the kickoff of cane pain week for me. this week i will be whipped everyday with the cane nice and hard. the reason for this is to see if at the end of the week i will have His marks to look at for a while. yes there is no other reason for this other than wanting to see His marks on my naked ass for longer then a couple of hours. i am wanting to see a nice black and blue ass for the up coming weekend and do hope to have one. if this does not work then we will try the lexan paddle for the following week. so let's hope this works because i hate that damm paddle. and yes i can still see His marks from the leather belt today as i look now at my naked ass. yes i am naked now just as i always am when i post here. just so you all know. ps for some reason the spacing is not working on this post today. i fixed it 5 times and it still is bunched up.

Friday, March 18, 2011


and out of sorts at the beginning of this week. i had pains in my stomach and was short with Master at times and not my happy go lucky self. i had no clue as to why i was this way, but i was and everyone around me could just deal with it.

that is just how i roll when i am in these moods. i could care less what others think of me and i will tell you so at the drop of a hat. i can be a real bitch with a capital B and not even know i am. and fyi i gave up the rides on the damm cotton pony a long time ago, so it was not that shit.

well there is one person that knows Mrs B real well and He has no use for her at all. and that person is my Master. He can hear it in my voice and how i i talk to others around me. Master is a good sport and trys His best to keep me calm & happy doing my off times.

then it happens Master decides it is time. time for this bs to be over. don't ask me how He knows He just does. and when He has had enough of trying to keep me happy and change my ways that is it. there is no more talking it over or wanting to know what is wrong with me it is just pure punishment for me.

i was still in my grump funk on wenesday and when the day was over i stopped in and picked up our after work beers and then met up with Master. He greets me with the lexan paddle in His hand as i hand over His cold beer.

i ask what are you going to do with that? like i didn't know! He said strip off that shirt and get into position slave you know what I am going to do with it. my ass was already naked so that is why He told me to remove my shirt. i thought to myself you can kiss my ass as i removed the shirt. i was not in the mood for this bs.

just don't ask me why but i just cannot refuse to do what i am told to by this man. any other person i would have told them to go fk yourself with that paddle, but not this man. it is like He has a spell on me or something. i was not into being spanked at all this night.

once i was naked and in my proper slave spanking position He started in on my upturned ass. not real hard and not easy just very steady and firm. once He got up to around 35 i really started to feel the heat. i started jumping and begging for Him to stop, but that only made the hits come harder as it always does.

Master pounded on my ass hard until He got up to 50 then He stopped and pulled on my hair to match my face with His cock. i was really hot by now and ready to go. i sucked Him in deep and as i did that He raked His fingernails deep & hard across my red tender spanked ass.

i wanted and needed His cock bad as His nails dug deep into my ass cheeks i sucked harder and took Him deeper. i needed it all and had to have it. i was in superslut mode and nothing was going to stop me now.

i climbed on top of His hardness without even asking to as He pounded it into me deep. i came just as He entered me. He shot His hot wad deep up inside me as i sat on Him collasped having my own orgasams again and again.

i was a new woman after this. the very next day i was my happy self again and thinking straight again. i really don't know what a spanking does to my brain or how it does it, but i will tell you it works wonders on me. i must admit i need the pain to be happy a slut. no question about it.

it just grounds in me life somehow.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Master has not had time to make it out to our local S&M store to shop for a new collar for me. the ones i have now are looking a little wore out from use. so He stopped by the Dom Depot store. that is the local lumber & hardware store for those that don't know.

He bought a 2ft pc of stainless steel chain and a new Master lock. this will be my new collar until He gets time to stop by the S&M shop. He cut it down to size so the lock hangs just below my neck. it can also be used to lock my hands together behind my back as it was last weekend.

it was a beautiful day to walk His puppy at the local park so Master had me put on my leather collar as He used the new chain one to lock my hands behind my back. He attached my chain leash to my collar and off we went.

the park is a small one and most of the people that use it have their dogs with them. as we were walking a car pulled up and young man got out with a cute little puppy to play with. Master did remove my leash when he pulled up, but left my hands locked behind my back.

now my blouse was unbuttoned all the way as well with about a 1-1/2" opening all the way down to my short skirt. and no bra or undies on as well. i ask Master if He would button me up before the stranger saw me and He said no we will let him see you just as you are now.

as we walked Master had His arm around me and His hand on my chained up hands to kind of hide it. we watched as the puppy ran & played in the park. as we made our way back to the car the puppy saw us and ran our way as did his owner to get him.

Master bends down and pets the puppy and leaves me standing there with hands chained behind back, blouse open and in collar. as the man walked up to Master he was calling his puppy to come to him. Master stood up and told the dog go get him and he did. Master told the guy it is a great day to play with puppy's at the park as the guy than looked over at me and said yes it is.

i could feel all my blood in my face as he looked me over from top to bottom. i know my face was bright red with embarrassment. as we walked away from each other Master did not cover up my hands with His. i did not turn around to see if the man was looking or not, but i am sure he saw my hands chained behind me as we walked away from each other.

yes my bald pussy was soaking wet by the time we reached the car. i was just shown off as a chained up exposed collared slave to a complete total stranger and i loved it. and yes my ankle chain was on as well. i wonder what that man thought of Master's puppy all chained up?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

the bullet

for valentines day Master gave me a pink bullet vibrator and a nice red ass with the cane. well let me tell you He could have not picked out a better gift for this sex slut. He said i am going to need new batteries soon if i keep using it like i am. i have had a orgasam each morning before work and each night before bed with it.

my bald pussy just loves this thing and cannot get enough of it. before Master came into my life my cunt was used for peeing and wham bam thank u mam sex. no foreplay just stick a dick in and shoot a wad hole. and dumb ass me thought that is what real sex was all about.

well those days are long gone and my pussy is a playground of pleasure for me now. Master has shown me what real love and fun sex is about. this man knows how to make a woman shiver and shake in sexual pleasure. like the song says you need a man with a slow hand and a lover with a easy touch. Master has all of that and than some.

on v-day night as i was taking off my shirt to be spanked as i am always nude for my spankings Master started sucking on my nipple as He reached down and rubbed my naked cunt. i was already turned on just knowing i would be getting spanked. now i am out of control as He sticks two fingers up my wet hole and rubs on my g spot as He bites down hard on my nipple. OMG i am ready to rape Him now.

now He knows He has me wound up into a sexual craze and after i cum for the third or fouth time and who can count at time like this He tells me to bend over. i get into position with my head down & my ass up high on my knees with legs spread wide as i wait to feel the cane pain.

He starts off hard as He knows i want it bad. as He swats my ass with the cane He rubs my clit with His other hand. i did not want this to ever end as i was getting the pain i love and need along with pleasure at the very same time. the cane was hitting my ass with a steady beat no breaks between swats and my pussy was just a river of own cum.

i used to jump around when i was spanked butt now i just stick out my ass to enjoy the next swat. He finally stopped when my ass was a rosey red as a valentine heart. i just fell into the seat i was on, exhausted from the all pleasures i just enjoyed. oh yea the bullet was used by Him later in the week, but that is another story. now where is my little pink buddy at? i need him now!

Monday, February 07, 2011

the Mistress

the ass of my Mistress now belongs to my Master. Her bet backfired on Her and now she will be tied naked spread eagle and whipped hard six times by Master. this will be Her first real spanking that she will not enjoy as she hates pain. She was really looking forward to spanking Master's ass butt that won't happen now.

i am sure once Her spanking is over with i will be the one to feel the real pain when i have to submit to Her again. She swings a mean crop and knows how to mark my naked ass. i will enjoy seeing Her getting hers and i will enjoy whatever She does to my ass as i enjoy Her pain and Her pussy too. i guess we will both get a licking in more than one way on this day.

Saturday, February 05, 2011


for taking so long to post since my last post. all is well with Master and i. now don't think that just because i have not been posting that i have not been used as the slut i am. i have been well used and well spanked by Master. He likes to keep my ass red hot being it is cold out.

just the other day i was bent over getting my ass cropped to a very nice shade of red. i must tell you this little story about that cropping. Master and Mistress have been emailing back and forth about the super bowl and have a bet going. if pit wins She get to tie up Master and whip Him with 7 swats and sit on His face. if gb wins Master gets to tie her up & whip Her 6 times. now She hates pain and has never allowed anyone to whip Her ever.

well it has been some time since we have played with Her and cam man and this got us on the subject of me licking pussy and how much i enjoy it. in the back and forth emails Mistress ask Master if he was naughty enough to accept the bet. He replied that He wrote the book on naughty.

well we were talking about what He has done with me in the past years and the all naughty things we have done together. He always ask me what my grown kids would say if they knew what i do and what i like. well being Master is so naughty and us talking about all of this it gave Master a new idea.

i am bent over naked getting my ass cropped hard and He starts rubbing my cunt with His other hand as He crops me at the same time. i am turned on like a bright light and He tells me to tell Him that "i want to lick my daughters pussy" i screamed out NO Master and jumped up out of position to look at Him. He said get back into position and do as you are told slave. than with a nice hard crack on my ass i was back in position chanting i want to lick my daughters pussy.

as He rubs on my cunt and spanks me i am so turned on by now i almost think i could if she was there. He then tells me to stick out my tongue like i am licking it. He had me very worked up into a sexual daze as He finger fucked me very deep and i came with my tongue sticking out.

i know it would would never happen and i would never do it. this is nothing more than a head game that Master likes to play. Master enjoys getting into my head as much as getting into my cunt.