Sunday, May 01, 2011


well the week of the cane ended on a bad note. Master started off the week of the cane with 25 for the 1st day and it ended with 60 swats in one session. each day the swat count rose and with harder swats.

at the very end on the last day at about swat number 48 the cane broke. yes about a 8" pc went flying across the room and hit the wall. it surprised us both when it happen. Master said that tough ole ass of your broke my cane slave.

it was still useable just a bit shorter now. that was not the end of the swats they kept coming only harder now being i broke it. i craved the pain more each day and stayed pretty still for it. when He stopped my ass was on fire and i was very wet. Master then thumb fucked my cunt deep as His fingers rubbed hard on His mark. He held my cunt like a bowling ball in His hand.

now for the sad part, Master had me get up & move over to sit my wet cunt down on His hard cock and as i moved over to sit on Him i stepped on the cane and broke what was left of it. we did not even know it until we got off of Master and He went to pick it up to put away. now there is only about a foot of the lexan cane left.

i now need to find one to replace it with. and when i do find one i am to tell the sales person my ass broke the last one when i check out. and yes my ass was black and blue for about four days after it.

now until i find a new cane the lexan paddle will take it's place on my naked ass. pain is pleasure for me :)


William said...

you are one tough pain slut...grins!!! I would love to see the look on the salespersons face when you tell them that...Laughs!!!

charlie said...

I have a lovely Lexan cane- comes with quite a sting.

Anonymous said...


You broke it with your ass? That had to hurt BAD. You're impressive!!

Sheen V said...

Licking my lips after reading this!