Saturday, January 26, 2008

4 days 3 nights

and no i am not talking about a Vegas vacation. as you know the week before i was given panties to wear for losing in the playoffs. Master had given me 5 pair and told me He thought a pair was missing from the last time i was given panties.

so i checked it out and yes i did fail to return a pair back to Him. well i forgot about the extra pair i had found and when my week was up of panties and no bra i was one happy girl. what i failed to do was wear the extra pair to work on Monday of this past week.

Master ask me if i was wearing my panties after i was at work and i looked at Him and said no my week was up. i wore all the ones i was given and returned them to you. He than reminded me of the extra pair i had found.

He said well maybe i should wear the same pair all week. i told Him no way i would have to wash them every night so they would be clean & dry for the next day. He than told me i could wash them when i shower and i said they would be too wet for me to wear to work.

He than gave me the order that i was wear them the rest of week and not to remove them past my ankles once i put them on Tuesday morning until Friday night. i was eat, sleep, shower, shave my pussy and do my worship time while wearing the same panties.

yes i was to pull them down to my knees to wash my ass and shave my cunt smooth as i do everyday. once i am out of the shower i do Master worship time by placing a small butt plug into my ass and bending over the arm of the sofa naked with my legs spread wide for 10 mins every morning. i was now to do this with panties on pulled down just to the bottom of my ass cheeks.

i never in my life wore clothing into a shower before this past week. it was very strange to stand in the shower with wet panties on my ass. i will tell you i was wearing barley there boyshort panties and they do dry fast with a hair dryer.

last night i was told to take off my panties and i did it with great joy. i went to hand them back to Master and He said you are not done wearing them slave. now put them over your head so you can smell yourself. i did as i was told as Master got out the camera and took my picture. about 15 mins later i was on my knees with His hardness in my wet mouth as He face f**ked me hard.

what a great way to end a long work week for us both. i now sit here naked enjoying my panty free life once again until the next time i am put in panty bondage.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

felt like a whore

all day Friday at work. when my boys lost the game last Sunday i lost my bra for a week. Master ask me before the game how i was feeling about the game and i said good.

He said ok here is the deal if they lose the game you lose your bra and must wear panties all week. if they win than you get to dress as normal bra without panties. i have been going without panties for so long that they bother me now when i have to wear them. as you know i do not own panties Master owns them and keeps them under lock and key.

i was to wear button down shirts all week as well. Mon, Tues & Wed were not to bad, but as the week wore on i had less shirts to choose from that were dark enough to hide my naked nipples. on top of that it was cold here this past week so i wanted long sleeves and cold makes my nipples hard as rocks.

Friday found me in a old shirt i had not worn in years. the problem was it was a little on the small side and i did not notice it when i put it on at home, but when i got to work and sat down the holes between the buttons where wide open right at my tits. i never felt more naked with clothes on than i did this day.

Master loved it and said show them off like the good whore you are slave. i did my best to keep it closed up i even stapled the hole at my tits shut. i told Master i had to as you could just look right at my naked tit from my left side it was so open. the damm panties were a pain in the ass this day too.

i don't care if i ever see another pair of panties on this girls ass. i love being without them now. when Master first took them away from it felt stange at time to be without them now it feels stranger to be in them.

and just so you know i was given three times the points for losing the playoff game. yes 51 nice hard ones with the nasty crop. when He was done with the spanking He grabbed me by my hair and forced my head up and down on His hardness. i sucked Him off just like a $2 whore would He said.

it makes me wet to just write about it. you would never guess i could be such a sex whore if you met me at the store or work, but i am and i love it. i am sure there are a lot more women out there like me, they just need someone to break open there shell like Master broke mine.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

cold as punishment

yes not all of my punishment is done with paddles & whips. last weekend we had some cold weather and heavy winds blowing that cold. Master had me dress in black thigh highs with black knee high boots a coat and collar and nothing else.

now this is not a bad looking outfit to wear out in public and no one knows i am naked under the coat, but Master & i. as long as i stay in a car or a store life naked under a coat is great. what makes it not so great is when Master said lets stop by the park and take a stroll. i begged Him not to stop, but you know how that goes.

we stopped and when we got out of the car He attached my leash to my collar and said unbutton the coat slave. i told Him i was very cold and might get sick if i opened it. He said i could open it and walk or He would take it off & walk me. well what would you have done in that spot?

yea i thought so, and that is just what this slave did, i opened it up. i had goose bumps all over my body and was froze. as i walked i tried to close up my coat around me, but Master was wise to what i was doing and told me to let blow in the breeze or take it off. well it looked good blowing like a flag in a wind storm.

there were some warm spots in the sun, but for the most part it was very hard cold nipples on this girl. Master did give me some hugs to warm me up now and then, but i wanted to be in a nice warm bed hugging on Him not naked in a damm cold park. anything below 70 and i am cold.
we spent about a hour there just walking & sitting along with picture taking. i was never so glad to get back into a car in my life. i still shake when i think of that day.