Friday, May 28, 2010

needed pain

yeasterday i woke up needing to feel some pain. it has been a while since Master had spanked my ass. i guess i have been a good slave girl as of late. as i got into the shower i thought i am going to put clothespins on my nipples for my morning Master worship time.

i could not wait to get done in the shower so i could feel the burning pain in my nipples. once i was dried off i went and got out the clothespins and put one on each hard nipple. i just love the way it turns my pussy on to have pain in my nipples.

i dried my hair and brushed my teeth, did my makeup all while wearing the clothespins. as i looked in the mirror i thought i might as well mark myself as to what i am as well. so i got a black marker and wrote owned on the right tit and slave on the left one in big black letters.

i then took a picture of my marked and c-pinned tits and sent it to Master to see. i also told Him i was worshiping pain today. He replyed back to me to go get a filpflop and beat my own ass with it. i did only i put a ribbed dog bone up my cunt first.

now with clothespins biting into my tender nipples and a ribbed plastic dog bone deep up cunt hole i bent over the side of the bed and went to work on my naked ass with the filpflop. i beat each cheek as hard and as long as i could before my arm gave out on me. i then worked the dog bone in and out as i came from it all.

i took the bone out of my wet cunt and cleaned it off in my mouth. i licked it clean and put it away then i removed the clothespins from my nipples for another rush of pain. now with a sore ass and sore marked tits i dressed and left for work.

when Master saw me at work He just looked at my tits and smiled knowing that they had owned slave wrote accross them. He also told me He will be spanking my ass later with my hairbrush being i want to worship pain this day. at days end my ass was naked again and held high in the air and spanked hard with a plastic hairbrush 25 times. ouch!

what a great start and end to my work day with a red hot ass at each end of it. Master ask me why i was needing pain so much these days and i told Him because of a good Master turned me into a real pain slut. i crave pain now. who would have ever thought that? not me six years ago.

Friday, May 21, 2010

i never dreamed

this blog would have over a half a million hits on it. i was just your plain everyday June Clever woman in 2004 when i met the Master. He has changed everything about my life since then. i now know what real love and a real orgasm doing sex really are. i have cum more times in the last six years then i ever did in my first fifty.

if you are a woman and you are reading this and you never had a real orgasm doing sex with your man than you are having sex with the wrong man. i know most of my readers (male) want to read about how my Master made me strip in public or whipped my ass, but girls you have got to have a big O with your man deep inside of you. Master knows my cunt like a good book.

now back to the blog. it just started out (July 2005) as something just to play around with and record my new adventures with Master. i did not even think either one would last this long. it was all just a dream cuming true for me. this blog was just a fun way to stay up with all things we did together.

sometimes it is hard to post new stories as they all seem to have the same plot. me tied up, whipped or exposed in public. that is why you do not see me posting every day or week. my loyal readers have seen every body part of me posted naked. the only one that has not been posted is my face. when i no longer need a job you to will see that someday. i hope i don't scare you that day.

i love all of my fans and you know who you all are. i just want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all for taking time out of your life to look in on me and my kinky ways. i know this is not a good way of life for everyone, but it is for me and i enjoy it very much.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

show it

what a great week this was showing off for my Master. the weather was warm and sunny and this slave was naked and loving it. it started last Sunday in the park when Master & i were walking. it was a beautiful day in the warm sun with a lite breeze blowing.

we were in the back of the park about 150 yards from the parking lot and as we started back to the car Master said take off your dress slave and give it to me. He has done this before as He likes to take pictures of me. He then hands me back my dress when He is done. this time he just started walking back to the car with my dress in His hand.

i had no choice but to follow Him in the nude. there was no one in the park, but as you walk toward the parking lot you can be seen more from the street that goes past the park. it felt good to have the warm sun and breeze on my naked skin as i walked & very close to Master. at the same time i was nervous that someone would pull into the parking lot. i made it all the way to the car as cars zoomed past on the street. i was then bent over the hood and given three nice hard swats with the lexan cane to add some color to my ass. i spent the rest of day nude at home inside as well as outside in the backyard.

i also had my vet appointment this week to have my bald kitty checked out. as always Master told me to be BPP (bald pussy proud). i was also slave proud as well. i laid there spread wide open showing my Master's mark along with my ankle chain on for the vet and nurse to see. i am very proud of His mark and enjoy showing it now. i remember when i hated going to the vet now i almost enjoy it. i guess being made to spread wide for Master has changed how i think about it now.

Thursday we stopped in for drinks at our favorite watering hole with me wearing the big purple collar. Friday at lunch i wore the collar that has slave spelled out on it into Luby's restaurant. and Friday also marked SIX years to the very day that i first kissed Master and this all started. i am so very happy to serve Him as our love is very strong for each other.

thank you Master for all you have done for me and to me. i LOVE U Master!

at the park see my stripes?