Friday, May 28, 2010

needed pain

yeasterday i woke up needing to feel some pain. it has been a while since Master had spanked my ass. i guess i have been a good slave girl as of late. as i got into the shower i thought i am going to put clothespins on my nipples for my morning Master worship time.

i could not wait to get done in the shower so i could feel the burning pain in my nipples. once i was dried off i went and got out the clothespins and put one on each hard nipple. i just love the way it turns my pussy on to have pain in my nipples.

i dried my hair and brushed my teeth, did my makeup all while wearing the clothespins. as i looked in the mirror i thought i might as well mark myself as to what i am as well. so i got a black marker and wrote owned on the right tit and slave on the left one in big black letters.

i then took a picture of my marked and c-pinned tits and sent it to Master to see. i also told Him i was worshiping pain today. He replyed back to me to go get a filpflop and beat my own ass with it. i did only i put a ribbed dog bone up my cunt first.

now with clothespins biting into my tender nipples and a ribbed plastic dog bone deep up cunt hole i bent over the side of the bed and went to work on my naked ass with the filpflop. i beat each cheek as hard and as long as i could before my arm gave out on me. i then worked the dog bone in and out as i came from it all.

i took the bone out of my wet cunt and cleaned it off in my mouth. i licked it clean and put it away then i removed the clothespins from my nipples for another rush of pain. now with a sore ass and sore marked tits i dressed and left for work.

when Master saw me at work He just looked at my tits and smiled knowing that they had owned slave wrote accross them. He also told me He will be spanking my ass later with my hairbrush being i want to worship pain this day. at days end my ass was naked again and held high in the air and spanked hard with a plastic hairbrush 25 times. ouch!

what a great start and end to my work day with a red hot ass at each end of it. Master ask me why i was needing pain so much these days and i told Him because of a good Master turned me into a real pain slut. i crave pain now. who would have ever thought that? not me six years ago.

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Florida Dom said...

KK: Now that he's turned you into a pain slut, it's his responsibility to deliver the pain unless he just wants to torment you by denying you.

Pain sluts tend to crave the pain if they're not given it often enough and you seem to fit in that category.

Hope you will share when he gives you that pai with the spankings.