Saturday, June 19, 2010

counting vs time

Master has came up with a new way to spank His naked ass slave. He is not sure why He did not think of it long before now. the other day i was doing my required morning worship of Master. i was naked as always on spread wide knees with my nipples and nose touching the wall and my hands joined together high above my head.

now i am to remain in my position for 10 mins once i am in the position. i text Master when i start and when i finish. most times i can see a clock and know when my time is up. in this position i can not see the clock and i did not set my timer. so when i text that i was done, Master let me know i was out of my position two mins early.

well that gave Him the idea to cane my ass for two minutes as my punishment that evening. now in the past i was always made to count and say thank you Master i deserved that may i have another after each swat. this gave me some time between swats butt not this time.

there was no time between swats as they came fast and steady all over my naked ass cheeks for a solid two minutes. Master was the time keeper not me being i failed at worship. i had no idea as to when this beating would stop and that really worked on my brain. when i count i know when the end is near most of the time as i know how many i will be getting. Master had a nice rhythm going using my ass as His own little drum. it would hurt bad then feel almost numb then hurt again.

there were some hard ones mixed in with the steady but firm ones. being the pain slut i am i really enjoyed the new way of spanking me and told Master so. my ass cheeks were very red all over when it was over. the very next day after my spanking i had brain gas (fart) and forgot to put on my collar for the evening.

when Master saw me He said i guess you really did enjoy your 2 min spanking because you just earned a three minute one slave! i ask why as He stared at my naked neck and then it hit me i did not put on my collar for Him. again i found my naked ass bent over for Mr Cane to pain.

i was hoping i could make it all three minutes without moving and i did. when Master was done He ask me how long do you think you could take a spanking like this slave? i answered maybe four minutes would be my best. He said too short slave I think ten minutes like your worship time would be good. i said i will need more training for that Master. He said no problem slave next one will be 5 minutes and you will be halfway to your new goal.

well i guess the upside is i don't have to worry about messing up the count no more. oh yes i almost forgot when He was done with my two minute spanking He used my mouth for His pleasure as He face fucked me hard. a man that knows how to treat this slut. i loved it.


Anonymous said...

Great story!

I look forward to hearing all about your progress toward your goal

Mike and Eva said...

hi kk,

guess this 10 minute goal is really getting you in a mind blowing stage, like to a trance, ecstasy level.
like anonymous, we like to follow your progress. you are such a lucky slave, have such a inventive MASTER

love mike & eva xx