Saturday, June 26, 2010

sexual indentity

what is yours? i was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about gays in sports. something about a player coming out doing the world cup as gay. a caller called in and made the comment that everyone has their own sexual identity and should not be put down for what they enjoy.

he said no two people are the same and it is as indivdual as finger prints. so i thought i would ask you what do you think your sexual identity is? i think i know what mine is and that is i am just a slut. i love sex alone or with my Master. i love to have orgasams and i love to have cum in me or on me. i love to be submissive to my Master and do as i am told. i enjoy all the pain & pleasure that He gives me.

Master brought out my sexual identity that was hidden in me for a very long time. i enjoy being nude inside and outside now. i am very proud of my naked body now and not ashamed of it. i will show it off when i am told to without fail. being naked is being free to me and very relaxing too. it is the real me nothing is hidden when you are nude. i really enjoy all the pleasure i get from it.

i know that not all women enjoy what i do. yet i also know there are those that do. puppytails and fucktoy are two that have a sexual identity very close to mine, but yet different in some little ways. i love pain, but i know fucktoy loves it way more than i do. funny how we are almost the same yet different in what we like and enjoy.

if your are a regular reader of this blog tell me what you think my sexual identity is? and don't be shy expose your sexual indentity to us. tell us what makes you cum & cum & cum. Master and i think of ourselves two as sex whores that found each other.

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MisterMark said...

I think your sexual identity is one of freedom. Its like you have gone beyond needing labels and know what you like and you have found someoen who totally compliments that and together that makes you sexually free...
its a beautiful thing :-)