Sunday, July 11, 2010

almost exposed

Master and i took some vacation time around the 4th and it did nothing but rain. that did not bother us at all for we already had a all day sex day planned anyway. the rain poured outside as cum poured inside.

as i have said before we think of ourselves as two sex whores that found each other. and this sex day proved it once again. one of the very first things that we did was sit on Master's face and let Him eat my wet pussy. He wanted my wetness all over His face. He even rubbed His nose up inside my wet cunt. He loves to eat my pussy pie and He is great at it too.

He even had me turn around and sit my ass on His face as He licked around my hole. He licked that space between my cunt and my a-hole and i thought i would just die from the pleasure it gave me. i then went down on His hard cock with my mouth. we stayed in the 69 position for a long while just enjoying each others pp's.

i then turned around and sat down on His hardness as it slipped deep inside my wetness. i rode Him like a good horse. He shot a nice big wad inside of me that we just let drip back out onto the sheets as we both laid there spent. we kissed and He held me tight in His arms as we rested up for our next round.

the next round found me tied spread eagle as Master worked my cunt over with Mr C my rubber cock. don't ask me how many times i came this day i could not count them all. i can tell you we were both wore out at the end of the day and slept very sound that night.

as we spent the morning drinking coffee and mimosa's that turned into the need to pee for me. i ask Master permission to go to the potty and He said no, but you can pee on me in the tub. well we both enjoy a golden shower now and then. the part i really hate is the cleanup afterwards. i hate to be seen with wet hair and Master knows it.

Master laid down in the tub as i stood over Him with my legs spread wide as He held my pussy lips wide apart i let go with a hard stream of golden urine. it hit His belly and hard cock and it splashed all over Him. He was soaked from head to toe. i took a video of it as i did it and i peed for more than a half a minute on Him.

now it was my turn to lay down as He peed all over my nakedness. He can always aim His where He wants it to go, so my face and tits get the most of it. when He was done i stood up and we hugged, kissed and rubbed our bodies together as we enjoyed our golden wetness. as He turns on the real shower i stepped back as it is now time for me to wash my Master.

as i wash Him i try to keep my hair from getting wet. when i am done washing Him it is now my turn under the spray of water as He washes me. i do all i can to keep my hair dry, but Master wants it soaked as He knows i hate to be seen by Him this way. so He shoved me under the shower head and tells me to soak it down slave. i look like a drowned pussy cat when it is wet and my makeup washes off as well. He tells me He likes seeing the real cunt.

when i am done drying my hair Master has my Mr C stuck to a small end table and tells me to come over and ride on it for Him. as He watches me ride up and down on it with my cunt He also takes a video of it. you can hear the wetness of my cunt as it sounds like someone walking in shoe full of water. now as you know Master has well over two thousand pictures of me naked and/or in bondage. this day he takes 36 more along with 3 videos.

now i am also filmed tied and flogged in a closet. the reason i tell you all of this is that Master lost the camera memory card that has this whole day of sex play on it. He put the card in the same pocket as His keys and it fell out somewhere when He got His keys out, but He did not know He lost it. now we are thinking someone has found it that is going to post me in all my naked glory with my face showing all over the internet. being posted naked or in bondage is nothing new for me, but never with my face showing. i am just not that brave yet.

after three days of worry and being very mad at His self for losing are sex day pictures Master found the card laying on the floor of the garage. now He is one happy man to have His slaves naked ass pictures back in His control again.

did you ever lose your naked pictures for someone else to see and use? and what do you think a vanilla person would say about them when they saw them? i posted one from that day below.

next time i will tell you about Master's cream pie.


Sheen V said...

You two really had some great fun! I'd love to be pissed on like that - I'd drink your golden nectar any day. And I like the picture - Master should have called Room Service!

Florida Dom said...

What a great session. And nice photo.


Anonymous said...

what a hot and sexy story. we hope you share a lot of pics and vids with us, we are all very curious to see your pee and flog session...

love, mike & eva xx