Saturday, July 17, 2010

He is the dom

yes He is the dominant one and i am the submissive one. i am sure when you read this you will be asking yourself is He really the dom or is kk the dom? the answer is yes Master rules. Master just enjoys hot sex play and my body.

yes He rubs my bare feet in public places for all to see and yes He sucks on my toes too. He enjoys a warm shower stream from my cunt as well. He enjoys me face sitting on Him with my cunt or ass it don't matter. just because he enjoys all these things does not make Him my submissive. He just enjoys me and my body as He says.

we are always charging each other up with hot sex talk between us. before our sex day vacation He told me He was going to eat a fresh cream pie. oh yes He has gone down on me many times in the past after we have had sex, but never right after shooting His wad inside me.

after my flogging and standing in the corner in of a closed closet with my hood and blindfold on i was taken out and told to suckle on Him. suckle is what Master calls it when i am told to put His cock in my warm wet mouth and keep it there. i am not suck on it or make it hard just keep in my mouth much like a baby would a pacifer. He said that is where a slave's mouth belongs at all times that way she don't talk much. this is how He likes to watch tv with me.

i suckled for about a hour when He told me to suck it and make it hard for Him to put into my cunt. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my head up and down as He became hard. He told me to hop on and ride His hardness with my cunt hole. i rode Him for a long while before He filled me with His hot juices.

when He finished He told me to now put that cum filled cunt on His face so he could taste both of our juices together. i climbed onto His face and as He licked me clean some of His cum ran out and down His cheek to the pillow below. He did not care He wanted His face to be covered in our cum for He is a sex whore too just like me.

call it what you want. i call it the true love of a man.


Anonymous said...

again another hot and true story. and yes kk, you are right, if your Master is in charge you are the submissive. even when He kisses you feet, it's what He likes.... and He knows you enjoy as well.
about the cream pie, we love to do it the same way, after cumming eva cleans mike's cock and mike cleans eva's pussy. we both taste our mutual juices.....HEAVENLY!!!

love, mike & eva xx

Anonymous said...

I think you mean he is the domiNANT one, not the domiNATE one.

kk said...

thanks anonymous for the correction on that.