Saturday, December 31, 2005

thigh high spanking

well as you all know Master enjoys his slave dressed in thigh highs and heels and collar. this is all that i wore for my team punishment this last week. being the boys only won by 4 that meant i would only get 8 swats. Master thought to make it more exciting it would be done wearing only thigh highs, heels & collar bent over car hood at the office parking lot.

there was some light from the parking lot lights but the flash of the camera made it real bright. anyone that might be driving by or in one of the many offices would see a very naked woman bent over a car hood. Master did take many photos of me in position before and after my punishment. see pic in profile. i must say Master can get a good swing with the crop when he has lots of room to work with. i received 8 very intense swats that evening and enjoyed each and everyone after it was all over. they took my breath away at the time but seeing my love marks later always puts a big smile on my face.

love marks is what i call the stripes left behind by the crop on my ass because i love wearing the marks of my Master. i feel it is a honor to wear his markings. it fills me with pride to know i have served my Master well by taking my punishment as he see fit to give it.

Friday, December 30, 2005

a new year cumming

and a new ass for Master is also cumming. Master has sent me to the gym to work on getting firm again. before Master came into my world i would always go to the gym and workout just for something to do to keep from being bored at home.

well when Master came along i was no longer bored and stopped my workouts to spend my time with him. Master has taken over 300 photos of me in a naked or semi dressed state and as Master looked back over the last 20 months he showed me where i was getting a little out of shape. i must admit i could see it myself in the pics.

i have been on vacation this week so it was back to the gym. now i must tell that being i no longer have panties to wear i was there in my loose fitting very short shorts and doing my situps and anyone walking by would have a view of my naked shaved pussy if they were to look. Master did permit me a sports bra to ware in the gym only as i am to be braless till 2006. this is the only time i have had one on since being told not to wear any.

spent the xmas hoildays with family and friends braless and i am not sure if they noticed or not but i was doing as i was told being the good slave i am.

well i hope to have more stories to tell of my new life as a slave in 06 hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays

Master and i want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

a Mistress too

well it seems that my closet is now wide open as my co-worker knows all about Master and i. Master told me that i should share some of the many pics we have of me in bondage with my new lover as she was wanting to see them.

so Master printed out about 16 pics for me to give to her. i put them in a large envelope and sealed it with a lick. i wrote Merry xmas Mistress J and signed it waiting on my knees, slave. then i gave it to my co-worker to give to her.

Master then had me call that night to see if she liked the pics and she said i was a very naughty girl and i said yes i am. she said she enjoyed them very much and can not wait to have me serve her.

Master and i are both looking forward to that day. i guess i am one lucky slave to have both a Master and soon to be Mistress. i dream of being naked on my knees and bound before her serving her every need.

i hope it is soon as my mind will not let me rest thinking of her all the time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

dreams do cum true

my dream of making love to a another woman did cum true in very great way. i never in my life thought i would do something like this and the way it just happened is almost still a dream. if my co-worker would have not rented that limo that night i would still just be dreaming of it.

Master and i have talked many times about my getting together with them and doing her but never did i think that i would really do it. i am so very happy to have done it now and i know that the next time i will be much more relaxed and so much more into her because Master will be there by my side. i know that Master has a plan of how i am going to please her in ways that she has never seen with any other woman.

i really love my Master for showing me a side of myself that was always there but had no one to share it with or bring it out in me. what we do and what we have done in this short time together no one can match. i am so glad to have him in my life and love him more than words can explain. i wish everyone was as happy as me in there life.

Master was disappointed though when he saw the pictures of us together and saw that i did not have on my thigh highs stockings as i was told to. i was in such a daze that night i could not remember where they were. so i thought i would just wear my fishnet thigh highs but as i was putting them on in a panic i poked a hole in them. so off they went to the trash can.

and off i went with just my knee high boots on without stockings. Master was very unhappy about that and i was punished with our new bamboo paddle very hard for not doing as i was told to by Master. i am now instructed to go buy three pair of thigh highs so i will always have a pair no matter what.

Master really did enjoy the many photos of her and i together and how well i did on my very first time with another woman. we are both looking forward to my next time we can get together and play our s&m games with them and having me serve as her slave. Master said i will not be allowed to play without him there to watch next time that is for sure. he really wanted to be there for my first time but timing did not workout for him.

he said i had way too much fun without him. and i did...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

fantasy cum true

i was a very nervous person this week. i was given the chance of a lifetime to make something happen that I have thought about doing a lot and wondered what it would be like. to make love another woman. the decision was not easy for me since i was very afraid but yet wanting to do it badly but with a lot of positive assurance from my Master i finally said yes to going out with my co-workers wife.

he was renting a limo for his wife to look at xmas lights in the city and wanted me to go with them and i would be a suprise for her. he said it would make her very happy. I liked that i would be riding around in a limo for the first time and having my fantasy cum true at the same time. The only thing that i didn't like was that i was going to have to do this without my Master since he had to be somewhere else at that night.

my Master and i decided that i would be dressed in my black skirt and shirt with high boots and wearing my collar. no underwear on as you know i own no panties anyway but no bra was allowed either.

after going home from work i took a long hot bath and tried to relax myself a little and had a few drinks to calm down some and made sure to shave any stubble from my smooth pussy for her. it was getting close to limo time by now.

now i was off to meet them in the limo. we both pulled into the parking lot together and the chaffeur opened my door and smiled at me while looking at my collar. when i got into the limo i sat down next to her. i really didn't know what she did first or when she did it i was in some what of a sexual daze. well we did talk for maybe 10 minutes before she put a silk scarf around my neck and pulled me to her. this is when i got my first kiss on the mouth by her and everything was happening like i dreamed it might.

next she started to unbutton my blouse. after a couple of buttons were undone she kissed and caressed by naked breasts. then the other buttons were opened and the blouse came off. next her hand worked its way up my skirt to my bald naked pussy then it was off with my skirt.

my co-worker was very busy taking pictures as we played for Master to see later. next i know we are both totally naked and kissing and sucking on each other breasts. then before i know it she is licking my pussy with her soft tongue and that is the main thing i have always wondered about just how it would feel. well it was Great!!!!! and before i know it i am licking her smooth pussy--Wow!!!! at this point everything seems to be happening so fast that it felt like a dream.

after a couple of hours of playing with each other i told them that i needed to get home. so off we were back to my car. on the way back we talked about the good time we had with each other and doing it again soon. the chaffeur parks next to my car and when he opened the door for me he had the biggest smile on his face. i think he was watching and liked what he saw as her husband had put the window down at one time to talk to him and did not put back up unknown to me.

i am really happy now that i made the decision to live this fanstasy because if i didn't i know that i would regret it. now i am thinking of my next time and having my Master be there with us. as that will make his dream cum true also.

I hope its very soon.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Going to try

bi for the very first time in my life. if you follow my blog you know that there is a male co-worker that i work with that has a very good looking wife that enjoys women and being naked in public. they enjoy nude beaches and the party clubs and he always is telling me about there weekends @ the clubs and the fun they had. he has always wanted her and i to get together.

he has shown me many pics of her over the last year naked on the beach or playing with other women in the clubs or hotel rooms. he has ask me to join them on Saturday nights many times at swing clubs and i have always laughed and said yea right when he asks. won't happen in my lifetime. i have always dreamed of making love to another women but never in my wildest dreams did i think it could or would happen.

Master has changed my way of thinking on this and doing it. Master has taken many pics of me nude and in my bonds. he is now having me show them to my co-worker at work. i am really shocking him with some of the ones of me in bondage or nude in public places and showing him how submissive i really am. he never thought i would do these kind of things. i guess he thought he and is wife were the wild ones but they are the tame ones.

his wife has seen a pic or two of mine and is ready to have me serve as her slave to play with as she pleases. we are just trying to find a time and place to make it happen. i know it will not be long before i am on my knees in front of her licking up her juices doing as i am told. i am going crazy thinking of all the things i might have to do to her while my co-worker watches as i serve my first Mistress and try bi for the first time in my 50+ years.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sorry for not updating

i am very sorry for not keeping my blog updated as of late. Master has been gone most of November and i have no reason to check my emails when he is gone so i play with myself more then i play with my computer. Master is not happy that this has not been updated punishment will follow he tells me.

Master did text message me and call while he was gone. i will not lie i did play with my smooth pussy a lot while he gone and when he called. one evening i texted him that i was outside in the backyard naked enjoying the bright moonlite and warm breeze on my naked body. he called me right after he got that message and i told him i was in the very far back of the yard sitting on a lounge chair with my fingers in my pussy and tasting them. as i talked the dog next door started barking and Master heard it and ask me about it. now any of my neighbors could look over my fence and see me it was so bright out that made it more exciting to know i could be caught by someone.

well we had a good night of phone sex that night in the warm moonlite but a few nights later the weather turned colder like from 70 to 38 after a rain front moved though. Master had seen the weather on tv and knew it was cold here.

he texted me to get my butt plug and clothes pins out and to call him when i had them in and on. i did as told as always and called him we talked a little about the day then he ask if i did what i was told. i said i had then he ask if the moon was still bright outside and i said yes but it was very cold outside he said i want you to walk outside to the fence and sit in the lounge chair until the dog next door barks so that i know you are outside.

well i hate cold weather and Master knows it. so this was real punishment for me to have to go outside naked with nothing on but clothes pins on my nipples and a plug in my ass in the bright moonlite for anyone to see. i did as i was told and thought i would freeze to death it was so cold out. the dog next door was even inside it was so cold. Master told me to sit and wait a little while and see if he comes out so he could hear him bark. my teeth were chattering i was so cold. the lounge was wet from the rain when i sat down and that made it colder. after what seemed like forever only about 20 mins Master let me go back inside to warm up.

no matter where Master is he always finds a way to make me do things i have never done before that is why i love him so very much.