Tuesday, December 13, 2005

dreams do cum true

my dream of making love to a another woman did cum true in very great way. i never in my life thought i would do something like this and the way it just happened is almost still a dream. if my co-worker would have not rented that limo that night i would still just be dreaming of it.

Master and i have talked many times about my getting together with them and doing her but never did i think that i would really do it. i am so very happy to have done it now and i know that the next time i will be much more relaxed and so much more into her because Master will be there by my side. i know that Master has a plan of how i am going to please her in ways that she has never seen with any other woman.

i really love my Master for showing me a side of myself that was always there but had no one to share it with or bring it out in me. what we do and what we have done in this short time together no one can match. i am so glad to have him in my life and love him more than words can explain. i wish everyone was as happy as me in there life.

Master was disappointed though when he saw the pictures of us together and saw that i did not have on my thigh highs stockings as i was told to. i was in such a daze that night i could not remember where they were. so i thought i would just wear my fishnet thigh highs but as i was putting them on in a panic i poked a hole in them. so off they went to the trash can.

and off i went with just my knee high boots on without stockings. Master was very unhappy about that and i was punished with our new bamboo paddle very hard for not doing as i was told to by Master. i am now instructed to go buy three pair of thigh highs so i will always have a pair no matter what.

Master really did enjoy the many photos of her and i together and how well i did on my very first time with another woman. we are both looking forward to my next time we can get together and play our s&m games with them and having me serve as her slave. Master said i will not be allowed to play without him there to watch next time that is for sure. he really wanted to be there for my first time but timing did not workout for him.

he said i had way too much fun without him. and i did...


Bud of "Us" said...

Fantastic!!! Glad to see you and your master got your wishes--- you, the bi experience you always wanted. Now you know why us guys love oral sex with women. And the master for the many photos you brought him!

Merry Christmas and say "hi" to your master for us too.

kk said...

Hi Bud,
So glad to hear from you. Yes i did enjoy myself very much and can not wait until i get to do her again with my Master there. To serve them both will be a real treat for me.
Master says hello and we both want to wish you and "The Wife" a very Merry Christmas and a Happy sex filled New Years.