Saturday, December 10, 2005

fantasy cum true

i was a very nervous person this week. i was given the chance of a lifetime to make something happen that I have thought about doing a lot and wondered what it would be like. to make love another woman. the decision was not easy for me since i was very afraid but yet wanting to do it badly but with a lot of positive assurance from my Master i finally said yes to going out with my co-workers wife.

he was renting a limo for his wife to look at xmas lights in the city and wanted me to go with them and i would be a suprise for her. he said it would make her very happy. I liked that i would be riding around in a limo for the first time and having my fantasy cum true at the same time. The only thing that i didn't like was that i was going to have to do this without my Master since he had to be somewhere else at that night.

my Master and i decided that i would be dressed in my black skirt and shirt with high boots and wearing my collar. no underwear on as you know i own no panties anyway but no bra was allowed either.

after going home from work i took a long hot bath and tried to relax myself a little and had a few drinks to calm down some and made sure to shave any stubble from my smooth pussy for her. it was getting close to limo time by now.

now i was off to meet them in the limo. we both pulled into the parking lot together and the chaffeur opened my door and smiled at me while looking at my collar. when i got into the limo i sat down next to her. i really didn't know what she did first or when she did it i was in some what of a sexual daze. well we did talk for maybe 10 minutes before she put a silk scarf around my neck and pulled me to her. this is when i got my first kiss on the mouth by her and everything was happening like i dreamed it might.

next she started to unbutton my blouse. after a couple of buttons were undone she kissed and caressed by naked breasts. then the other buttons were opened and the blouse came off. next her hand worked its way up my skirt to my bald naked pussy then it was off with my skirt.

my co-worker was very busy taking pictures as we played for Master to see later. next i know we are both totally naked and kissing and sucking on each other breasts. then before i know it she is licking my pussy with her soft tongue and that is the main thing i have always wondered about just how it would feel. well it was Great!!!!! and before i know it i am licking her smooth pussy--Wow!!!! at this point everything seems to be happening so fast that it felt like a dream.

after a couple of hours of playing with each other i told them that i needed to get home. so off we were back to my car. on the way back we talked about the good time we had with each other and doing it again soon. the chaffeur parks next to my car and when he opened the door for me he had the biggest smile on his face. i think he was watching and liked what he saw as her husband had put the window down at one time to talk to him and did not put back up unknown to me.

i am really happy now that i made the decision to live this fanstasy because if i didn't i know that i would regret it. now i am thinking of my next time and having my Master be there with us. as that will make his dream cum true also.

I hope its very soon.

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