Saturday, December 17, 2005

a Mistress too

well it seems that my closet is now wide open as my co-worker knows all about Master and i. Master told me that i should share some of the many pics we have of me in bondage with my new lover as she was wanting to see them.

so Master printed out about 16 pics for me to give to her. i put them in a large envelope and sealed it with a lick. i wrote Merry xmas Mistress J and signed it waiting on my knees, slave. then i gave it to my co-worker to give to her.

Master then had me call that night to see if she liked the pics and she said i was a very naughty girl and i said yes i am. she said she enjoyed them very much and can not wait to have me serve her.

Master and i are both looking forward to that day. i guess i am one lucky slave to have both a Master and soon to be Mistress. i dream of being naked on my knees and bound before her serving her every need.

i hope it is soon as my mind will not let me rest thinking of her all the time.

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