Saturday, December 31, 2005

thigh high spanking

well as you all know Master enjoys his slave dressed in thigh highs and heels and collar. this is all that i wore for my team punishment this last week. being the boys only won by 4 that meant i would only get 8 swats. Master thought to make it more exciting it would be done wearing only thigh highs, heels & collar bent over car hood at the office parking lot.

there was some light from the parking lot lights but the flash of the camera made it real bright. anyone that might be driving by or in one of the many offices would see a very naked woman bent over a car hood. Master did take many photos of me in position before and after my punishment. see pic in profile. i must say Master can get a good swing with the crop when he has lots of room to work with. i received 8 very intense swats that evening and enjoyed each and everyone after it was all over. they took my breath away at the time but seeing my love marks later always puts a big smile on my face.

love marks is what i call the stripes left behind by the crop on my ass because i love wearing the marks of my Master. i feel it is a honor to wear his markings. it fills me with pride to know i have served my Master well by taking my punishment as he see fit to give it.

Friday, December 30, 2005

a new year cumming

and a new ass for Master is also cumming. Master has sent me to the gym to work on getting firm again. before Master came into my world i would always go to the gym and workout just for something to do to keep from being bored at home.

well when Master came along i was no longer bored and stopped my workouts to spend my time with him. Master has taken over 300 photos of me in a naked or semi dressed state and as Master looked back over the last 20 months he showed me where i was getting a little out of shape. i must admit i could see it myself in the pics.

i have been on vacation this week so it was back to the gym. now i must tell that being i no longer have panties to wear i was there in my loose fitting very short shorts and doing my situps and anyone walking by would have a view of my naked shaved pussy if they were to look. Master did permit me a sports bra to ware in the gym only as i am to be braless till 2006. this is the only time i have had one on since being told not to wear any.

spent the xmas hoildays with family and friends braless and i am not sure if they noticed or not but i was doing as i was told being the good slave i am.

well i hope to have more stories to tell of my new life as a slave in 06 hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays

Master and i want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

a Mistress too

well it seems that my closet is now wide open as my co-worker knows all about Master and i. Master told me that i should share some of the many pics we have of me in bondage with my new lover as she was wanting to see them.

so Master printed out about 16 pics for me to give to her. i put them in a large envelope and sealed it with a lick. i wrote Merry xmas Mistress J and signed it waiting on my knees, slave. then i gave it to my co-worker to give to her.

Master then had me call that night to see if she liked the pics and she said i was a very naughty girl and i said yes i am. she said she enjoyed them very much and can not wait to have me serve her.

Master and i are both looking forward to that day. i guess i am one lucky slave to have both a Master and soon to be Mistress. i dream of being naked on my knees and bound before her serving her every need.

i hope it is soon as my mind will not let me rest thinking of her all the time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

dreams do cum true

my dream of making love to a another woman did cum true in very great way. i never in my life thought i would do something like this and the way it just happened is almost still a dream. if my co-worker would have not rented that limo that night i would still just be dreaming of it.

Master and i have talked many times about my getting together with them and doing her but never did i think that i would really do it. i am so very happy to have done it now and i know that the next time i will be much more relaxed and so much more into her because Master will be there by my side. i know that Master has a plan of how i am going to please her in ways that she has never seen with any other woman.

i really love my Master for showing me a side of myself that was always there but had no one to share it with or bring it out in me. what we do and what we have done in this short time together no one can match. i am so glad to have him in my life and love him more than words can explain. i wish everyone was as happy as me in there life.

Master was disappointed though when he saw the pictures of us together and saw that i did not have on my thigh highs stockings as i was told to. i was in such a daze that night i could not remember where they were. so i thought i would just wear my fishnet thigh highs but as i was putting them on in a panic i poked a hole in them. so off they went to the trash can.

and off i went with just my knee high boots on without stockings. Master was very unhappy about that and i was punished with our new bamboo paddle very hard for not doing as i was told to by Master. i am now instructed to go buy three pair of thigh highs so i will always have a pair no matter what.

Master really did enjoy the many photos of her and i together and how well i did on my very first time with another woman. we are both looking forward to my next time we can get together and play our s&m games with them and having me serve as her slave. Master said i will not be allowed to play without him there to watch next time that is for sure. he really wanted to be there for my first time but timing did not workout for him.

he said i had way too much fun without him. and i did...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

fantasy cum true

i was a very nervous person this week. i was given the chance of a lifetime to make something happen that I have thought about doing a lot and wondered what it would be like. to make love another woman. the decision was not easy for me since i was very afraid but yet wanting to do it badly but with a lot of positive assurance from my Master i finally said yes to going out with my co-workers wife.

he was renting a limo for his wife to look at xmas lights in the city and wanted me to go with them and i would be a suprise for her. he said it would make her very happy. I liked that i would be riding around in a limo for the first time and having my fantasy cum true at the same time. The only thing that i didn't like was that i was going to have to do this without my Master since he had to be somewhere else at that night.

my Master and i decided that i would be dressed in my black skirt and shirt with high boots and wearing my collar. no underwear on as you know i own no panties anyway but no bra was allowed either.

after going home from work i took a long hot bath and tried to relax myself a little and had a few drinks to calm down some and made sure to shave any stubble from my smooth pussy for her. it was getting close to limo time by now.

now i was off to meet them in the limo. we both pulled into the parking lot together and the chaffeur opened my door and smiled at me while looking at my collar. when i got into the limo i sat down next to her. i really didn't know what she did first or when she did it i was in some what of a sexual daze. well we did talk for maybe 10 minutes before she put a silk scarf around my neck and pulled me to her. this is when i got my first kiss on the mouth by her and everything was happening like i dreamed it might.

next she started to unbutton my blouse. after a couple of buttons were undone she kissed and caressed by naked breasts. then the other buttons were opened and the blouse came off. next her hand worked its way up my skirt to my bald naked pussy then it was off with my skirt.

my co-worker was very busy taking pictures as we played for Master to see later. next i know we are both totally naked and kissing and sucking on each other breasts. then before i know it she is licking my pussy with her soft tongue and that is the main thing i have always wondered about just how it would feel. well it was Great!!!!! and before i know it i am licking her smooth pussy--Wow!!!! at this point everything seems to be happening so fast that it felt like a dream.

after a couple of hours of playing with each other i told them that i needed to get home. so off we were back to my car. on the way back we talked about the good time we had with each other and doing it again soon. the chaffeur parks next to my car and when he opened the door for me he had the biggest smile on his face. i think he was watching and liked what he saw as her husband had put the window down at one time to talk to him and did not put back up unknown to me.

i am really happy now that i made the decision to live this fanstasy because if i didn't i know that i would regret it. now i am thinking of my next time and having my Master be there with us. as that will make his dream cum true also.

I hope its very soon.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Going to try

bi for the very first time in my life. if you follow my blog you know that there is a male co-worker that i work with that has a very good looking wife that enjoys women and being naked in public. they enjoy nude beaches and the party clubs and he always is telling me about there weekends @ the clubs and the fun they had. he has always wanted her and i to get together.

he has shown me many pics of her over the last year naked on the beach or playing with other women in the clubs or hotel rooms. he has ask me to join them on Saturday nights many times at swing clubs and i have always laughed and said yea right when he asks. won't happen in my lifetime. i have always dreamed of making love to another women but never in my wildest dreams did i think it could or would happen.

Master has changed my way of thinking on this and doing it. Master has taken many pics of me nude and in my bonds. he is now having me show them to my co-worker at work. i am really shocking him with some of the ones of me in bondage or nude in public places and showing him how submissive i really am. he never thought i would do these kind of things. i guess he thought he and is wife were the wild ones but they are the tame ones.

his wife has seen a pic or two of mine and is ready to have me serve as her slave to play with as she pleases. we are just trying to find a time and place to make it happen. i know it will not be long before i am on my knees in front of her licking up her juices doing as i am told. i am going crazy thinking of all the things i might have to do to her while my co-worker watches as i serve my first Mistress and try bi for the first time in my 50+ years.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sorry for not updating

i am very sorry for not keeping my blog updated as of late. Master has been gone most of November and i have no reason to check my emails when he is gone so i play with myself more then i play with my computer. Master is not happy that this has not been updated punishment will follow he tells me.

Master did text message me and call while he was gone. i will not lie i did play with my smooth pussy a lot while he gone and when he called. one evening i texted him that i was outside in the backyard naked enjoying the bright moonlite and warm breeze on my naked body. he called me right after he got that message and i told him i was in the very far back of the yard sitting on a lounge chair with my fingers in my pussy and tasting them. as i talked the dog next door started barking and Master heard it and ask me about it. now any of my neighbors could look over my fence and see me it was so bright out that made it more exciting to know i could be caught by someone.

well we had a good night of phone sex that night in the warm moonlite but a few nights later the weather turned colder like from 70 to 38 after a rain front moved though. Master had seen the weather on tv and knew it was cold here.

he texted me to get my butt plug and clothes pins out and to call him when i had them in and on. i did as told as always and called him we talked a little about the day then he ask if i did what i was told. i said i had then he ask if the moon was still bright outside and i said yes but it was very cold outside he said i want you to walk outside to the fence and sit in the lounge chair until the dog next door barks so that i know you are outside.

well i hate cold weather and Master knows it. so this was real punishment for me to have to go outside naked with nothing on but clothes pins on my nipples and a plug in my ass in the bright moonlite for anyone to see. i did as i was told and thought i would freeze to death it was so cold out. the dog next door was even inside it was so cold. Master told me to sit and wait a little while and see if he comes out so he could hear him bark. my teeth were chattering i was so cold. the lounge was wet from the rain when i sat down and that made it colder. after what seemed like forever only about 20 mins Master let me go back inside to warm up.

no matter where Master is he always finds a way to make me do things i have never done before that is why i love him so very much.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Feels like forever

My Master had to go out of town for a few days but it feels like forever for me. I never thought that I would ever miss anyone like this until now. The weekend just cannot get here fast enough for me when he gets back in town. My Master alwayscalls me at night and asks if I am naked and playing with myself or with the toys. I will tell him what I am playing with and then he will talk to me the way I like until I cum for him. OH how good he makes me feel. I want the weekend to hurry and get here so I can love him all over from his head to his toes and everything in between.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

thunder,lighting,rain & halloween night

oh what a fright but nothing as compared to the "42" i received tonight for my boys big win yesterday. i took them all with a little dancing around and yelling of Master please.

it was a dark cold rainy night as the lighting lite up the night sky as Master
heated up my bottom with his crop. my nips pressed into the cold wet metal of my car hood. i loved it so much i wanted to howl at the moon with joy but there was none to be seen in the cold dark sky.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

braless again

another day at the office on Thursday braless in a very lite weight shirt as ordered by Master. it was somewhat of a cool day also so that made matters worse for me when i had to go out into the shop area.

several people noticed the hardness of my nipples showing thru asking me things like why do you have your hi beams on. one of the guys that i have been teasing even ask me if i was wearing panties. i told him no as i not longer own any panties. that brought a big smile to his face when he heard that. he knows i have a wild side he just does not know how wild it is yet.

Master told me i was putting on a good show and he was enjoying all the boy talk going on about my nips. we had very hot sex after work this day because i think i was already warmed up from my all day titty show.

Friday was not as good for me as i woke up cold and decided to wear my bra to work because i was not told not to so i did. Master would have like to have seen me go without it without being told too but he understood. also we needed to calm the boys down a little in the shop so they could get some work done.

i also got into my brat mode this day because Master went on a long lunch with some of the guys and did not ask me to go along. Master cannot and will not stand any attitude from me. so i knew i was in for it but i was mad and he was just going to have to deal with that and he did.

after work we always stop for a after work drink well tonight it was a drink and a spanking in the parking lot bent over the hood of my car. he stopped and picked up two beers and we went to our somewhat private parking area of a vacant office complex. we talked about my attitude and how it makes Master mad. he always tells me he loves everything about me but my attitude that I get once and a while.

i get the attitude much less since Master has come along and brought it to light with my punishment. after we talked and drank our drinks i was told to get out and get in position on the hood. that is bent over with bare nips on the cold metal hood of the car & hands stretched out overhead legs spread wide & bare ass naked.

then it hit the 1st swat with the crop. it always takes my breath away and i stood up straight but i always enjoy everyone my Master gives me. it took a little bit of time to say "Thank you Master i deserve that may i have another" tonight it was only 7 as they were harder then normal because he gets a better swing when we are outside. no ass kisses this time for this was punishment for bad behavior on my part.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

no bra needed

profile pic is me out in public with Master & without bra with collar on. i was given a lot of looks by both men & women as we walked thru a building supply store.

i enjoyed being seen in public as i was on Master's arm. i could never do this it on my own by myself. i am somewhat shy on my own. as you know Master has all of my panties and is now training me to go braless. this is just a little training session as Master calls it.

there is much more training to come and i am very willing to do as told as i am my Master's slave.

Friday, October 21, 2005

in Master's control

panties are now in Master's control. i have turned over all of my panties to Master. they are now his to do with as he sees fit. i only have three pair of very sheer and very small thongs that Master has told me to keep and wear for him only when told to by him. i was made to wear a thong today to the office after 10 or more months of wearing none.

for the last three days i have been told to work braless. Master enjoys the look i get from the guys in the shop that get to see me knowing that i am braless. i am not sure but i think he might be telling them ahead of time that i am braless so when i walk out of the office they already know to start looking for my nipples. i must say i do enjoy the attention i get from the guys.

i think that it will not be to far down the road that the bras will be in Masters control also. the less i wear in public the better Master likes it. i really think if i could work in the nude without being fired or arrested that is the way Master would have me work. he really enjoys me naked.

p.s. i was also spanked bent over the car hood naked tonight just because it was a nice night to do it. no reason is needed for a slave to be spanked by her Master.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

no more panties

well i can not tell you how long it has been since i have had a pair of panties on. as you know if you follow my blog that i would not leave home without them on and full ass panties at that not thongs. now i go everywhere without any at all. never in my life did i think i would do this.

Master changed that with in the first month we were together. at first he would make me take my panties off @ work and bring them to him. I would put them in my desk drawer and he would come over get them out and put them in his pocket and take them to his car. i would work the rest of the day without them on. funny feeling walking around co-workers without undies at first.

then one Sunday he called me and told to go buy three pair of thongs at VS and call him when i had them. i did as i was told as always but i did not think i would enjoy wearing thongs. i called him after i bought them and he told me to find a place to model them for him like a quite parking lot. i searched until i found a warehouse lot behind a hardware/lumber store. i called to tell him i found a place he told me to get out of the car with nothing but the thong and walk behind the car and spin around for him when he arrived. i was scared and shaking when i saw him pull in and stop behind me but i did as i was told.
i hoped no one would pull in and catch me as i turned around for Master in a near naked state. my heart was pounding fast and hard standing out there.

i was then told i was to wear these to work from now on and that i should add more to my collection. i think i did this for about two months but Master was always telling me to take them off and bring them to him all the time. then he told not to wear any at all on Fridays. as time passed i started to enjoy not wearing them at all and would not even think about putting them on.

today 17 months later Master has ask i give him all of my panties & thongs to him so he can throw them away for good. he said i am never to cover my baldness again with panties.

now he asks for my bra at work. i guess in time i will not be wearing bras either but i will have to find better covering shirts before i give them up to Master.

Monday, October 17, 2005

he is back

Master is back as he was out of town for a little while and i did not get my training that i need and love so much. i did play a little by myself while he was gone and texted him on what i was doing.

i watched one of our s&m movies the other night and dreamed of Master doing all the things to me that i was watching. as i watched the movie i started to play with my bald & naked pussy with my fingers well that just made me hotter for more action.

so off to the toy bag i went to get my butt plug and clothespins and my handy little vibrator. i stopped by the bathroom for some lube then back to the living room to the movie. i bent over the arm of the couch and pushed the plug into place then i walked over to the recliner and sat down.

i rubbed my pussy with my fingers and it was oh so wet. i licked my fingers as Master loves to make me do that when is with me i then placed the clothespins on my nipples. the pain always shoots through them straight to my pussy.

with a plug in my ass and clothespins on my nipples i sit watching another slave being whipped now i am on the edge of a orgasm now. i turn on my vibrator and place it on my clit. i play with my nipples by pulling on the clothespins as i do this the slave on the tv is being spanked harder. i wanted to be that slave as i craved to feel the pain of the whip all over my body.

i dream that Master is here watching me play with myself as he likes to do and maybe whip me hard. then my body shakes with a great orgasm as my mind works overtime with thoughts of Master. my pussy is soaked as i rub it more with my hand. then i lick my juices off my fingers as i remove the pins from my nipples as more pain shoots through them.

i am wiped out after all of this and ready for a good nights sleep. i get up and turn off the tv and walk to my room i feel the plug inside me as i walk and it feels really good in there. i ask myself should i just leave in there till morning and enjoy the full feeling it gives all night long?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

the "46" winning marks

Today I received the 46 swats since my boys won by 23 on Sunday. I didn't know if I could take all of the 46 at one time, but my Master knew that I could. My Master started with several easy swats and then he would add a few that really made my ass sting. Then he stopped for awhile and kissed my burning red hot ass. Oh that felt so good that it was making my pussy hot and very wet. Now I was ready for the rest of the swats because I knew there would be more kisses for my burning ass at the end. And yes there was many more kisses and they were not only on my ass now. I hope that this will be winning season for the boys. Because if they win, then I win too.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

training equipment

the other day Master went to the pet store to look around in the horse department and he found some new toys for us to play with. on the receipt it listed the items as training equipment. Master said that they had named that right only no horse would feel the sting of these items just me his slave.

so on Monday after work and after the loss of the game Sunday it was punishment time. Master had the new training equipment with him and put it to use. i was given my football punisment on my ass with the new riding crop. it is short and has a very thin leather loop on the end. it made some really nice markings on my ass.

Master was not ready to stop playing with the new toys. after watching the s&m movies we had bought Master said that he has been way to easy on me and my punishment. in one of the movies there was a slave that was chained to a wooden platform on the floor on her back with her legs spread open and being whipped between them somewhat hard. Master said it was now my turn to be whipped like her.

we did not have a platform with us to be tied to but i was told to turn over and sit facing Master with legs spread wide apart hands on head as he whipped my front side leaving some very nice red marks of love on my naked body. the pain was somewhat intense at times but i enjoyed each and every swat. while in this position Master rubbed my clit with the end of the crop then pushed it inside of me. ohhh what a feeling that was i never had anything inside me that was not round. it felt great and very different and hope to do it all again very soon.

as a side note i do not mean to offend anyone with my blog or my writings. this is just a place to share with you my life as a slave. i hope you enjoy reading it. i know that this is not everyones cup of tea of how to live life but it is mine and i enjoy sharing it with others that do enjoy this cup of tea. Master is not abusive to me any way and loves me very much as i do him. we just both enjoy s&m.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the movies

time for current events. Master and i went to a store the other day to buy some s&m movies after work. i was told that we would be shopping and to have my very short white dress, hiheels and collar with me as i was not allowed to shop in my work clothes. as you know i never wear panties as i am not allowed and really do not care to wear them.

Master and i left work and drove to the place that sells adult dvds. there were a few cars in the parking lot and i still had to change into the dress. so right there in broad daylight with the world looking i took off my work outfit in the car and put on the short white dress, collar and hiheels as Master watched.

we walk into the store together and as luck would have it no one was in there but the clerk behind the counter and he was on the phone. we walked around looking and made our way to the s&m section. as we looked though the movies the door rang meaning someone had came in. a another man had walked in and was looking around at the movies and at us.

Master then wanted to see what movies were on the bottom rack and told me to hand him this or that. bending at the waist only to reach the movies as i was told to do. well in case you missed the pic of the white dress it does not cover me at all and when i bend over my ass and pussy is there for all to see. Master made sure that the other man had a view of me before asking for a movie to look at on the bottom shelf.

Master even had me walk past the guy as he was kneeling down looking at movies on the bottom shelf. Master told me the guy almost broke his neck looking as i walked by him. Master even lifted my dress two or three times as he rubbed my ass right there in the store. the bell rang again and another man walked in to see us shopping.

as we shopped Master would say to me slave let me see that movie or get that one slave it looks good in some what of a loud voice so the men knew i was his slave if they paid attention at all.

i carried three s&m movies around the store with me that Master had picked out. Master then told me lets go and check out. i handed the movies to the cashier and was getting out my money from wallet that i took in with me when Master said he would pay. as he handed the money to guy the cashier handed him the bag of movies and Master then handed them to me saying I paid for them slave you can carry them. the cashier looked at me and smiled as i blushed and felt my pussy get soaked. i just love being a slave to Master.

more later on what happen after the movies.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

bound to be scared

when Master was finished beating my ass he laid down on the bed in front of me and put his crotch under my face and told me to lick his smooth shaved balls with my tongue. we are both smoothies. i could not see as i was still blindfolded and my hands still cuffed behind me. i licked his balls and his cock for a good while than i was told to suck him. it was somewhat hard for me to do in the position i was in but i did it best i could. Master knew it would be hard on with my hands bound behind me.

Master then got up from the bed and pulled my upper body up so i standing upright he then attached a leash to my collar and unhooked my ankles from the bed. he told me he was taking me for a walk down the hall of the hotel. i was praying he would not but he did take me to the door and open it for anyone walking by to see me. then he took me by my leash over to the window over looking the parking lot and made me stand there with my nipples against the window.

now i am still bound the way i was except for my legs are free and i still could not see so i do not know if i was seen by anyone or not. Master was behind me telling me that he was not looking for anyone looking as he did not care it was my body they would be looking at not his.

now for the scare. Master pulled me away from the window and walked me over to an full length mirror and removed my blindfold i was told to look at myself all bound up like i was as he took pictures of me. what i saw was a woman that had longed for this day all of her life but never had someone that she could do it with that would enjoy it as much as her now she did.

Master then said he would uncuff me and unlock the chain and my collar so we could love each other. he walks over to the table and looks around then he checks the bag the toys were in. something is missing he said the KEYS. i knew he was kidding and told him yea right. then he said he would have to run back to his house and get them. i still thought he was kidding until he ask were his shorts were and started to get dressed.

Panic time for me as all kind of things went though my little brain would he come back or just leave me here. would the maid come back and find me chained and cuffed and call the police. by the way the maid did knock on the door when i was bound to the bed and Master told come back later. so here i stand naked with a collar locked on my neck my hands cuffed behind me a chain locked around my waist and up between my legs holding a butt plug in my ass with a leash hanging down my front. news at 11 woman found bound in hotel room. i am real scared now.

Master says goodbye and kisses me, he will be right back and walks to the door and reaches in his pocket and said oh here they are. i wanted to kill him he had them the whole time and he knew it. he just wanted to see how would react.

unchained, uncuffed & free of my bonds we laid down on the bed together and made sweet love to each before falling off to sleep in each others arms for a very needed nap. i was drained but very happy.

Monday, September 26, 2005

still on my knees

at Master's feet waiting to see what would happen next now that i had signed away my body, mind and sole. he then placed a blindfold down over my head down to my eyes covering my sight. a collar was then attached and locked around my neck.

next i felt leather cuffs being put on each of my ankles. my arms were then pulled behind me and handcuffs locked on to my wrists. next a nylon strap was pulled up my arms past my elbows and pulled tight to bring my elbows closer together as my breasts were pushed out. i was then told to stand up as i did i was lead to the bed and told to spread my legs wide and keep my feet flat on the floor.

my ankle cuffs were than attached to ropes tied to each side of the very wide king size bed. it hurt to have my legs spread so far apart but nothing like it did the next day. my thighs were sore for two days after that. i was then pushed down on the bed bent at my waist my legs spread wide my ass and pussy exposed as never before to anyone let alone a co-worker.

Master played with my naked shaved pussy with his fingers and tongue for a long time then he stopped. i wanted more but that did not come. then i heard the sound of a camera as he took pics of my naked ass. no one ever taken my picture when i was naked now he was taking lots of them. i was very exposed in them. the next thing i know i feel him lube up my ass then something being pushed up inside of it. as it was pushed in slow and easy and deep i learned it was a small but long butt plug.

i now have a plug in my very exposed ass when i hear the sound of something rattling together. i now feel the coldness of a 3/8" steel chain being wrapped around my waist and locked in front of my belly. it was long enough to be pulled between my legs and up the crack of my ass and locked on the back side also. i now had a butt plug locked inside me and cold chain bitting at my pussy lips. more pics were taken of my ass with the plug inside when i feel the pain of a whip burning into my ass cheeks.

i was whipped with a cat of nine tails until my ass glowed red for my Master. all of this had my head spinning very fast and my pussy very wet. i have never done anything even close this before in my life of 50+ years.

more to cum if you want to hear of how he scared the life out of me after all of this.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Contract

the day i signed my life away. Master and i had worked together for about two years before he gave in and stopped for that 1st beer with me. we went to a hotel for the 1st time 1 1/2 week after that beer. that day we just played naked for about two hours just getting to know each other in a sexual way.

the next trip to the hotel was the day i became his slave. this was only our second time of sex play and we got a room with the hot tub in it. Master had me go into the bathroom and strip naked and wait for him to call me out into the main area as he got things ready. i had no idea what he was doing out there as i sat and waited for his call.

we had talked about s&m before and i said i was game if he was. little did i know than what i know now about my co-worker. when he was ready he opened the door to the bathroom and said to get down on my knees and crawl when i came to the carpet outside of the bathroom. i was to pick up a pen that was on the floor with my mouth and crawl to him across the room with the pen. it was a large room and a long crawl.

he sat on the other side of the room and waited for me to crawl to him. when i got to his feet there was a agreement of service laying at his feet. i was to read it out loud to him and if i agreeded to everything it i was to sign it with the pen i had carried across the floor. i read it out loud to him and when i was done i was asked if i agreed to it all of it. i said YES he said then sign it slave and i did then he signed it.

now i belonged to him. more to cum of what happened next.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


i do not know who reads my blog but i am sure there are a few women that do. i am always telling you about my spankings that Master gives me but i never tell you about the orgasms that he also gives me.

i call it the Master's touch. he really knows how to make me cum & cum & cum. he can do it many ways like with his tongue, fingers, a toy or just his hard cock. like last night he spanked me then he kissed the pain away as he played with my wet pussy with his fingers. he then allowed me to roll over so he could taste my wetness with his tongue. as he licked me he inserted his fingers and rubbed on my g spot for a while.

i had a few mini orgasms as he did this. next he moved his mouth up to my nipples leaving his fingers to play in my wet pussy. as he bit down on my very hard nipple i could feel the intensifying in my pussy as he bit hard and rubbed his fingers in and around my pussy. i was on the edge of the world when he told me to climb up on his very hard cock.

but i needed to taste it before getting on top of it so i went down on him like it was the last thing i would ever get to eat in life. he stopped me from making him shoot his cum so he could put his hardness in my wet pussy. i was told to get on a ride the white horse.

ladies, girls, women, all females that read this let me tell you that until you ride a hard cock to a shaking orgasm like i did last night you have not lived your life to the fullest. i shook as he came inside me like i was naked in snow storm with a cold blowing wind. i could not stop.

i must tell you that all the sex i had before Master was just for the mans pleasure now it is for both of our pleasure. i have never had a man do what Master does. Master puts me first even though i am his slave he always makes sure that i am taken care of sometimes even before him.

this is why i love him so much and everything he does to me. it not all pain as i post here the most but also pleasure for us both.

i love you Master. kk

Monday, September 12, 2005

the punishment

yes today was my day of punishment for my boys winning yesterday. and i must add not only did i receive the eight i also received more swats for not sending my Master "the number" on Sunday. the number is how much i weigh and my
Master wants it sent to him in an email. This is just one of my weekly duties as his slave.
Since i did not send it to him that brought the number to "24" and Master picks the amount I will get for punishment. When it came time for my punishment he noticed that i had put one of those antenna balls on my car and you can guess what that was? That added another 5 to the "24". To make my Master even more upset about that i told him that someone told me that they liked the antenna ball in kind of a smart way. So another 5 was added.

Now that I was up to 34 swats Master was very anxious to get started swatting. He had the wooden paddle with holes in it ready to go when i showed
him a large wooden paddle i had gotten with a game called paddle ball. So he used it for half of the swats and i must say that it covered my entire ass with each swat.
It was a long and very HOT road to finish the "34". But when Master was through he made me feel so good with his sweet kisses on my red hot ass.

In the end we made love like two teenages in heat and it made the punishment well worth it. I would do it all over again just to have that wonderful feeling again.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

let the games begin--week 1

I love this time of the year with the weather changing and the football
season beginning. I really love it when my Cowboys are winners because
the only means that I am a winner too. And a winner I am today. The boys
won by 4 points so that means that I will get 8 swats on my ass very soon.
Monday is usually the day for my football swats and I must say that I am very
excited about it. So with todays results my ass will be in position and ready
tomorrow for my winning swats.

Friday, September 09, 2005

now i wait

after i read what Master wrote i knew i was in for it big time. i did as told and assumed the position and waited for what was coming only nothing came. Master said just spanking me would not expose me the way i exposed him as a ass kissing Master. he did say that spanking me in front of others might do it though.

so now i wait to see how and who will be seeing this and where. Master said he is thinking in a parking lot bend over the car hood would do the trick. this has been done many times before in the fall and winter when it is dark early. the riding crop is always used when he does it over the hood. i do not think i have ever been seen by anyone when we have done this but there is always a chance someone did.

Master enjoys having me bent over the hood naked and having my tits mashed onto the cold metal of the hood. once we did it in a light cold rain so my tits were cold and wet that night along with my ass butt that warmed up fast.
one of the best spanking i have ever received from Master was done this way. he really can swing that crop in the great outdoors and that night he laid some real good ones on my ass.

i enjoy the thrill of being caught naked bent over legs spread wide and being spanked. what a rush it is for me when i think of someone catching me like this. Master has talked about others seeing me being punished like some friends of his. i think this is what he might have in mine for this spanking.

it will make me crazy thinking of who Master has in mine to watch this. that is punishment its self for me.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Master checks in on blog

This is kk's Master. I see that she tells everything here and I do not mind her telling you about the fun we have together but the kiss ass part should not have been posted.

Her ass will now suffer the punishment without the kissing to ease the pain. slave does very well taking her punishment and I am very proud of her. I would spank her side by side with any slave and know she would come out on top as most punishment taken. She is a true pain slut.

slave when you read this I want you to assume the position and be ready for punishment without the kiss. DO IT NOW slave!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

punishment is given

i did not tell you that i did receive my 14 swats on friday with the wood paddle. some were very hard at first then Master eased up for few then finished up with some really good hard ones.

he then fingered my wet pussy though my spread legs as he kissed my very red hot spanked ass. i remained in position after he stopped playing and kissing as he set back and drank his beer. i am always to remain in position until i am told it is ok to get out of position. the position is always hands behind head with fingers laced together and legs spread wide laying on my stomach or bent over something like a car hood. Master likes that one best. and i must always be naked the only thing i have on is Master's collar. Master has only seen me two or three times without my collar on in all our time together.

Master also enjoys the tits, toes and nose pose. that is were i am made to stand against the wall with my tits, toes and nose touching the wall with hands cuffed behind me or behind my head and legs spread wide. i may stand there for minutes or hours as plays with me or spanks me or does nothing but take photos of me. but through it all i must not let any of the three items move off the wall.

all positions no matter what it is or where it is done are with me naked my collar and maybe leash is all that is allowed.

i am his slave and i try my best to serve him well.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

i win again

boys 7 slave 14 as you know by now my team played Thursday night and won. their winning brings joy to heart and my ass. i really hope that everyone reading this blog understands that Master is NOT abusing me. i enjoy my spankings very much and he is a very caring and loving person.

sometimes he will even say that he thinks i enjoy my punishment too much and maybe it is not punishment no more. well i can tell you that when i am in position and those swats he gives take my breath away at times it is punishment. i do enjoy the feel and look of a red hot burning ass after it is over. some swats are easy and some are very hard and he knows just how to mix them so i do not know what is coming next.

what really gets me moving is when they come hard & fast and Master knows it. i have yet to say our safeword to make him stop butt sometimes i do move my hands from position and try to block the swats. my hands are joined together behind my head and not to be moved doing punishment but sometimes i forget that when there coming fast & hard. moving from position also adds to the number given.

now i should not be telling you this butt when Master is done spanking my ass he always kisses my ass many times to take away the pain as he plays with my pussy. that is why my legs are to be spread during punishment so he can check my wettness. he always ask me who else would kiss your ass. sometimes i am made to assume the position just so he can kiss my ass and play with my pussy. he is always telling me he loves my ass.

see i told you he is very caring

Thursday, September 01, 2005

not obeying the Master

This has been one crazy week at work. But then it is always crazy to some extent. Well yesterday
someone's overlook on a job just made me lose it. I guess I let a little too much steam off because my
Master got upset when a friend of his told him that I was very mad. Today he wanted me to "kiss n make up"
with his friend, but I refused. So after work he took out the much hated hair brush and gave me several
swats with it on my naked ass. The pain from the brush is much more intense than the pain from the
wooden paddle. I want to say that this taught me a lesson, but then maybe I don't. I just may want to
feel this pain on my ass again.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ass after 24

i love to win and you can tell by the look on my ass in the profile pic. since my boys won this weekend that meant that i got double the amount of swats
on my ass. there were "24" hard swats placed on my ass and this is only pre-season.

what a long and painful season this will be for my ass especially if my boys win a lot of games. i really love this time of the year. with football games every week that will decide how many swats my ass will get weekly. that means i will have a post ass game report every week.

Master said he will update my profile pic at the first of each month so you can view what we say we do together on the blog.

this pic is a day early do to my big win. i just love the red ass.

P.S. legs are spread wide as is required by Master this time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

shoe shopping

well I did not tell you about looking for a shoe store. well Sunday before meeting Master at the park i walked the mall from one end to the other hoping to find the right shoe store to try on shoes in a very short dress.

that did not go very well as i have yet to find one that i think i could walk into sit down and show my naked bald pussy in and feel good about doing it. i did ask Master what the punishment might be if i did not do it and he said see the tube dress you are wearing now well you can wear that to the shoe store instead.

ha ha he is very funny sometimes as that tube dress fits like a second skin and is very see thru i might as well walk in the store butt naked as save the dress for a night out to a dark club.

the white dress is very short but it at least covers me up more then the tube dress. so i guess i will keep looking for a store and hope Master does not get in a hurry to buy shoes. i will keep you updated on how this turns out. i wish he would just tie me to a whipping post instead and let me take the pain but he knows i would enjoy it to much.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

the things we do

I met my Master in the park today for our Sunday walk. I never know what we will be doing because
my Master is always doing something different and exciting. When he got to the park a few minutes after
I did he had me change into a tube dress he had brought along for me. He always likes to change things
at the last minute so I never know what to expect next from him. Since this dress was not made for park
walking, we just sat and enjoyed each other for the day with very little walking. Before we had our short
walk he put some anal beads up my butt for some added pleasure. When we got back from the walk he
pulled them out and OH what pleasure that was for me. Since he was giving me all this attention I felt
that I should give my Master some too. So I started stroking his cock and balls for awhile. Before i knew
it i had his swollen cock in my mouth licking and sucking it. Oh how bad i wanted him to cum in my mouth
so i could taste him. But instead we thought that it would be fun if he would cum all over my titties. That was
a wonderful way to end our day in the park.

Master did not forget

well i thought as time went by Master would forget about having me buy shoes in my very short white dress. i was told that i was to locate at least two shoe stores where they still assist you in trying on shoes. now days most are self serve like gas stations.

Master likes to show me off to others as it gives us both a thrill to know someone saw something they should not have. i can tell you that wearing that white dress without undies to try on shoes will be showing more to someone then i have ever showed that up close to a stranger. i know i will be very nervous and red faced if i do it. i might just see what the punishment is and take it instead for not doing it.

oh well off the shoe stores i go just to look for one now at least i will have done that for Master.

Friday, August 19, 2005

tied down

i am so glad it is Friday. when i think that it has been the craziest work week ever the very next week is even crazier. well anyway i am just glad that this week is over.
to start my weekend off with a bang my Master had me meet him in a deserted parking
lot. i had a feeling that he was going to do something that we had never done before, but i had no clue what. i got to the parking lot a couple of minutes before he did. then when he drove up in his suv i knew he had playing on his mind. he told me to get in the back seat. which already had the seats pulled down flat.
he then told me take off all my clothes and put on what he had in his black bag. the only thing in his bag was a blindfold, wrists and ankle cuffs. after putting these on my Master went to my hands and hooked them on to the rods of the head rests then my legs were spread and hooked onto built in cargo hooks at the rear. now i was bound naked spread eagle and blindfolded for the world to see. glad the windows were tinted.
Master then took out the riding crop out that i love and swated at my naked body.
this made my pussy very wet as each swat brought me the pain/pleasure i enjoy so very much. he would stop very often to kiss me and/or suck and bite on my nipples. this was the greatest feeling ever. he could get to any side of me he wanted by opening a door or the back gate.
while he was having his way with me i could hear the traffic on the street next to the parking lot. i just
hoped that no one would come into the parking lot to see what was going on. but then with the fun i was having i really didn't care either. before i knew it my Master had started the car and was driving
away with me tied up in the back. i could not see where we were going and kept opening the windows for anyone to see.
he told me we were going to drive through a stores parking lot so people could see his beautiful slave in the back. i was very nervous and excited at the same time. this is 5 oclock traffic we are talking about here.
but before i knew it we were back in parking lot where we started from. we never did make it to the store parking lot since a long train was going through and there was a huge traffic jam. even so i had one of the best times ever and i hope to do this again very soon with my Master.
just my Master's way of making another great start to the weekend.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

a note by Master

I do not post on here as a rule this blog is for kk to tell her stories on of what we do together. We enjoy playing games very much with each other and I thought I would explain why she rode home with her shirt open and a naked ass.

When we first started playing with each other I would ask her what color underware she was wearing and she would tell me or have me guess. Well that led me to telling her to go remove her panties and bring them to me. Now this is all being done while at the office. She enjoyed those days so much when I would tell to remove her undies that today she does not wear any.

She would not leave the house without panties on back then. She was then told to start wearing thongs to work and that is another good story that she will tell sometime. Driving home half nude is a very common thing for her to do. She just enjoys it more when I tell her to do it. She is very submissive to me and enjoys being so. She does things that only a real submissive slave would for her Master.

She is a beautiful woman that I am very proud of and also love very much. I enjoy her showing her body as much as possible without her going to jail. She also enjoys being exposed. A long ride home playing with ones self half naked is a lot more fun then going home dressed and hot.

What I have is a want to be naked all the time monster on my hands here and I love every minute of it.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

my ride home

it has been a very crazy day at work and i am very happy to be out of there until tomorrow.
Master helped me get my mind off of work and on to much better things. for one he said that
i was to drive home with only my shirt on. i was to have it buttoned only halfway so i would be
exposed for anyone to see. things like this gets me very excited so i end up playing with myself
on the way home too. most of the time traffic is very light and i am not stopped by anyone long
enough to notice. but there are the times when i do get a few glances and that makes it even more
enjoyable. sometimes my Master will call me before i get home just to see how my ride home is
going. for me this is a great way to unwind after a wild and crazy day at work. it leaves me totally

Sunday, August 14, 2005

my sunday walk in the park

today was a very special day for my Master n me. 15 months ago to the day i gave my Master his first
kiss from me and WOW how thing have change since then for us. it has taken a long time for the both
of us to find our perfect match. but our dreams have come true.
so we met in the park (our favorite place on a hot Sunday afternoon). After some huggin n muggin my Master
took me for a walk through the park on my leash. we would stop often to hug and kiss each other. the only
problem was that i never wanted to let him go so we could walk more. once my Master had me get on all
fours and pant like his slut puppy while he took my photo. yes he took a lot of photos of me today, but then he
always does take my pics when I am being his slut puppy.
today was a nice day on the weather side. it usually is around 100 degrees but today there was a very nice
sort of cool breeze with a light rain. my Master had me go out in the light rain so he could take more photos
of me. He has almost 200 photos of me in these the best ever 15 months of my life. today he took some
of me in my short white dress and some in a very short skirt and tube top. he did not miss taking any of my bald pussy (that he loves so much) as I set there with my legs spread wide for him and his camera.
i never thought that it was possible not to get enough of someone. but now i know that it is possible. God i
love my Master so much that i just cannot get enough of him.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

my Saturday

i had to work this morning for 4 hours but it was okay since i normally don't do anything saturday mornings anyway.
i missed my Master a lot all morning and all i wanted was to hear from him. so i went home after stopping to get some movies for later and tried to take
a nap but the phone kept waking me. and since it was everyone but my Master i decided to leave and do some shopping and like always my Master was there for me.
he called to see how i was and like always we had a very hot sexual conversation on the phone. i love my Master so much that all i want and think of is him. he is like a drug addiction to me and i need him so much.
i am looking forward to tomorrow when we get to meet at the park and i get to be walked on my leash like the slut puppy i am.
we both enjoy the public displays of me being submissive and of my near naked body. Master has had me standing in nothing but a collar in the parking lot and bent over being spanked and i love every minute of it as he also enjoys it.
i am sure more pictures will be taken and maybe i can share some here if he will allow it.

Friday, August 12, 2005


I am so glad that Friday has finally made it. The week has been good though since my Master is back in town. I love the all the little things he does to me throughout each day.
It makes work a lot easier and I look forward to the end of each day when I get to be with him.
Since today was Friday I gave my Master that extra TLC that he needed and wanted badly from me.

I did not know that my need to be spanked would also be taken care of by Master's whipping stick. He has a oak board that is 2 inches wide and about 18" long that he calls his whipping stick.
When he got out of his truck he had in his hand and the next thing I know I am in position and being spanked.
I was spanked 25 times with the last 15 very hard just to see if he could make me say our safeword but he has not heard that word from me yet. It is our little game we like to play so far I am winning but so is he. A good hot spanking is a great way to start off my weekend.

I am always so happy to please my Master's needs. There is no better way
to end the work week than with some gooooooooooood loving and a spanking. I wish every day was Friday!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

my new dress length

The photo in profile is the length of my new white dress. I was told to put my hands on the rail & step back & bend over and spread them (better known as assume the position slave) by Master @ the park. He just loves me in this position.
Well I got half of it right I just forgot to spread my legs wide enough for Master and that is why I was spanked for not paying attention to what I was told.
That dress is way shorter then I thought it would be and Master said I will by hiheels wearing it to the store. I hope he forgets about the shoe shopping trip but I know he won't.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

my walk in the park

oh what a wonderful day this has been. My Master got home today from a week away on
business. I had just bought a new very very short white dress especially for my Master. And
being that he loves to see me in public, I told him to meet me at the park at a certain time. With
my short white dress on I walked over to him and gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever. Oh
how I missed him so. And I know that he felt the same too. I felt like a kid in a candy store, I just
could not get enough of him. As we walked through the park he took a lot of different pictures of
me. Some of the pictures were of my bald naked pussy, the way we both like it. Then there were
the ones of my tits and my ass the way would could see them with my new dress on. Now it was
time for my spanking that I was longing for too. Master had me bend over the seat of the truck.
and started swating my ass until it was a nice shade of red. He swated me seventeen times and
each one was filled with so much of his love for me. Then I turned over and laid on my back
while he licked my pussy until I came. Then he put his fingers in my pussy and that made me
cum more. When he took his fingers out we licked all of my pussy cum off them.


Saturday, August 06, 2005

Master is back

Master is back in town and ready to take control of his slut/slave. I am to meet him in my white dress that I just bought from VS wearing nothing under it at all. It almost covers my ass cheeks as it is so short.
I am told I will have to find some nice heels to wear with it but that will be done at the local mall. I must wear nothing but the dress this shopping day and I must spread my legs when the heels are put on my foot.
Master enjoys others seeing my nakedness and I like to show it for him as it is a great turn on for us both.

Friday, August 05, 2005

a day on my own

Since my Master was out of town today and today was Friday I decided to be a little slutty
at work with a man that loves the kinky lifestlye. He is always telling me that he would love
to see me with his wife. She is very bi and wants me to play with her.
Well I have never done anything slutty with him but he doesn't know
that I love watching him. So I go to work with no bra on today as told to by Master and with the
top I am wearing you really cannot tell unless you get a close-up view. That is what I made sure
I did in front of him every chance I had today. There were times he could see just the cleavage
and then there were times when he could see all the way to the nipple. I know that I was turning
him on each time because he would turn red and he would keep talking to me. Knowing what I
was doing was making my pussy very wet and hot too. There were times that I wanted to just
put my hand in my pants and play with my pussy. I think that turning him on was actually turning
me on at the same time.
I cannot wait until my Master return because he will be in for the time of his life as turned on as I am.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


What a week this has been. I am so glad that tomorrow is TGIF!!!!!!!!!! My Master has been out
of town all week on business and I am about to go out of my mind being alone. He is always on
my mind so I tried to stay busy. But that is hard to do all day long, every day. I did get messages
and phone calls from my Master every day so that helped a lot. I just miss feeling his body, his
touch next to mine. I will be so gald when this week is over. And now I know for sure that I need and
want my Master forever in my life. I could not even imagine of not ever being with him. Because I
know that without him I am nothing.

If you read or see this Blog

Please say hi in the comments just so I see someone besides Master and I are enjoying it. I have no way of knowing if this is being seen by anyone and would like your help in knowing someone is looking in.
Thanks for your help and if you can give me any pointers of doing things to improve my blog please let me know as I am new to this.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

a day in the park

The Master and I had a great time together today in the park. Since the park was unusally crowded today
we did not get to play like we normally do. Normally Master takes me for a walk around the park on my leash but today I could only wear my collar for him. He did have my blouse open so anyone could see my breasts if they cared to look.
Just sitting on the park bench with my Master in the
nice cool breeze holding each other and talking made me feel wonderful. It is amazing how great I feel
just to be in his arms and taste his kisses over and over.

my 1st blog

This is all new to me but I am sure I will learn as I go along. I just wanted a place to record & share my life as a submissive woman.
Hope you enjoy it reading it and thanks for taking time from your busy day to stop in and read my stories as I start this new adventure.