Monday, September 12, 2005

the punishment

yes today was my day of punishment for my boys winning yesterday. and i must add not only did i receive the eight i also received more swats for not sending my Master "the number" on Sunday. the number is how much i weigh and my
Master wants it sent to him in an email. This is just one of my weekly duties as his slave.
Since i did not send it to him that brought the number to "24" and Master picks the amount I will get for punishment. When it came time for my punishment he noticed that i had put one of those antenna balls on my car and you can guess what that was? That added another 5 to the "24". To make my Master even more upset about that i told him that someone told me that they liked the antenna ball in kind of a smart way. So another 5 was added.

Now that I was up to 34 swats Master was very anxious to get started swatting. He had the wooden paddle with holes in it ready to go when i showed
him a large wooden paddle i had gotten with a game called paddle ball. So he used it for half of the swats and i must say that it covered my entire ass with each swat.
It was a long and very HOT road to finish the "34". But when Master was through he made me feel so good with his sweet kisses on my red hot ass.

In the end we made love like two teenages in heat and it made the punishment well worth it. I would do it all over again just to have that wonderful feeling again.

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