Friday, September 09, 2005

now i wait

after i read what Master wrote i knew i was in for it big time. i did as told and assumed the position and waited for what was coming only nothing came. Master said just spanking me would not expose me the way i exposed him as a ass kissing Master. he did say that spanking me in front of others might do it though.

so now i wait to see how and who will be seeing this and where. Master said he is thinking in a parking lot bend over the car hood would do the trick. this has been done many times before in the fall and winter when it is dark early. the riding crop is always used when he does it over the hood. i do not think i have ever been seen by anyone when we have done this but there is always a chance someone did.

Master enjoys having me bent over the hood naked and having my tits mashed onto the cold metal of the hood. once we did it in a light cold rain so my tits were cold and wet that night along with my ass butt that warmed up fast.
one of the best spanking i have ever received from Master was done this way. he really can swing that crop in the great outdoors and that night he laid some real good ones on my ass.

i enjoy the thrill of being caught naked bent over legs spread wide and being spanked. what a rush it is for me when i think of someone catching me like this. Master has talked about others seeing me being punished like some friends of his. i think this is what he might have in mine for this spanking.

it will make me crazy thinking of who Master has in mine to watch this. that is punishment its self for me.

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