Monday, September 26, 2005

still on my knees

at Master's feet waiting to see what would happen next now that i had signed away my body, mind and sole. he then placed a blindfold down over my head down to my eyes covering my sight. a collar was then attached and locked around my neck.

next i felt leather cuffs being put on each of my ankles. my arms were then pulled behind me and handcuffs locked on to my wrists. next a nylon strap was pulled up my arms past my elbows and pulled tight to bring my elbows closer together as my breasts were pushed out. i was then told to stand up as i did i was lead to the bed and told to spread my legs wide and keep my feet flat on the floor.

my ankle cuffs were than attached to ropes tied to each side of the very wide king size bed. it hurt to have my legs spread so far apart but nothing like it did the next day. my thighs were sore for two days after that. i was then pushed down on the bed bent at my waist my legs spread wide my ass and pussy exposed as never before to anyone let alone a co-worker.

Master played with my naked shaved pussy with his fingers and tongue for a long time then he stopped. i wanted more but that did not come. then i heard the sound of a camera as he took pics of my naked ass. no one ever taken my picture when i was naked now he was taking lots of them. i was very exposed in them. the next thing i know i feel him lube up my ass then something being pushed up inside of it. as it was pushed in slow and easy and deep i learned it was a small but long butt plug.

i now have a plug in my very exposed ass when i hear the sound of something rattling together. i now feel the coldness of a 3/8" steel chain being wrapped around my waist and locked in front of my belly. it was long enough to be pulled between my legs and up the crack of my ass and locked on the back side also. i now had a butt plug locked inside me and cold chain bitting at my pussy lips. more pics were taken of my ass with the plug inside when i feel the pain of a whip burning into my ass cheeks.

i was whipped with a cat of nine tails until my ass glowed red for my Master. all of this had my head spinning very fast and my pussy very wet. i have never done anything even close this before in my life of 50+ years.

more to cum if you want to hear of how he scared the life out of me after all of this.

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Bruno Kirby said...

This is an insult to God. God looks down on you when you write such disgusting, perverted things. How dare you sully the internet with this unadulterated poorly written smut.