Saturday, September 03, 2005

i win again

boys 7 slave 14 as you know by now my team played Thursday night and won. their winning brings joy to heart and my ass. i really hope that everyone reading this blog understands that Master is NOT abusing me. i enjoy my spankings very much and he is a very caring and loving person.

sometimes he will even say that he thinks i enjoy my punishment too much and maybe it is not punishment no more. well i can tell you that when i am in position and those swats he gives take my breath away at times it is punishment. i do enjoy the feel and look of a red hot burning ass after it is over. some swats are easy and some are very hard and he knows just how to mix them so i do not know what is coming next.

what really gets me moving is when they come hard & fast and Master knows it. i have yet to say our safeword to make him stop butt sometimes i do move my hands from position and try to block the swats. my hands are joined together behind my head and not to be moved doing punishment but sometimes i forget that when there coming fast & hard. moving from position also adds to the number given.

now i should not be telling you this butt when Master is done spanking my ass he always kisses my ass many times to take away the pain as he plays with my pussy. that is why my legs are to be spread during punishment so he can check my wettness. he always ask me who else would kiss your ass. sometimes i am made to assume the position just so he can kiss my ass and play with my pussy. he is always telling me he loves my ass.

see i told you he is very caring


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