Tuesday, September 13, 2005


i do not know who reads my blog but i am sure there are a few women that do. i am always telling you about my spankings that Master gives me but i never tell you about the orgasms that he also gives me.

i call it the Master's touch. he really knows how to make me cum & cum & cum. he can do it many ways like with his tongue, fingers, a toy or just his hard cock. like last night he spanked me then he kissed the pain away as he played with my wet pussy with his fingers. he then allowed me to roll over so he could taste my wetness with his tongue. as he licked me he inserted his fingers and rubbed on my g spot for a while.

i had a few mini orgasms as he did this. next he moved his mouth up to my nipples leaving his fingers to play in my wet pussy. as he bit down on my very hard nipple i could feel the intensifying in my pussy as he bit hard and rubbed his fingers in and around my pussy. i was on the edge of the world when he told me to climb up on his very hard cock.

but i needed to taste it before getting on top of it so i went down on him like it was the last thing i would ever get to eat in life. he stopped me from making him shoot his cum so he could put his hardness in my wet pussy. i was told to get on a ride the white horse.

ladies, girls, women, all females that read this let me tell you that until you ride a hard cock to a shaking orgasm like i did last night you have not lived your life to the fullest. i shook as he came inside me like i was naked in snow storm with a cold blowing wind. i could not stop.

i must tell you that all the sex i had before Master was just for the mans pleasure now it is for both of our pleasure. i have never had a man do what Master does. Master puts me first even though i am his slave he always makes sure that i am taken care of sometimes even before him.

this is why i love him so much and everything he does to me. it not all pain as i post here the most but also pleasure for us both.

i love you Master. kk

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