Sunday, September 04, 2005

punishment is given

i did not tell you that i did receive my 14 swats on friday with the wood paddle. some were very hard at first then Master eased up for few then finished up with some really good hard ones.

he then fingered my wet pussy though my spread legs as he kissed my very red hot spanked ass. i remained in position after he stopped playing and kissing as he set back and drank his beer. i am always to remain in position until i am told it is ok to get out of position. the position is always hands behind head with fingers laced together and legs spread wide laying on my stomach or bent over something like a car hood. Master likes that one best. and i must always be naked the only thing i have on is Master's collar. Master has only seen me two or three times without my collar on in all our time together.

Master also enjoys the tits, toes and nose pose. that is were i am made to stand against the wall with my tits, toes and nose touching the wall with hands cuffed behind me or behind my head and legs spread wide. i may stand there for minutes or hours as plays with me or spanks me or does nothing but take photos of me. but through it all i must not let any of the three items move off the wall.

all positions no matter what it is or where it is done are with me naked my collar and maybe leash is all that is allowed.

i am his slave and i try my best to serve him well.

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Leesa said...

What a wonderful blog. Engrossing!