Sunday, December 30, 2007

b-day spanking

well another year flies by and yes i am a another year older. i am not going to tell what day my birthday is only that i had one this month. i am going to tell that i was in a very rotten mood the day of my b-day. i guess because i am getting older.

i was told to be in position wearing my birthday suit & collar for my b-day spanking when Master arrived. well i was not, as i was tired and very cranky. Master had my gift in His hand and when He saw i was sitting there with my shirt still on and not in position He said He would just take it back.

i told Him i was too tired and did not want a spanking tonight. He said today is your birthday and you are getting one NOW so take off the shirt and get into position slave. well it took all i had in me to do as i was told. Master knew a good hard spanking was just what this slave needed to pick up her mood.

Master used a piece of hard wood about 2" wide x 1/4" thick x 2' long for His b-day paddle. it has a bite to it to. Master knew i was not into the birthday mood at all so to get me in it He had me sing to myself.

after each and every swat i was to sing "Happy Birthday to me i am a whore at 54" and yes kids that is my true age. i would never tell anyone my real age, but when Master came into my life that changed.

He made me give Him a photo copy of my driver's license next to a color picture of me in my collar stating i am His slave forever. can i tell how much fun that was to go to office depot and make that copy for Him. oh yes i did need help with the copy machine to.

Master gave me a nice tie up the back corset and gift card. Mistress baked me a nice cake and gave me a fish hook gag as She knows i do like a ball gag in my mouth. Master said He can't wait to put on my fish hooks so He can feed me His worm. overall it was a good birthday for me other than me acting like a 5 year old.

Now i am just waiting to get my spanking from Mistress.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

Master and i would like to wish all of our blogging friends and readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Sound Spanking New Year!

i hope all the slaves out there enjoy their Master's special blended eggnog this holiday season. i know i will ;)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

public places

i am sure you have seen or heard about the two guys that went into the convenience store butt ass naked shopping and bought skittles. it was all caught on tape and shown on the news and www.

well i have not done that yet, but i am sure if the right time and place comes along i will. what i have been made to do is walk in with a very tight and thin tube top with my hard nipples poking out and buy something. along with very short skirt, heels and wearing my collar, but who would be looking at the collar?

i do wear my collar a lot in public places. i have worn it in convenience stores, donut shops, the mall, food stores, hotels and restaurants to name a few. my black one does not draw as much attention as my white one does.

Master loves to see the looks on peoples faces when they notice it. He took me to dinner the other night and we sat in a booth right in the front as you walked in the door. i was facing the door with my collar around my neck and 4 buttons of my shirt unbuttoned with no bra on.

and yes the service was very good that night. for some reason the waiters hung out by the front door that night. i am not allowed to adjust my shirt so if my tit falls out oh well better for you to see it. Master enjoys showing off His slave. truth be known i enjoy it too.

Friday i was wearing the white collar when i stopped in at the donut shop. it was packed as it always is on Friday mornings. not only is the o-ring on it bigger it also jingels or rattles so it makes noise when i walk. one guy looked at it and smiled ear to ear as he walked by me.

i have not had anyone ask me about it yet, but i am sure one of these days it will happen. and yes i will tell them i am a owned sex slave to my Master.

question is what do you do in public places that is exposed or risky? and yes i have done a lot more in public places, but you can read about that in my older posts here. so tell us your story.