Saturday, January 27, 2007

readers choice

well Master is going to put my cunt hair up for a vote being there were so many wanting it to stay until my shave date. you the readers of this blog will make the call.

does my hairy pussy get shaved on May 15th or before? Master did say it will not go beyond that date as one suggested Jan 1, 08 :)

so my cunt hair is in your hands now. your vote counts please vote. voting ends at midnight 02/02/07.

as a bonus i will earn a point for each vote i get. if you read this blog you know what points will get me.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

hair & hnt

well i know from all of the comments that you like my tits better than my hairy pussy. well so do i but Master thinks you should see my hair growth progress & this will also be my hnt photo. kill two bushes with one stone :)

i think Master is getting close to shaving it all off very soon. He said the other day that we will do it together after a good punishment session. it could be a reward for me if i do well. i am really hoping that both happen very soon. i really hate that hair there.

and to the one that told Master to make me not shave anything in the comments, no thanks you for your advice. i would take a very hard whipping before i let that happen. NO hairy legs for this slave.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

walked @ park

wow how many ways can a Master walk a slut puppy in a public park? well i will tell you last weekend was a 1st for me. it has been cold and raining here so there would not be many if any at the park on this day.

Master had me wear my coat & collar and told me He was going to take His slut puppy to the park for a walk. in the past that would mean He would put my leash on and walk with me. well He put on my leash when i got out of the car and we did walk as normal into the park.

when we got into the park a little ways He told me to hand over my coat and get down on my hands and knees and crawl like the slut puppy i am. we where deep into the park and with no one around at the time i did as i was told. i handed Him my coat got down on my hands & knees with only a collar & leash on. i crawled naked like a good puppy as He took pics of His puppy walking in the park.

i did not have to do it for very long just long enough for some photos. it was still long enough to be seen by passing cars. what a thrill it was to do something this wild & crazy this was for us both. ok so we are crazy and or nuts for doing it but we think it is what adds spice to life. go do something fun & crazy once in a while and enjoy life. i love all Master makes me do to please Him.

don't just pass thur life it live it.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

spanko junkie

yes i am one and i need my spankings just like a junkie needs drugs. with work being very busy and Master & i being wore out at days end it had been a while since my last one.

well after the one with the hair brush on Thursday it really picked me up i felt great. i must say i did not remember how great the afterglow made me feel. i love to see a red ass in the mirror and feel the heat from it. Master really put a good one on me and i felt better than i have in a while. i still had marks on Friday from it.

so i am here to let you and Master know i NEED my ass spanked more. i love it want it and most all NEED it. i still feel great.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

is a word that i need to forget. it does not belong in my vocabulary. i used it in response to a question Master ask me today and tonight that one word cost me 40 hard swats with my much hated hair brush.

i am not allowed to shave my pussy as you know. i have been kneeling in the mornings before i leave for the office for 10 mins. well now Master wants me to stand now in front of a mirror and stare at the hair on my pussy with my hands on top of my head for 10 mins. He wants me to like what i see but i hate it.

He ask me if i enjoyed my hair more after looking staring at it. well you know my answer to that question. NO! so it was in position for a good hard 40, my ass is still on fire as i sit here. but i must say i enjoyed it just don't tell Him.

my bush is very grey as you can see in the picture and i hate that even more. it makes me look old but i am very young in my mind. so i am posting my bush so you can see how it has grown and for my hnt picture. and no the carpet does not even come close to the drapes in color.

i will tell the story of the thumb cuffs walk in the park next time. stay tuned more to cum.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

a new year

is here and that means more fun to cum for this slave. Master wants to expose me more in public this year. He loves to see me show off my body because it scares and excites me at the same time.

with my new cfm heels shorter skirts are a must along with tighter or see thru tops. this may also be the year i have to turn over all of my bras to Master as i did my panties. if that happens than i will be exposed as i will not have no access to them. some shirts i own are very lite & thin my hard nipples will shine like a bright lights thru them.

it will not matter that they show as i know i am doing it to please my Master/owner. i enjoy being His and all that He makes me do. it bring me much pleasure to serve Him. before He came into my life it was pretty dull life and not much fun. i did not know that at the time but i do now and i never want to go back to my old lifestyle. i am a submissive and i need to serve it fills me with joy when i do.

i can not tell you how much happiness Master & Mistress bring me by serving there every need.i hope this year brings more playtime with Mistress & cam man as we enjoy their play & company. on my knees waiting to serve you Mistress. swing your crop hard at my naked ass.

and i can not wait for 05/14 to get here as that will be shave day. Master is talking shave day might cum sooner as He looks at my pics of it bald. but for now i can only hope He tells me to shave it soon.

if anyone has any ideas for Master showing me off in public be sure to let Him know. i am sure there are some i have not tried but would love to.