Sunday, January 21, 2007

walked @ park

wow how many ways can a Master walk a slut puppy in a public park? well i will tell you last weekend was a 1st for me. it has been cold and raining here so there would not be many if any at the park on this day.

Master had me wear my coat & collar and told me He was going to take His slut puppy to the park for a walk. in the past that would mean He would put my leash on and walk with me. well He put on my leash when i got out of the car and we did walk as normal into the park.

when we got into the park a little ways He told me to hand over my coat and get down on my hands and knees and crawl like the slut puppy i am. we where deep into the park and with no one around at the time i did as i was told. i handed Him my coat got down on my hands & knees with only a collar & leash on. i crawled naked like a good puppy as He took pics of His puppy walking in the park.

i did not have to do it for very long just long enough for some photos. it was still long enough to be seen by passing cars. what a thrill it was to do something this wild & crazy this was for us both. ok so we are crazy and or nuts for doing it but we think it is what adds spice to life. go do something fun & crazy once in a while and enjoy life. i love all Master makes me do to please Him.

don't just pass thur life it live it.


a fan said...

Hi I enjoyed this entry as I have all the others . But I was wondering in the picture tittled "no" you are wearing your Master's ring? Has that been retired for the time being?

kk said...

the Master's ring will never be retired. i wear it 24/7-365 days a year and with a lot of pride.

Master is the only one that can remove it as i am not allowed.

you just can not see it for all that nasty looking hair i am made to wear.