Thursday, January 11, 2007

is a word that i need to forget. it does not belong in my vocabulary. i used it in response to a question Master ask me today and tonight that one word cost me 40 hard swats with my much hated hair brush.

i am not allowed to shave my pussy as you know. i have been kneeling in the mornings before i leave for the office for 10 mins. well now Master wants me to stand now in front of a mirror and stare at the hair on my pussy with my hands on top of my head for 10 mins. He wants me to like what i see but i hate it.

He ask me if i enjoyed my hair more after looking staring at it. well you know my answer to that question. NO! so it was in position for a good hard 40, my ass is still on fire as i sit here. but i must say i enjoyed it just don't tell Him.

my bush is very grey as you can see in the picture and i hate that even more. it makes me look old but i am very young in my mind. so i am posting my bush so you can see how it has grown and for my hnt picture. and no the carpet does not even come close to the drapes in color.

i will tell the story of the thumb cuffs walk in the park next time. stay tuned more to cum.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting grey in unexpected places, too.

heavy_petting said...

Your Master might want to consider banning shaving all together (legs, pits, etc). He will have full control over your body and you will learn obedience.